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Guild says goodbye to Rosalind Martin

To all in Winchester and Portsmouth Guild of Bellringers,

We would like to inform folks that Rosalind Martin has stood down as web-master for the Guild’s website.

Rosalind has been at the forefront of such major change that it is impossible to mention all the areas.

The Herculean task of building our website and future proofing it has led to it becoming a site that has a reputation of excellence in the bell-ringing world.

Now that the building and refining has been achieved and Rosalind is largely living in Birmingham, she feels this is a good time to step away.

There is a plan being drawn up to spread Rosalind’s workload out to as many people as we can in the team but help is being sought by us from everyone reading this.

We need;
• Assistant Webmaster to support Andrew Glover who has taken over the role
• More News Coordinators in each district who can collect ringers’ stories, anecdotes, local news and ringing successes and play at being a new editor ~ Full support will be available

Ros, the Comms Team would like to acknowledge your sustained effort and skills as a website builder and Web-Master.

We know you will join us in wishing Ros all the very best and we look forward to continuing to ring with you.

Thank You

The Team. and Guild Master

Joining the Dots – WordPress to Twitter to a Facebook Page

The Guild Website contains information and news from 200 towers, 8 Districts, and a number of different Guild Committees. That’s a lot of news – it needs to be intelligently shared through the appropriate social networks, so the intention is to automatically feed through posts from this website, to twitter, and on to the appropriate Facebook Page.

If you would like to set this up for your tower, District or committee, there are instructions online:

  1. To feed relevant website posts into your Twitter feed, sign up for twibbleio using these instructions. (Drop me a line so we can give you the RSS feed URLS you will need). Make sure you tick “Only Tweet new items” or you will start sending out old news!!!
  2. To feed tweets into a Facebook Page (not a GROUP though), use these instructions.

Once you have done this, why not go the whole hog and request to become a website correspondent? That way you can email your news into the website, then make yourself a cup of coffee while it powers across Twitter and Facebook as well……! Neat!

Christchurch and Southampton District is already up and running with this system. The website RSS feed is linked to @Candsbellringer on Twitter which goes onto the District’s FB page.


New Facebook Page and Twitter Feed – University Ringing

facebook logo smallA few months ago, the excellent new website was launched by CCCBR, to create a one-stop-shop for anyone hunting for information about bellringing at University. This is now joined by a Facebook Page… Do take a look at it, and, if you are a facebook user, you can “Like” it to ensure you get all their news.

twitter_logo_blueThere is also a new Twitter Feed, Uniringing


For many ringers, University is an opportunity to build and extend their skills not just in their chosen area of study but in Ringing as well. Send one of your band off to University and they may well return as a potential Tower universitycloud-posterCaptain… the development can be amazing! So, this initiative is worth supporting even if you have no intention of going to University yourself!