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Surprise Royal Practices continue – 4th Sunday of the Month – sign up here!

Hi all,
Firstly many thanks to all those who completed the feedback. It was very useful! What it did show was there was still a strong desire for practices to be continued, so after my summer off I am back to get things running again!
To make these practices as viable as possible, I am going to aim to start again in October, to allow people sufficient notice. I will advertise the next 4 practices, and using a Doodle poll, assess whether they are viable or not. All practices are on the 4th Sunday afternoon of the month. This still seems the best time for most people at present.
Please click the following link to indicate your availability;
The intention for locations would be;
22/10 – Bishopstoke
26/11 – North Stoneham
28/01 – St Mary’s, Southampton
25/02 – Hursley
I will update you towards the end of this month, so please now get signing up. Any comments/suggestion welcome, as always!

8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors Thurs 27th July

Dear all,

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 27th July 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

This month’s methods will include Grandsire Triples and Stedman Triples, and possibly also Double Norwich, Bob Major and Cambridge Surprise Major, depending on demand. We would also like to have a go at Rutland Surprise Major, if we have enough people who can ring it.

Hope to see you there.

Helen and Roger Thomas

Winchester District Practice, Broughton, Monday 24th July 2017

Dear All,

Please find attached the poster for the next Winchester District Practice, Broughton, Monday Week – and my apologies for the shorter amount of notice than usual/than I prefer.

We’ve been successful in attracting good numbers at our recent District Practices, and the Broughton (ground floor) ring will be an interesting experience. The local band will very much appreciate your attendance.

Best wishes,

District Secretary

PS. The next quarterly meeting will be on 12th August: the usual format, bring-your-own picnic and a relaxing stroll through the Hampshire countryside. Quite which bit of the Hampshire countryside is yet to be resolved, however. I have one route which is “in the bag” but not very suitable owing to a big wedding at one of the churches, and another possibility for which I await decisions from the tower reps. Wish me luck ….

Link to Poster – please display in your tower

SDGR Minor Methods Practice at Canford, Weds July 12th

Summer is a good time to venture a little further to visit new towers… there’s a tempting event at Canford this week:

The next Canford Minor Methods practice will take place on Wednesday 12th July from 7.30pm. Sorry for the late reminder. Have a look at Little Bob, Single Oxford and Double Court.

Hope to see as many of you as possible then

Eversley Surprise Minor Practice (last Weds of month)

The Eversley Surprise Minor practice is held on the last Wednesday of the month, 8pm until 9.30pm. White Hart Pub afterwards.

Invitation to a Surprise Minor Practice at St Mary’s Eversley on Weds July 26th

On Wednesday 28th June we held a very enjoyable Surprise minor practice at St Mary’s church, Eversley (Basingstoke District). The practice was well attended by ringers from the district, our ODG neighbours and by St Mary’s new Curate, the Reverend Rachel Hartland. Rachel hadn’t rung for 15 years and was delighted to join in with some rounds to get her back into ringing! This month’s method was Annable’s London. Cambridge, Norwich, Beverley and Primrose were also rung. The practice gave St Mary’s ringers a chance to practice Treble bob, Treble Bob Hunt and Plain Bob Doubles with the benefits of a strong band. Our thanks to all those who attended.

The Eversley Surprise Minor practice is held on the last Wednesday of the month. The next practice will be on 26th July, 8pm until 9.30pm. White Hart Pub afterwards.

Adrian Nash

Contact Alan Barsby

Beyond Bob Doubles – Wednesday 28th June at Bishopstoke

Dear All,

Beyond Bob Doubles will be at Bishopstoke on 28th June from 19:30 – 21:00, I’ve added a few Cathedral ringers to the mailing list this month, since there’s no practice there next Wednesday.

For those who haven’t been before, the idea is to have a practice to allow ringers whose own bands may not be strong enough to ring slightly more advanced methods to come together and get the chance to ring things they normally can’t.  It all depends who shows up as to what we ring, there’s not usually any kind of plan I just wing it on the night, but this month I’ve gone for a ten bell tower so it might be an idea for people to be prepared for Grandsire triples or caters, Bastow Little Bob (Cloisters), Stedman triples, Little Bob and Cambridge. 

All welcome from within the Winchester District or from further afield, the minimum requirement is to be competent at ringing touches of Plain Bob Doubles and have some experience of Grandsire.


8 Bell Practice at Hurstborne Priors Thurs 22nd June

Dear all,

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 22nd June 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

This month’s methods will include Grandsire Triples and Stedman Triplesand possibly also Double Norwich, Cambridge Major and Bob Major, depending on demand.


Hope to see you there.


Helen and Roger Thomas

Upcoming Surprise Royal Practices and the future…

Hi all,
Thank you to those who came to the last surprise royal practice. We were fairly thin on the ground, and struggled because of that, however we met and we rang so all was not lost.
A few important points going forward;
For the next few months I am extremely busy, with amongst other things my own wedding! For these reasons I am not in a place to be able to attend a surprise royal practice now myself until September. I am quite happy to organise them if someone else is happy to volunteer to lead them.
Secondly as with any new initiative it is good to regularly stop an assess the progress being made and reassess whether there is still a need for such an initiative. I have no problem in working hard to organise these practices, but if there isn’t the demand for them it is somewhat of a waste. The practice attendance does seem to fluctuate month to month, but more often then not we are on the lighter side of comfortable. However when we are more well attended good progress is often made. It is a difficult place to be in where there is still obviously some desire for such a practice, however the attendance doesn’t always make it a viable idea.
I’ve produced a short survey that I would be grateful if you could complete, it takes just a few minutes – it is a series of questions with two purposes. Firstly to gauge whether there are enough people around for a July/August practice, and secondly to gather some more general feedback to aid in my decision about whether to push on with it, or to shelve it. All feedback is gratefully received, and I will feedback the results in a few weeks time. Note you can answer this survey without being identified if you wish to.
I have opted for a survey like this as it makes keeping all the information together in one place much easier. If the practice is to continue I will start using this to see if enough people are around each month.
Once I’ve had a decent reply to the survey I’ll send out an update regarding July/August and the future of the practice.

8 bell ringing on Thurs 25th May at Hurstbourne Priors

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 25th May 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

This month’s methods will include Superlative Surprise Major and Grandsire Triples, and possibly also Double Norwich, Stedman Triples, Bob Major, depending on demand.


Hope to see you there.


Helen and Roger Thomas

Invitation to ring at Hursley on Friday 26th May

The next open 12-bell practice at All Saints’, Hursley, should be this
Friday, 26th May, at 7.30 p.m. However, as it is a bank holiday, many of our
local ringers are away. Visitors are still, of course, most welcome to join
us but it is unlikely that we will have enough to ring on 12-bells.

There is an “Ale and Cider Evening” in the Dolphin this Friday and so, if
this does not appeal, visitors may prefer the King’s Head for the aprés

Best wishes, Tony Smith

Winchester District Practice at Cheriton Thurs May 25th 6.30pm

The Practice at Cheriton, on Thursday, is at the early time of 6.30 to 7.45 (because there is so much else going on in Cheriton, including Thursday nights at the church!). However, that does give you plenty of time to go on to the Flower Pots afterwards.
Best wishes
District Secretary

8 bell practice at St. John’s Bournemouth Tues 9th May – Grandsire and Oxford Bob

Tuesday 9th is 8-bell practice at St. John’s.  As well as the usual called changes & plain hunt we will be ringing Grandsire Triples and Oxford Bob Triples.

All ringers welcome.

Penelope Samuel

SDGR News: Kingston 10 bell Practice 5th May postponed to 12th May

Hi All,
Just to make you aware that the Kingston Practice this Friday (5th)has been POSTPONED to next Friday (12th). This is due to major roadworks closing the main road through Corfe Castle causing major diversions through Swanage and Studland, making it difficult for people to get back home after practice. Hope to see you there NEXT Friday, which will be an open practice 🙂

Eleanor Wallace

Bournemouth Sacred Heart “Method Monday” Confirmed May 1st

headlThe Sacred Heart band  are practising on Monday 1st as it will be a “Method Monday” Double Court Minor and touches if possible. If the right people turn up we could have Cambridge and touches of Kent. Also welcome people that would like to try calling touches and don’t normally get the chance.

Kim Matthews