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Method Monday at Sacred Heart 7th January 6:00pm until 7:30pm

Happy New Year to Method Monday ringers!

January’s practice will see us launch into 2019 with Plain Bob Minor (with emphasis on Singles), and Stedman Doubles.

Please come along prepared to call and/or ring a touch.

Drinks afterwards.

Next month’s practice will be on 4th February at 6:00pm until 7:30pm.

Contact Kim Matthews

Lymington Doubles Practice: Temporary time change.

There is a change of start time for the Lymington Doubles Practice on Wednesday 12th Septmeber 2018.

The new start time for this practice only, is 7:45pm, until 9:00pm.

Do come along and work on your doubles ringing, and introduce yourself to a new double method perhaps.

Lots of friendly faces, and even the pub next door has six hung bells in their front window!

Contact Larry Stace (Tower Captain, St. Thomas, Lymington


The Isle of Wight District are holding a Plain Hunt Practice this coming Saturday, 18th November.

This will be held at Godshill from 6.30 – 8.00 and will include plain hunting on 5 and 6 bells; trebling to various methods; practice for tenor ringing to Doubles methods.

This is being organised for those who are starting plain hunting and those who need more experience to progress forward.

Please come along and join us as Godshill are easy to ring with a good circle.

One space available at Stedman Doubles Practice (10.30am 11th Nov)

Dear All,
If anyone knows of someone that would benefit from a Stedman Doubles practice on Saturday 11th November 2017 at Herriard from 10:30 – 13:00 please would you pass on this information and ask them to get in touch with me as there is available space for an extra student.
Thank you.

Helpers Needed for Stedman Doubles Practice – Nov 11th, 10.30, at Herriard

Dear All,
By popular demand, I’m organising another Stedman Doubles practice.
The practice is to be held on Saturday 11th November 2017 10:30-13:00 at Herriard.
For this event to be successful we need  volunteers to help the students.
Please help if you can.  Your presence will be much appreciated for a successful practice.

Winchester District Stedman/Erin doubles Training, Saturday 8th July a.m.

Dear All,
Following Monday’s very successful District Practice at Sparsholt, I give you notice of our next training morning, Saturday 8th July at Micheldever, 0930-1130 a.m., on ringing and calling Stedman and Erin doubles.
Please let Jenny Watson know if you wish to come on the course, or if you can offer to help, either to fill in or stand behind.

Link to Poster for Event

Best wishes
District Secretary

Bournemouth Sacred Heart – Method Monday – 3rd March

Just a reminder that it is ‘Method Monday’ at Sacred Heart this coming Monday – Methods Double Court Minor and St Martins Doubles and beer to follow. See you there!

Congratulations Erin Ingram (Milford) – First Quarter Peal

Many congratulations to Erin Ingram (Milford) on scoring her first Quarter Peal. This was the first time that the Ingram Family have rung a quarter peal together. Andy and Sallie are long-standing members of the Guild Education Committee. Isla (who rang the treble) has now scored three quarter peals.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 17 March 2017 in 38
Awbridge, Hampshire
Clock House Bells
Tenor: 1–1–2
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Isla K A Ingram
2 Andrew J B Ingram (C)
3 Mike Winterbourne
4 John A Dodd
5 Sallie-Louise Ingram
6 Erin M E Ingram

1st Quarter (aged 9): 6
Rung for C&S District Quarter Peal Fortnight

Bournemouth Sacred Heart “Method Monday” 6th March

Sacred Heart Bournemouth are starting up a “Method Monday” on the 1st Monday of each month, methods will be similar to the minor method practiced at Sopley each month, so you can get even more practice?

March Method Monday will be Double Court Minor and touches of St Simons Doubles. Practice is from 5.45 – 7.15 followed by beer!.

Duncan’s Donkeys Done Good Again!

When I had an email yesterday afternoon confirming that we had a doubles band for a Wednesday lunchtime QP attempt and nothing had been mentioned about a special method I imagined something safe and easy; maybe Grandsire Doubles… but that email was soon followed by one from Duncan saying Thornborough Slow Course Doubles but instead of the bob being a Wallflower Extreme we are going to ring the variation which just plain hunts for the bob. To be fair he did give a description of how each bell is affected at the bob. Easy then.

It didn’t seem too difficult as I thought it through but the minute the treble said “Treble’s going” my mind went blank. But a few rounds and panic over and we got started. We all had a few hiccups along the way but yet again we managed to never all go wrong at once and it didn’t seem long before Duncan called “That’s All!” So another first scored.

It was at this point that Duncan said we could name it because the variation had not been previously rung. There were a few suggestions ;”On your pushang” was probably something we should have said to Duncan when he suggested yet another leap into the world of new methods; Sarnia was a possibility but we eventually decided on Donkey Doubles. Well we were stubborn enough to get through the method despite a few trips here and there.

And for anyone missing the connection, Guernsey folk are proud to be called Donkeys. The origin of this seems to be uncertain but we are certainly stubborn.

On Wednesday, 8 February 2017 in 47min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1320 Donkey Doubles

1. John Lihou
2. Jane Le Conte
3. Paul Lawrence
4. Sue Le Feuvre
5. Duncan Loweth (C)
6. Janice Firth

The band would like to name the variation ‘Donkey Doubles’
Thornborough Slow Course with plain hunt for for bob.

Sue Le Feuvre

Photograph shows the Town Church with a bronze statue of a donkey and her foal in the foreground.

Grandsire Doubles and Triples – Only a few places left – deadline 16th Feb

Just a reminder ……. the Education Committee’s all-day course on Grandsire Doubles and Triples takes place on Saturday 4th March, based at Shedfield.   The closing date for the receipt of applications is 16th February – only ten days away – and there are only a few places left.   Places are filled on a “first come first served” basis so, if you have been thinking about this, it would be an idea to get your application in as quickly as possible.     (The Raising and Lowering in Peal morning, for example, filled up well before the closing date and has a waiting list!).

If there are others in your tower who have also been thinking about this, or who you think would enjoy the day and benefit from it – please give them a nudge.   I’m more than happy to help with any queries, either by email or by ‘phone 01962 886939.

Best wishes – Christine

  • Guild Education Day – Grandsire Doubles and Triples – Saturday 4th March, based at Shedfield

    The next full Education Day. This will be on Saturday 4th March, based at Shedfield Reading Room, to study Grandsire Doubles and Grandsire Triples. Posters and application forms (both Word and pdf versions) are below. Details have already been sent out to your District Secretaries for onward transmission to your towers as the closing date for the receipt of applications is 16th February. As always, the day will be a mixture of theory and practical ringing.

    If you haven’t been to an Education Day before – rest assured these are relaxed days when you will never be pushed into doing anything for which you are not ready; each student is an individual with different experience and different needs, and our aim is to give you help at exactly the level you need; in fact, you will probably learn a huge amount by chatting with the other students over a pub lunch, and find they have the same queries that you have been frightened to raise!!

    At the same time, if it is appropriate, you might like to think about the “Raising and Lowering in Peal” morning at Bishopstoke on 11th February. Places are filling up and the closing date (28th January) is only 2½ weeks away. If you have an Annual District Meeting on that day, our training session will finish sharp at 12.00 noon so you will have plenty of time for lunch before going off to your meeting.

    We hope to have a member of the Education Committee at as many ADMs as possible to talk about Education Days and to answer any questions, and I am always on the end of the phone or email to help with any queries.

    If this reaches any ringers with a little more experience who feel they can help on either of these days – and even a half day is very much appreciated – do please contact Sallie Ingram Remember, we have all been learners in the past …….!

    Best wishes


YES!! A QP of Stedman Doubles by an All Town Church Guernsey Band

Six of us turned up at the Town Church at lunchtime today for a quarter peal. We hadn’t decided on a method so tossed a few ideas around. We had a minor band so tried to choose a method… then somebody had the bright idea of trying Stedman Doubles. Fine with me because I’d never found anyone willing to call a QP of Stedman for me.

And it went really well; a few trips but at no point did two of us doze off at the same time. That’s been on my wish list for many years now and I’m pleased to have scored it with an all Town Church band, in fact, the first by a Town Church band.

The ropes were pretty stiff and damp and one ringer soldiered on despite the pain of Ringing in the wRong bRa!

On Wednesday, 1 February 2017 in 43min

Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt

1260 Stedman Doubles

  1.  Sue Le Feuvre
  2.  Paul Lawrence
  3.  Sue Park
  4.  Jane Le Conte
  5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.  Judith Lainé

First in method: 1
First QP of Stedman Doubles: 2
First in method as conductor
First in method with all Town Church band.

Essex Course 6th-8th April – Applications must be in by Friday 10th February

This year’s Essex Ringing Course runs from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th April. The closing date for applications is Friday 10th February.

Details are at <>

The following is reproduced from that page:


GROUP A — Improving foundation skills.
Have you reached the stage in your early ringing career where even if you understand the theory of what you are meant to be doing you are finding doing it an entirely different matter? If so this group is for you. Students in this group will work on their individual ringing skills so that they can improve their bell control, listening and ropesight. This may require time working alone on a bell as an individual with the advice of your tutor, as well as ringing with other ringers. Students will also practise raising and lowering a single bell.
A Group for those who can ring Rounds competently and who are ready to take their first steps in call changes and then, possibly, in change ringing on 3 or 4 bells. If you are in any way doubtful about joining Group C, then join Group B; you will still find something to learn and will have the opportunity to fill in steps in your ringing education you may have missed or not appreciated.
A Group for those wishing to plain hunt on 5. The opportunity to practise on different rings of bells and in different orders both on the treble and “inside” will be provided. The Group will emphasise the skills required for change ringing and will be learning ropesight and considering striking, as an essential preliminary to ringing the treble. Practice may be given at ringing the treble to Bastow, Minimus and Doubles, to “Stedman Quick Sixes” and to Plain Bob Minimus as appropriate, before progressing to ringing the treble to Plain Bob Doubles.
A Group for those who really have ropesight and bell control and are ready to ring the treble to Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor. It is intended to progress to ringing the treble to touches in both these methods. A number of other methods may be rung to practise the different rhythm of change ringing with six bells.
A Group for those who are competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and wishing to learn Plain Bob Doubles on an “inside” bell.
A Group for those who are already competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and able to ring touches of Plain Bob Doubles and who wish to learn Plain Bob Minor “inside”. You should be able to treble hunt reliably to touches of Bob Minor before applying for this group; if in any doubt consider applying for Group D.
GROUP G — Grandsire
Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls. Applicants must be proficient in ringing the treble to Grandsire and be able to ring touches of Bob Doubles “inside” to get the full benefit from this option.
GROUP H — Doubles Beyond Plain Bob & Grandsire
Would you like more variety on Practice Night? Explore Reverse Canterbury, St Simon’s and other methods or variations which contain a number of different ‘works’ which will be useful in your future ringing career.
GROUP I — Beyond Bob Minor
The Group will study and practise several Plain Minor methods (Single / Double Court and Oxford) which introduce many of the building blocks and concepts needed before progressing to Surprise. Methods such as St Clements and Little Bob may also be included. Applicants must be able to ring touches of Plain Bob Minor on an inside bell competently.
GROUP J — Stedman
Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls and theory on extension to Caters and Cinques. You should be proficient in ringing up to Group G to get full benefit from this option.
GROUP K — Surprise Major
To get the full benefit from this group applicants must be able to ring Plain Bob Major “inside”, be able to ‘treble bob’ proficiently and have some experience of Treble Bob or Surprise Minor. The Group will start with Cambridge Major and move on to Yorkshire.
GROUP L — Calling & Conducting Touches
This Group will start with calling Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles, and progress to Plain Bob and possibly other Minor methods. Students will be actively involved in calling a variety of touches, and will be expected to ring whilst others of the Group are calling. No previous experience of calling is required, but you must be able to ring touches of Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor “inside” competently.

Grandsire Doubles

Blue Line



News and Information

Plain Bob Doubles

Blue Line



News and Information

Daniel Graham Reports from the Southampton St Michael’s Practice Night

An enjoyable and rewarding practice night in Southampton last night at St Michael’s with a particularly good half course of Cambridge Royal and a nice touch of 8 spliced surprise major. Lots of other ringing too including Grandsire Triples/Caters, Stedman doubles and 4 spliced (CYNS) surprise major.

Next week, at Bitterne Park, we start our new venture of increasing our 8 bell repertoire, by starting to work through the methods in ‘Smiths 23’. First method is Cray Surprise Major.

As always all ringers welcome at any of our practices 🙂

Congratulations Helen Penny (Christchurch Priory) First Quarter Peal

Well done to Helen Penny who rang her first Quarter Peal tonight in fine style with her sister and father also in the band.

Tim Martin


p class=”association”>Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Christchurch Priory, Dorset


p class=”address”>Holy Trinity

Sunday, 30 October 2016 in 48m (10cwt)

1260 Plain Bob Doubles


p class=”ringers”>


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>1Helen Penny


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>2Nicola Penny


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>3Rosemary Rogers


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>4Frances Benjamin


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>5Tim Martin (C)


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>6Ian Penny


p class=”footnote”>For Evensong and Benediction and in memory of Fr Alex Smith (1936-2016) a former member of our Band whose funeral took place in the Priory on 25th October. First Quarter 1.e

​Brilliant practice with Elizabeth College boys! (Sue Le Feuvre Reports)

Duncan announced at the beginning of today’s practice that he had a plan. He wanted an all boys band to ring one course of plain hunt then add something at the end of it. What he meant was one lead of Plain Bob Doubles. Olivia was included as an honorary boy and was the only one of the band who knew PB doubles. Will had once or twice been guided through a plain course but none of the others had any idea what it was all about. The tenor ringer had never really tried covering before and the treble ringer had never tried ringing to a method. There were only 3 of us to stand behind and guide.
The first couple of attempts weren’t too bad and we progressed a little beyond one lead each time. The last attempt of the day was a triumph;  we got to the end of a plain course. It was a bit lumpy but I’ve heard much worse.
The boys were delighted. It was lovely to see that even those who usually mess around all the time were becoming more serious and really trying.
It won’t be long before they’ll be way ahead of me!

Places Available- Guild Education Course – Plain Bob Doubles and Minor Oct 15th

In case you are “hovering on the brink” – there is only a week to go before the closing date (29th September) for the receipt of applications for the Guild Education Day on Saturday 15 October, based at Hawkley, when we will be covering Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor.    There are still a few places left but both these groups are filling up fast!

If you think this course will help you,

Any queries – do please get in touch:

Christine Knights-Whittome (on behalf of the Guild Education Committee)

  • Contact Christine Knights-Whittome

    Telephone: 01962 886939
    Address: 3 Oaklands, South Wonston, Winchester, Hants, SO21 3HZ
    Email: Use Form:


Wickham Doubles Practice Report by Lisa Ashforth (Next One is Thursday Sept 8th)

On Thursday night ringers from Shedfield, Titchfield, Purbrook, Alverstoke, Catherington and Christchurch Priory joined the Wickham band for a themed doubles practice.

Methods rung included St Simon’s bob, Stedman and a 120 of the plain bob doubles variation Kennington.

The next themed practice will be Thursday 8th September, to attempt touches of St. Simon’s bob and the Reverse Canterbury variation Southrepps. All ringers welcome to come along on the night.


Saturday Course – Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor – 15th October at Hawkley

“…a brilliant introduction to Method Ringing. I learned so much about Plain Bob, but also about the more accurate bell handling I needed as I progressed on from Plain Hunt”

Plain Bob Doubles – for those already able to:

  • Plain hunt confidently on more than one inside bell and

  • Treble to touches of a doubles method.

Plain Bob Minor – for those who can already ring a plain course of Plain Bob Doubles.     

Applications are now open for the first of the Guild Education Committee’s Autumn courses. This will be Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor, based at Hawkley, on Saturday 15th October.

I realise this is the holiday season and some towers do not meet in August, but if you could spread the details please to anyone in your tower whom you think would find it helpful, I would be most grateful.

Any queries – let me know. In particular I am always happy to talk to anybody who is not sure what an Education Day involves and who may be hesitant about joining in.

Many thanks.

Christine Knights-Whittome
On behalf of: The Guild Education Committee

  • Contact Andy Ingram - Telephone: 023 8084 0225 Address: Kirklee, Southampton Road, Hythe, S045 5AD Email: Use Form  



Methods for Wickham doubles practice on Thursday 11th August

Wickham is holding a special Doubles practice on Thursday 11th August at 7.30. We are hoping to make this special practice a regular feature, in order to give ringers an opportunity to try some less commonly-rung Doubles methods and variations.

All ringers welcome as we will be ringing everything from Plain Hunt to Stedman. August’s special method and method variation will be St Simon’s Bob and Kennington. If time allows we will ring some other variations (see picture for details)

If you would like to support Wickham Ringers, please come along. We would be happy to see you. Parking is available behind the church (entrance in Southwick Road B2177)

wickham doubles aug 16

Lymington Doubles and Minor Practice (Monthly, CS District Practice)

This practice takes place on the Second Wednesday of each month at Lymington and the Ringing Master is usually Colin Butler.

There are no special methods currently planned, though we’re likely to be ringing Bob Doubles, Grandsire and probably Stedman. Maybe we can talk Colin into calling some April day even.

You can usually park outside the church on the road, if not, there is plenty of parking behind Marks & Spencers a couple of minutes walk away.

New faces are always warmly welcome to join this popular practice.

Lymington Photo by David Forder

Ryde Ring to Celebrate a Birthday

Yesterday (Saturday, 23rd July), Newport Minster ringer Darren celebrated his 30th Birthday. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite the day he expected as on coming to Ryde to help us out for an afternoon wedding he suffered a puncture with his van and had to walk 3 miles to ring! Don’t you just love the dedication of all our ringers?

Anyway he’s sorted now, or he will be tomorrow, and tonight we helped him celebrate with a quarter peal and he supplied the chocolate cake! Just love all these birthday’s were helping with at the moment!

Beyond Bob Doubles – Weds 27th July at Easton

Dear All,

This month’s Beyond Bob Doubles will be at Easton, methods from Grandsire doubles and Bob Minor to Surprise Minor, all ringers from the Winchester District and further afield welcome to just turn up, 19:30 on Wednesday 27th.