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Provisional Minutes of the 2016 AGM of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

1.      Master’s welcome

The Guild Master – Viv Nobbs, supported by Vice-Master – Christine Hill, Hon. Gen. Secretary – Mo Routh, Hon. Gen. Treasurer – Mike Bubb and Minute Secretary – Tony Smith, opened the meeting at 3 p.m. The Master welcomed all present, introduced the top table and thanked the Winchester District for hosting the event, Elizabeth Johnson and her team for providing refreshments, the incumbents and tower captains for the use of their bells, Sue Armstrong for taking the service and Gary Davies for playing the organ. She said a short prayer to open the meeting.

2.      Striking Competition results

Paul and Kate Flavell had judged the Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition at New Alresford that morning. The following results had been announced and certificates presented to the team captains.

Position District Method Score Peal Speed Drawn
1st Portsmouth Grandsire Triples 89% 3h2 3rd
2nd Winchester Cambridge Surprise Major 84% 3h8 1st
3rd Christchurch & Southampton Grandsire Triples 82% 3h7 4th
4th Andover Grandsire Triples 75% 3h2 2nd

Greg Jordan said that next year’s Inter-Tower 6-bell and 8-bell striking competitions would be on 20 May and the Inter-District 8-bell striking competition would be on the morning of the AGM on 17 June. Peter Niblett said they would be contacting District Ringing Masters to find out how much interest there was in an Inter-District 10-bell striking competition.

3. Apologies for Absence and Members Present

The following 61 members and one guest signed the attendance book: Lynne, Greg & Pete Jordan, and Peter Rowe (St. Michael, Basingstoke), Robert Hatch (Botley), Ros Brandwood (Burghclere), Helene & Ron Tipper (Buriton), Graham Nobbs (Carisbrooke), Rachel Anderson and Mary Floyd (Chale) Maggie Eltham (Compton), Robin Milford (Curdridge), Charlotte Lloyd (Froxfield), Christine Hill, Chris & Ian McCallion, and Tessa & Tony Smith (Hursley), Gary Davies, Carol Higgins, John Palk and Mark Warner (Lockerley), Nikki Brown and Francis Mitchell (Netley), Piers Armstrong, Alec Fry, Elizabeth & Andrew Johnson, and Ian Redway (New Alresford), Jeff Ford (Newnham), Phil Watts (North Stoneham), Alan Hoar (Odiham), Robin Winckworth (Petersfield), Sarah Hutchinson and David Mattingley (Portsmouth Cathedral), Allan Yalden (Purbrook), John Davey (Ringwood), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Deb Baker, Martin Barnes and Nici Giles (Rotherwick & Heckfield), Viv Nobbs (Ryde), Betty Daysh and Matthew Wilks (Shedfield), Mary Tester (Shorwell), Barry Fry (Southampton), Mo & Hugh Routh (Steep), Charlotte Colliss (Swanmore), Margaret & Mike Winterbourne (Tangley), Lucy & Michael Church (Upton Grey), Michael Bubb (Vale), Peter Niblett (Whitchurch), John Colliss and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), Christine Knights-Whittome (Wonston), Joyce and John Croft (unattached) and Alan Bentley (guest).

Apologies for absence had been received from Barbara Townsend (Andover), Louise Wodehouse (Goodworth Clatford), Bren Palk (Lockerley), Mary Sterry (Lyndhurst), Polly Osborne (Minstead), Madeline King (Petersfield), Jill Taylor (Ryde), Liz Thornton and Chris Caryer (St. Mary Bourne), Edd Colliss (Swanmore), and Alan Buswell (unattached). Further apologies were received from Julia & Peter Clarke (Bishopstoke), Carol Herring (Candover Valley), Rosalind Martin (Christchurch), Judy Bishop (Easton), Roger Liscoe (Hinton Admiral), Trish Spink (Hursley), Jen Churchill (Lockerley), Stephanie & Phil Nicholls (North Stoneham), and Nick Bucknall and Colin Cook (Winchester Cathedral).

4.      Loss of Members from death since the 2015 AGM

The meeting stood to remember: Len Barham (All Saints, Alton), Andrew Barnsdale (unattached), Roy Grayson (Purbrook), Roy Howard (Freshwater), Simon Lipscombe-Smith (Ecchinswell), Marjorie Mannering (Buriton), Tom Metcalfe (Blackmoor), Colin Nicholson (first Tower Captain at St Peter Port), Jeanette Palmer (Netley), Martin Routh (former Tower Captain at Amport), Ramon A Stone (LM) (West Meon), Bernard Tilyard (Whitwell), Keith Williamson (formerly of Liss), and David Yates (Arreton). Barry Fry said a prayer.

5.      Minutes of the 2015 AGM

The minutes of the 2015 AGM at Curdridge were adopted on the proposition of John Davey, seconded by Robin Milford, and signed by the Master as a true record.

6.      Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

7.      Life Membership

i) John Croft (unattached), Alan Hoar (Odiham), Maureen Routh (Steep) and Ronald Tipper (Buriton) had completed fifty years’ ringing membership of the Guild and the Master presented them with their life membership certificates.

ii) On behalf of the Executive Committee the Master proposed, and the Vice-Master seconded, Mike Bubb and Tony Smith for election to life membership in recognition of their exceptional services to the Guild. The Master added her personal thanks for their support during the past three years in her role as Guild Master.

Mike has been a Guild member since 1976 and served as the first Channel Islands District Chairman for 3 years. He has been Tower Captain at Vale for many years and rung nearly 1000 quarter peals. He has served as Hon. Gen. Treasurer, one of the principal Guild Officers, since 1986, so completing 30 years’ service and, despite living on Guernsey, has missed only one Guild AGM and one Executive Committee meeting. As Hon. Gen. Treasurer he has been ex officio a Trustee of the Guild Bell Restoration Fund and has acted as the Chairman of the Trustees.

Tony has been a Guild member since 1970 and has served his tower, Hursley, and the Winchester District in all the principle roles over the intervening years. He has served on the Executive Committee from 1972-4 and since 1980, was an instructor at the first Guild Ringing School in 1974 and for the following 7 years, served on the Ringing School/Education Committee for 6 years, CC Representative since 1981, Hon. Report Editor for 7 years, Hon. Librarian and Archivist for 3 years, CC2016 Organising Committee for 5 years, Minute Secretary since 2013. He has rung 447 peals for the Guild and created and maintains a collection of compositions rung for the Guild (currently over 1,750 compositions) and other archive material. On the Central Council he served on the Methods Committee for over 27 years, 23 years as Chairman, and created and maintains the method collections (currently over 19,400 methods). He has served on the Administrative Committee since 1985, was Vice-President 2005-08 and President 2008-11.

The motion was carried nem. con. and the Master presented Mike and Tony with their life membership certificates.

8.      Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2015

In answer to a question from Andrew Johnson, Tony Smith confirmed that it had been a policy decision to no longer publish compositions in the Annual Report. There were no other comments and the reports were adopted en bloc on the proposition of Bruce Purvis, seconded by John Davey.

9.      Bell Restoration Fund

          i.     Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2015

There were no comments on the Report and Accounts.

          ii.    Grant proposals

David Mattingley reported that the Trustees had received three applications for grants: St. Stephen’s, Baughurst for refurbishment of the clappers of the front three bells and the tenor, costing £958 of which £750 had been raised; St. Mary’s, Breamore for an overhaul including repainting the frame, costing £9374 of which £8695 had been raised; St. Andrew’s, Sherborne St. John for refurbishment of the clappers of the front four bells and a new timber shaft clapper on the tenor, costing £1503 of which £900 had been raised; The Trustees recommended grants of £200 to Baughurst, £400 to Breamore and £300 to Sherborne St. John, which were approved on the proposition of David Mattingley, seconded by John Davey.

1.      Report of 2016 Central Council Meeting

  1. David Mattingley mentioned some highlights of the meeting in Portsmouth: the creation of a Working Group to undertake a detailed review of the rules and activities of the Council; the introduction of advance nominations for committee members; some relaxation of the Decisions on compliant peals including a greater variety of lengths for Doubles, Minor and Triples peals, and handbell peals of Minimus; and the resignation of the Ringing Trends Committeeen bloc. The Master noted Peter Niblett’s work on the Methods Committee and said the changes to the Decisions appeared to be well-received. [The 1 July 2016 issue of The Ringing World contained Part 1 of the Editor’s customary overview and the detailed minutes would be published in due course.]
  2. As chairman of the CC 2016 organising committee, the Vice-Master said there had been reports inThe Ringing World and on the Guild website. The arrangements had included 21 towers open, including 3 on the Isle of Wight, a Social Evening, Dinner, Lunch, committee meetings, and the AGMs of the Council and the Ringing World Ltd. The W&P had been widely acknowledged as a welcoming and efficient host. The Master had used the weekend as an opportunity for public relations initiatives and there had been features in Pompey Chimes and on Radio Solent, Isle of Wight Radio and Premier Christian Radio. The Vice-Master thanked all those who had helped including the committee, Michael Church, Charlotte Colliss, Mo Routh, and Tessa and Tony Smith; David Mattingley who organised 280 pints of real ale; Claire Partridge for designing the brochure; John Davey and Robin Wilson for the photographs in the RW Calendar; and Rosalind Martin for information on the Guild website. The aim had been to break even but in the event a surplus had been generated and the Executive Committee would consider how it should be used. The Master added her thanks to all concerned.

11.      Election of Officers for the next three years

                                i.            Guild Master

Mike Winterbourne proposed by Andy Ingram and seconded by Tim Pink. At the new Master’s request, the retiring Master chaired the remainder of the meeting.

                              ii.            Guild Vice-Master

Pete Jordan proposed by Nici Collins and seconded by Jon Soar.

                            iii.            Honorary General Secretary

There were no nominations. Maureen Routh offered to continue in the rôle on an informal basis until the November Executive Committee meeting when the vacancy could be filled.

                            iv.            Honorary General Treasurer

Rosalind Brandwood proposed by Mike Winterborne and seconded by Peter Niblett.

                              v.            Minute Secretary

Tony Smith proposed by Maureen Routh and seconded by Mike Winterborne.

                            vi.            Honorary Librarian and Archivist

Bruce Purvis proposed by Barry Fry and seconded by John Croft.

                          vii.            Honorary Peal Recorder

Edd Colliss proposed by Tony Smith and seconded by David Mattingley.

                        viii.            Honorary Report Editor

John Palk proposed by Phil Watts and seconded by John Davey.

                            ix.            Central Council Representatives (for the triennium commencing on 29 May 2017)

Michael Church proposed by Mike Bubb seconded by Barry Fry, Andrew Johnson proposed by David Mattingley seconded by Elizabeth Johnson, David Mattingley proposed by Sarah Hutchinson seconded by Barry Fry, Peter Niblett proposed by Ros Brandwood seconded by Andrew Johnson, Allan Yalden proposed by David Mattingley seconded by Sarah Hutchinson.

                              x.            Child Protection Officer

John Davey proposed by Barry Fry and seconded by Bruce Purvis.

                            xi.            Public Relations Officer

Viv Nobbs proposed by Phil Watts and seconded by Tony Smith.

                          xii.            Independent Examiner

Peter Clarke proposed by Mike Bubb and seconded by John Davey.

                        xiii.            BRF Trustees

David Mattingley proposed as the Portsmouth Diocese Trustee by Sarah Hutchinson and seconded by Allan Yalden.

Barry Fry proposed as the Winchester Diocese Trustee by Christine Hill and seconded by Pete Jordan.

12. The retiring Master invested the new Master with the Master’s Badge.

13.      Guild Action Plan

A paper had been distributed and was available on the Guild website. There were no questions.

14.      Future Guild Events

24 August 2016 Young Ringers’ Day with the Salisbury Diocesan Guild
24 September 2016 District Officers’ Forum St. Barnabas’ Church Hall, Southampton
12 November 2016 Executive Committee Meeting St. Barnabas’ Church Hall, Southampton
26 November 2016 Informal Social Event To be arranged
11-12 March 2017 ART Annual Conference Old Basing Hall, Basingstoke

15.      Date and place of 2017 AGM

This would be held on Saturday 17 June 2017 in the Christchurch & Southampton District.

16.      Any other business

  1. Robin Milford spoke of his plans for another W&P 200 Club similar to that run by Mark Esbester but to raise money for training and retention rather than bell restoration. Robin would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining or having questions. Like the W&P 200 Club run by Mark the new Club would be a private members’ club separate from the Guild. Consideration could be given to the setting up a separate Guild fund for supporting the development of ringers and into which payments from the Club could be made.
  2. The retiring Master said a summary of quarter peals rung in Guild towers between 1960 and 2014 had been prepared by Alan Buswell and would be passed to the Hon. Librarian and Archivist.
  3. Ian McCallion thought that the Guild ought to clarify its intentions with respect to “soft” projects, by opening a Charitable Fund for “soft” projects before encouraging or advertising or allowing AGM time for promoting a particular private fund-raising activity such as the W&P 200 Club. As to the terms of reference and charitable aims for the Charitable Fund, he thought that was a matter for the Executive Committee to discuss and make a proposal to present to the Guild. Michael Church emphasised the need for a clear relationship between the Club and the Guild.
  4. Francis Mitchell was selling jars of jam to raise money for the rehanging of Netley bells.
  5. The new Master thanked all retiring officers for their work.

There being no further business, the retiring Master closed the meeting at 4.17 p.m.

Portsmouth wins 2016 Inter-District Striking Competition

Greg Jordan  Reports:
The inter-district 8 bell competition on 2nd July  and 4 districts entered. The changeable weather didn’t affect spirits and everyone undertook their practice and test pieces with gusto.

What a fabulous Inter-District 8 bell competition yesterday at New Alresford! We had 4 districts enter and here are the results:

*Drum Roll*

1st: Portsmouth, 89%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 2mins

2nd: Winchester, 84%, ringing Cambridge Surprise Major and a peal speed of 3hrs 8mins

3rd: Christchurch and Southampton, 82%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 7mins

4th: Andover, 75%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 2m

Well done to all the teams and thank you to our Judges, Paul and Kate Flavell!

Final thing, the date for the Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell competitions will be 20th may 2017 and the date of the inter-district 8 bell will be on Agm day, 17th June 2017!

Congratulations to  Portsmouth District Team Members  Rachel Byford. Ali Hunt. Sarah Hutchinson. Andrew Byford. Jim Twiney.  David Atkins.  Ian Hunt.  David Mattingley.

Outcome of the Election of Officers at the 2016 AGM

l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine
l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine

The election of new officers for the Guild at the AGM yesterday was very successful overall – the officers led by Viv Nobbs for the past three years were able to hand their responsibilities over to the strong new team led by Mike Winterbourne.

New faces include Mike Winterbourne the new Master, Vice-Master Pete Jordan, and Treasurer Ros Brandwood who will sit on the top table at Exec meetings alongside Tony Smith who remains as Minute Secretary.

The other new officers elected at the AGM are:

  • New Central Council Reps Allan Yalden and Andrew Johnson will serve from 29th May 2017, replacing Tony Smith and Viv Nobbs who remain in their current CCCBR roles until that date.
  • Viv Nobbs, who stepped down as Guild Master, became Public Relations Officer.

Click here to see the full list (old plus new officers)

The New Officers Introduce Themselves:

The Guild Is Still Seeking a new Secretary

The key job of Secretary which has been done by Mo Routh for the past 3 years, was not filled.

Maureen Routh, General Secretary
Maureen Routh, General Secretary

Mo said:

I have offered to caretake the role as a volunteer for (hopefully) a matter of weeks while the new officers settle in and they have a chance to find someone to take it on.  I have set a limit on this and if there is still no volunteer by the November Executive meeting, I shall step down and the Guild will have no secretary and the things I deal with will have to be taken on by other officers.  I hope it won’t come to that, and that someone else becomes secretary very soon.

Snippets from the Central Council Meeting

David Mattingley will be reporting, from the Central Council Conference 2016, to our A.G.M. tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you may be interested in these few snippets from a Ringing World editorial:

“The Winchester and Portsmouth Guild did a fine job of hosting the meeting”

“Election of new blood to many of the committees”

“An Action Group is now being set up to undertake a detailed review of the Council’s rules and activities with a view to making recommendations for modernisation at the 2017 meeting”

“The mood of the weekend was definitely one of reform and modernisation”

So, a good time to come forward to serve as a Guild C.C. Rep. maybe?? Help to shape the future of The Central Council and ringing?
Hope to see you at New Alresford on tomorrow!


Master’s Message – Introducing the Guild Action Plan Review July 2016

The Guild’s Action Plan Review will be presented to the Annual General Meeting on Saturday. It’s hoped that many members will be present but not all will be able to join us.

I thank members for supporting Officers with the Action Plan  and thereby enabling us to take a more flexible approach. I have appreciated it very much and wish to keep my part of the bargain by presenting this review; I strongly believe in transparency and accountability to members. I do hope this will encourage even more engagement leading to positive outcomes.

The Review is linked here and included in full below for your information; I hope you find it helpful.

 Looking forward to the next twelve months, it would be my wish and suggestion to see the following items included in our actions:

  • A budget review by the Executive Committee in November, using part-year figures, to include consideration of a positive policy regarding payment of expenses for Officers, maybe Tutors, in order that we might be prepared and in a good position to encourage members to volunteer with confidence and, if they wished to do so, claim expenses.
  • Consideration being given to the setting up of a Young Ringers’ Fund.
  • A volunteer coming forward to act as a Young Ringers’ coordinator, hopefully resulting in an increased number of our young members meeting together frequently to give them more benefits from ringing and social activities.
  • A volunteer coming forward to serve on the Striking Competitions Committee with Greg Jordan and Peter Niblett and for all ringers to encourage increased enthusiasm and participation in the Striking Contests.

Viv Nobbs


The Full Review:

  • Action Plan review agreed at the 2015 A.G.M – Period 5th July 2015 – 2nd July 2016

    Section 1 – Ongoing work

    1. a) Four events have taken place:
    • Linda Garton, R.W.N.Y.C. organiser, gave a presentation and personal insight into this very popular annual contest. She highlighted a number of benefits of the striking competitions including the fun and team-building leading up to the day itself.  ‘Though there was a low attendance, those present enjoyed the event and said it would prove helpful in inspiring young ringers. Linda kindly made a donation of  £50 (her expenses refunded effectively) and asked if The Guild would consider applying it to a
      Young Ringers fund.
    • Firsts Fortnight – ‘though it was not an actual coming-to-meet-together event, it proved very popular and was reported as being very successful. It certainly seemed to inspire many members of all experience levels. It was very evident that many ringers and other groups from across the country were watching the event’s progress and were commenting on its obvious success, especially on Social Media.
    • Two Inter-Tower Striking Contests (the competition rules were amended to encourage more entries) and, on the same day, two open towers and a skittles and lunch informal social occasion.  Basingstoke District was able to give its support at the competitions’ venues and The Master undertook the open towers and social event. All seemed to be enjoyed and appreciated by those attending indicated by a good number of entries from local towers – especially for the 6-bell contest – and, the social side, by those travelling the greatest distance.
    • Guild A.G.M Day 2nd July 2016. Open towers, Inter-District Striking Competition, Ploughman’s Lunch, Church Service, Association of Ringing Teachers information hub, informal showcase of Centenary of end of World War 1 project, Annual General Meeting and light refreshments.
    1. b) We have aimed to continue to encourage Districts to be independent of central control and to be Ringing hubs and cross border co-operation continues to be evident and encouraged. Guild support by way of the new website has been reported as working well.
    1. c) The inventory of Guild resources has not yet been completed. Some items are listed on the website.
      It is work in progress.
    1. d) The Secretary and Communications Team, in particular, have ensured that we are a real presence in the ringing and non-ringing communities. As a result there were three entrants in the
      Association of Ringing Teachers – “Sarah Beacham Memorial Trust” – awards; all did well and Brighstone won an award. The prize is likely to be a sum of money.

    The Master has continued to be pro-active in working with the two Dioceses building up some even  stronger and very meaningful links. With the Central Council Visit in May, it gave us an amazing opportunity to showcase ringing in the Portsmouth Diocese, in particular. The Diocesan P.R. resource was very much used for our benefit; it took responsibility for the drafting and issue of a Press Release, focusing very much on local ringing and ringers. In this context, Bishop Christopher, at the Central Council reception, made the informal comment to The Master  “It’s good we’re on the map!”

    1. e) The Guild has been encouraging Young Ringers and their local leaders, generally. Specifically, the Guild has made a financial contribution of £440 towards the costs of travel for two separate Striking Contests. The first ever South East England Young Ringers’ Competition in Epsom Common, Surrey – a joint team was entered from Guernsey and The Isle of Wight – and the  R.W.N.Y.C. being held on 2nd July will see a band comprising ringers from the Christchurch and Southampton area working with the Isle of Wight.

    It is hoped and anticipated that these two events will encourage even more young ringers and their supporters, from across our wide area, to enjoy more ringing and social events.
    Committees are seeing young ringers coming forward to serve, for example Belfry Stewardship and Striking Competitions.

    1. f) The Executive Committee and Officers have reviewed Administration taking into account members’  feedback and availability of resources. The amount of volunteer help being offered has an impact, so  prioritising tasks has been needed. Generally, we have been more successful in recruiting help for specific tasks rather than members being willing to stand for a specific period in formal posts.

    A focus group has been formed, to be chaired by the Guild Report Editor to consider the content, format and production costs of the Annual Report.
    Since it was announced that The Ringing World National Youth Contest was to be held on the first Saturday in July, for the foreseeable future, the decision was made to bring forward our  Annual General Meeting by two weeks; this was to send out a strong signal of commitment to our younger members and should avoid the National 12-bell contest. The general meeting will fall close to the anniversary date of the formation of our Guild.

    1. g) We have been sending out the message, at A.D.M.s and in written form, imploring members to engage further, especially by using the website.

    Section 2  – Key Projects for 2015-18

    1. a) Communications: The new website was developed and launched. Taking into account the technical experience and personnel available and listening to the advice of the Communications Team, it was  decided to make the development and launch of the new website the priority action.

    A data base of members is considered to be a priority still as is an overall review of how information is circulated to members, including more newsletters, in addition to the website.

    1. b) Education: an Action Plan budget of £1,200 was earmarked.

    No District came forward to apply for the £500 (maximum) “District initiative” element ‘though one District has made its intention known that it will very likely apply in the year 2016-17.

    The Education Committee has not applied this year for the financial benefit of £200. It will review in the Autumn as hall hire is increasing generally and the benefit of lower student numbers on some courses is apparent.

    Especially, in the light of the above, The Master has used discretion with The Teacher Training element of the £500 approximate budget. 3 out of 8 Districts have applied for this support this year.

    £180 has been allocated in the following way: 9 students have claimed and will be paid £20 each.

    1. c) Belfry Stewardship: the new committee has been formed and has begun to review items to be
      It has been considering the completion of the Bell Stock Survey, especially as the records had been found to be very useful at Ropley after the serious fire.


    1. d) Recruitment and Retention: we’ve aimed to promote the application of good publicity and striving for excellent training, hand in hand, to improve the prospects of recruitment and retention.   Financial incentives are available within the Action Plan for Training Tutor courses.

    In addition, a focus group has been established recently; the initial purpose has been to investigate and introduce if necessary, the possibility of teaching schools within our Guild. The group is financially and administratively separate from other Guild committees. It will act harmoniously with them, of course.  The group will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and might require some funding.

    Section 3 – Future Events


    1. a) Hosting of the Central Council Annual 2016 Conference and to provide the material for the Ringing World calendar. All of this went very well indeed. A number of members produced excellent photographs for the beautiful calendars. Christine Hill did a magnificent job – she’d accepted full and overall responsibility; she chaired the local organising committee, kept everyone motivated and on target. Extra volunteers (including a ringer from Sussex who knew “W and P” via Social Media) gave their time over the actual weekend of the conference and main events, including at many open towers. All volunteers were very committed, reliable and much appreciated.

    Bishop Christopher attended the formal dinner and wrote to thank The Master and included

    “I know that making all the arrangements for the weekend gathering would have involved substantial work. You and your colleagues deserve all the thanks you will have received from giving everyone such a good experience of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight along with many church towers. I add my thanks for all that you have done to enhance the profile and reputation of the Diocese of  Portsmouth.
    It has been a pleasure for us in the diocese to work alongside you and your team to our mutual benefit.”

    1. b) Hosting the Association of Ringing Teachers Annual Conference 2017.

    The venue has been booked for the two days in Basingstoke. It is anticipated that a small group of volunteers will carry out the necessary local organisation of this event, much less in size than the Central Council’s conference visit.

    1. c) Event to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1 and to record commemorative ringing.

    Two volunteers have taken on this project with much enthusiasm and commitment. An opportunity to include ringing in our towers from 1914, to honour and remember personnel killed during the conflict,  has been recognised and grasped. Third parties have recognised with us the potential benefit of this project to portray a positive image of our ringing community. It might well assist with our recruitment efforts.

    This project will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and is likely to require funding, some from the Guild and it’s anticipated that an application will be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

    1. d) Recruitment Drive and Retention of Ringers.

        Together with the new focus group looking at the possibility of Ringing Schools and its liaison with local leaders, the use of good publicity and promotional material should dovetail well with a view to a recruitment drive.

WP Guild AGM July 2nd 2016

Annual General Meeting
New Alresford and Envions
Saturday, 2nd July 2016

News from the AGM

General Ringing Programme

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Open Ringing, Cheriton,
6 bells, 6 cwt
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Open Ringing, Tichborne,
6 bells, 7¾ cwt
11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Open Ringing, Old Alresford,
6 bells, 10 cwt

Programme at New Alresford

10:00 a.m. → Inter-District Striking Competition,
St John’s Church
11.00 a.m. → Association of Ringing Teachers’ Display,
John Pearson Hall (adjoining the Church)
12:30 p.m. → Ploughman’s Lunch, John Pearson Hall
1:30 p.m. → Open & Service Ringing, St John’s
2:00 p.m. → Guild Service, St John’s Church
3:00 p.m. → Guild AGM, John Pearson Hall
(followed by tea/coffee and cake)
5:00 p.m. → Open Ringing, St John’s Church

Maps and post codes etc

… for each event are available if you click the location on this page.

The main centre for the day, New Alresford St John’s Church and the adjacent Hall, is HERE, post code is SO24 9AG

Poster (same content as this page) AGM 160702 Poster


Names/numbers for lunch to Elizabeth Johnson,
01962 733266 or via email to Bruce Purvis,
using the form below by Monday 27th June: booking essential.

  • Contact Bruce Purvis

More Volunteers come forward for Guild Officer Posts

Viv Nobbs (Master) Writes:

We are still to hear of volunteers for several posts, including those for Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
These two Principal Officers are vital for the Guild’s smooth running and continued progress.
I’d be pleased to chat over specific details if anyone has a mind to consider standing for election.

Tel: 07594 609 366.

I am pleased to advise that:

  1.  Bruce Purvis has advised that he wishes to stand again for the post of Hon. Librarian and Archivist.
  2. Peter Clarke has advised that he will stand again as Independent Examiner.
  3. Pete Jordan of Basingstoke District has declared he would like to stand as Vice-Master.

Pete Jordan – Elected as Guild Vice Master July 2016

Hello Everyone,
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me, as well as to reach out to those of you whom I either know, or our paths have crossed as ‘nodding acquaintances’ from time to time at Guild events.
I have been a member of the Guild for around 25 years, as member of St Michael’s church in Basingstoke where I have in the recent past held various positions including Tower Captain for 5 years, Steeple Keeper and Treasurer.
For me, the pleasure of ringing is not only self satisfaction, but also to help others to develop their skills in the tower. Within my own tower this may include bespoke practices to benefit learners specific requirements, quarter peals to give them the opportunity to both learn a method well and to enjoy the reward of achievement, and generally supporting all of the ringers in their goals and ambitions.

I am now seeking to spread my wings a little in support of the Guild and would like to offer my services as Vice Master at the upcoming elections. Personally, I look forward to learning a little more about the Guild, meeting and supporting its membership and working with the executive committee and sub committees to carry on the excellent work of the outgoing team.

Pete Jordan

Guild Officer Elections on July 2nd

Guild Officer Elections

We are just two weeks away from our Annual General Meeting in New Alresford and our Officer elections will be taking place there. Members have been encouraged to stand for office.

I’m pleased we were able to report last week that a candidate has come forward for the post of Master – Mike Winterbourne of Andover District.

Michael Church has advised me that he is willing to stand for election as one of the five Central Council Representatives.

I wish to stand for election to the post of Public Relations Officer.

These declared intentions do not preclude other nominations for the same posts.

It is likely that nominations will be made from the floor of the meeting on 2nd July and they can be made in advance of the meeting. Each candidate is required to provide a formal Proposer and Seconder.  These two members could be present at the A.G.M. or, if either or both are unable to attend the meeting, they can contact Mo Routh, Honorary General Secretary with their nominations.  If they are not going to be present at the AGM, please make sure she receives the details of candidate, proposer and seconder by the evening of Friday 1
st July.  There is no need for advance notice if the proposer and seconder will be at the meeting.

Nominations are invited for the following posts:

To be elected on, and to serve for 3 years from, Saturday 2nd July 2016 to the 2019 Guild A.G.M.



Hon. General Secretary 

Hon. General Treasurer

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

Hon. Peal Recorder

Hon. Report Editor

Minutes Secretary

Child Protection Officer

Independent Examiner

Public Relations Officer

Two Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (1 from each Diocese)


5 Central Council Representatives – to be elected on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and to serve for 3 years from the Central Council Annual Conference in May 2017 to be held in Edinburgh.

There were moves towards “Change” at the recent C.C.C.B.R. annual conference in Portsmouth. So, a really good opportunity here for some of us to mould the future of ringing.

For details of the Officers currently in post, please see

If you are considering volunteering to serve as an Officer and would like more information, please contact me by email using the form below, then I’d be pleased to ‘phone you if you wanted to talk in detail.

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs 

Guild Master.

Mike Winterbourne – Elected Guild Master July 2016

Mike Winterbourne
Proposed by: Andy Ingram
Seconded: Tim Pink

Mike Writes:

Having previously been involved in the Education Committee, I would like to see each Guild member have the opportunity to progress their skills. While many districts do support this aim, I believe the meeting of individuals all striving together has a way of developing long term friendships across district boundaries and sharing knowledge.

One area where we rely on the goodwill of individuals, in the form of District Officers, Tower Captains, Tower Correspondents or Tower contacts, is in passing information. I would like to see a Guild database of contact emails so each member can receive their District and Guild information directly, with options to avoid unwanted emails.

I would like to see the development of the Guild Action Plan with regular input from the Guild members as it develops and grows.

For more information about the Guild Officer Posts which are coming up for election on the 2nd of July at the AGM, please read Viv’s article. To nominate candidates please contact Mo Routh any time up to and including AGM day.

2016 AGM – plus Striking Competitions and Lunch

AGM 2016 poster image10.00 Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition at St John’s Church, New Alresford. Come and support your district team!

From 11.00 onwards there will be a display about ART and ringing training in the John Pearson Hall, next to the church. Do come and ask questions!

12.30 Ploughman’s Lunch in the John Pearson Hall. Please book this in advance. (see below for details)

The results of the striking competition will be given during or after lunch.

13.30 Open ringing at St John the BaptistScreenshot at 2016-06-16 21:15:01

14.00 Guild Service in St John the Baptist

15.00 Guild AGM, The John Pearson Hall

After the meeting, tea, coffee and cakes will be available in the hall

To book a Ploughman’s Lunch, please contact Elizabeth Johnson, 01962 733266 or email Bruce Purvis,  giving name and number of lunches required.

Agenda for the 2016 Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Annual General Meeting

PDF version of the agenda for printing

1     Master’s welcome

2     Inter-District Striking Competition results. 

3     Apologies for absence

4     Loss of Members from death since the 2015 AGM

Len Barham Alton All Saints
Andrew Barnsdale Unattached
Roy Grayson Purbrook
Roy Howard Freshwater
Simon Lipscombe-Smith Ecchinswell
Marjorie Mannering Buriton
Tom Metcalfe Blackmoor
Ramon A Stone (LM) West Meon
Bernard Tilyard Whitwell
David Yates Arreton

Also Martin Routh, former Tower Captain at Amport, Colin Nicholson, first Tower Captain at St Peter Port Guernsey and Keith Williamson formerly of Liss.

5     Minutes of the 2015 AGM

6     Matters arising

7     Life Membership – for fifty years continuous membership.

John S Croft Unattached, Winchester District
Alan Hoar Odiham, Basingstoke District
Maureen Routh Steep, Alton and Petersfield District
Ronald Tipper Buriton, Alton and Petersfield District

8     Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2015 

Hon General Secretary p4 (Annual Report)

Hon General Treasurer p5

Education Committee p16

Hon Librarian and Archivist p18

Striking Competitions Committee p19

Belfry Stewardship Committee p20

Hon Peal Recorder p21

Communications Committee p25

9 Bell Restoration Fund 

Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2015 p 9 (Annual Report)

Grant Proposals

10     Report on 2016 Central Council Meeting

11     Guild Officer Triennial Elections

a)  Master

b)  Vice-Master

c)  Hon General Secretary

d)  Hon General Treasurer

e)  Minute Secretary

f)  Hon Librarian and Archivist

g)  Hon Peal Recorder

h)  Hon Report Editor

i)  Central Council Representatives (five)

j)  Child Protection Officer

k)  Public Relations Officer

l) ) Independent Examiner

m) Portsmouth Diocese BRF Trustee

n) Winchester Diocese BRF Trustee

12     Action Plan Update

13    Future Guild Events

24 August 2016 Young Ringers Day with Salisbury Guild

24 September 2016 District Officers Forum, St Barnabas Church Hall Southampton

12 November 2016 Executive Committee Meeting, St Barnabas’ Church Hall Southampton

26 November 2016 Informal Social Event, to be arranged

11/12 March 2017 ART Annual conference. Old Basing Hall, Basingstoke

14   Date and place of 2017 AGM


17 June 2017 To be held in the Christchurch and Southampton District.


15     Any other business 

Your Guild needs You.

Guild Officers Needed.

The 2016 AGM is just eight weeks away. This is an election year for all the Guild Officer positions.

Please give serious thought to who might fill these roles and consult as widely as possible to find the best people for the jobs. We want everyone to be aware of these elections.

As was advised at the March Executive Committee Meeting, please bear in mind that the four Principal Officers currently in post are unable to stand for election but will offer as much support as possible to the new Officers to facilitate an effective succession process.

For more information, please read on or for an informal chat, please contact the Master:

  • Contact Viv Nobbs - Address: Copper Beeches, Landscape Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2NG Tel: 01983 530920

  • Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Officers – what our volunteers do

    The following suggestions may be helpful to members thinking of offering themselves for election. The descriptions are in no way exhaustive but are intended to give a feel for some of the offices.

    All Officers

    1  Put simply, Officers aim to further the Objects and Aims of the Guild – essentially that is to encourage more and better ringing, good bell maintenance and safe practice by uniting ringers for mutual support.
    2  The Guild organises meetings, practices and events. You may well be involved in the planning of these.
    3  Good communications are always important. Simply talking to as many people as possible at Guild or District events helps enormously.
    4  District members may come to you for help and advice on matters concerning their bells and ringing in their tower. Other Officers and Committees are available for advice and support.

    Principal Officers:

    Guild Master

    The figure head of the Guild, represents the Guild to outside bodies and chairs Guild meetings, The Annual General Meeting and any extraordinary meeting that may be called and meetings of the Guild Executive Committee; attends meetings of the Bell Restoration Trustees and the District Officers’ Forum. It is desirable to attend some meetings of the various Committees of the Guild. This should all be done in an efficient and friendly manner. In co-operation with your deputy attend the District Annual Meetings, co-ordinate the work of the other Officers and make sure nothing is left undone.
    In conjunction with other officers make policy and the day-to-day for the Guild.
    You are one of the Trustees of the Bell Restoration Fund, a Registered Charity.

    Guild Vice-Master

    To support the Master in the above duties and deputise as required.


    To receive and account for all monies paid to the Guild and make payments as may be required and authorised. To keep accurate records, and draw up annual accounts.

    You are one of the Trustees of the Bell Restoration Fund and would be expected to be the Treasurer of the fund, keeping necessary records and preparing and submitting accounts as required of a Registered Charity. You will chair the meetings of the Trustees.


    As Secretary you are the focal point for communication. You receive letters, emails, reports and telephone calls and disseminate information to the appropriate people as quickly and effectively as possible. You book halls for the Executive Meetings and District Officers Forum and work with the district that hosts the A.G.M. each year, deal with the sales of membership certificates and Guild badges and organise reprints and
    re-orders when necessary. You prepare agendas for meetings, calling in reports, budget bids, and papers for discussion from the other officers and committee conveners. In conjunction with other officers make policy and the day-to-day decisions for the Guild.

    You are one of the Trustees of the Bell Restoration Fund and will act as its secretary.