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Practice Night Report – Sopley Minor Methods Wednesday 28th October

Sopley church by Mike Martin
Sopley church by Mike Martin

All the ingredients for a successful practice were present this evening – people keen to learn or consolidate particular methods, and reliable ringers to fill in and provide a strong band. This allowed us to choose freely from our reportoire – we rang plain courses and touches of Plain Bob Minor, a very solid plain course of Kent Minor, and a plain course and touch of Cambridge.

The new content this evening was plain and Little Bob spliced – a new challenge for several of the band, but we made it and it was very enjoyable.

As usual we are grateful for the regular use of the bells at Sopley – they seem to be the ideal weight for this type of learning and are always a pleasure to ring.

Next practice will be Wednesday 25th November.

Sopley Minor Methods Practice Wednesday 28th October 7.30pm

The date of the Sopley Minor Practice has moved to the 4th Wednesday in the month from next week 28th October. As a result it no longer clashes with the District Surprise Major practice at Ringwood (first Wednesday) and we hope that this will accommodate anyone who would like to attend both.

To recap, the practice is for anyone who wants to practice Minor methods from Plain Bob through Little Bob, Kent, Oxford  to Cambridge and other methods as requested within the ability of the group. So far a number of ringers have gained experience in basic minor and treble Bob minor and we can pack a lot of touches in to an hour and a half due to the nature of the bells. This practice is for any District ringers who want more help with any of the above so don’t wait for a personal invitation!

This month, in addition to any of the usual methods we are hoping to have a go at spliced plain and little Bob Minor. If you want any more information contact the organisers, Tim Kettle, Chris Smithies or Tim Martin.