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September District Practice, Meeting and Hinton Trophy Striking Competition 07.09.2019 Fawley.

Dear all,

Here are the details of the next meeting. Apologies for the delay as we were trying to organise skittles for after the meeting, however that has proven too hard this year, watch this space for next year.

Everyone welcome to come along even if you are not taking part in the striking contest. If there are any teams for the striking contest, please let Colin Butler know.

A general poster for the Outing at the end of the month will be sent out after this e-mail. Please encourage all your members to come along. Full details will be released at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you next week.


Contact Sallie Ingram

Contact Colin Butler

PDFs below of Meeting and Hinton Trophy information:

September Practice and Hinton Trophy

September 2019 Agenda

ADM 2019 Minutes


Method Monday at Sacred Heart 7th January 6:00pm until 7:30pm

Happy New Year to Method Monday ringers!

January’s practice will see us launch into 2019 with Plain Bob Minor (with emphasis on Singles), and Stedman Doubles.

Please come along prepared to call and/or ring a touch.

Drinks afterwards.

Next month’s practice will be on 4th February at 6:00pm until 7:30pm.

Contact Kim Matthews

Winchester District Practice – Tuesday 20th February at Crawley – 7.30-9.00pm

Dear All,

Sorry about this – with all the excitement, etc. of the Annual District Meeting and our own tower AGM on Wednesday, this upcoming date escaped my attention – District Practice, next Tuesday, 20th February, at Crawley.

Crawley has five bells, so even if only a handful can turn up it will make a huge difference to what people can do.

I’ve attached posters, as is my wont, for your tower notice boards or for forwarding to band members.

Best wishes and apologies once again,

District Secretary

Link to Poster

Portsmouth District Minor practice, Saturday 10th March

The next District Minor practice will be on Saturday 10th March at Wickham. Please note the start time of 6PM. We will go for a curry afterwards (please contact Lisa Ashforth to book your meal)

Some of the previous months’ methods may be rung (Cambridge, London, Norwich and Sandiacre) but for the next few months the focus will be on the “Cambridge 12” of the regular 41 surprise minor methods. The new methods for March will be York and Durham.

For ringing-related queries please Contact David Mattingley 

Hurstborne Priors 8-bell Practice Thurs 25th Jan

Dear all,
It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 25th January 2018, time for our monthly 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.
This month’s methods will include Middlesex Bob Triples ( and Superlative Surprise Major, and requests from the usual selection of Grandsire Triples, Stedman Triples, Double Norwich, Cambridge Surprise Major, Yorkshire Surprise Major, depending on demand and the abilities of those present.
Hope to see you there.
Helen and Roger Thomas

Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles -Wednesday 7 February

As you probably know, the group managed a touch of All Saints at the last practice, but if you were not in that team or at the practice and would like to reach that goal, there will be another opportunity at the next practice at Sopley.

To consolidate the methods rung to date we will be aiming to ring touches of Reverse Canterbury, Stedman and Bob Minor. Look out for some fun with “Mixed Doubles” and variations of methods by swapping bobs and singles eg Reverse Canterbury with Grandsire singles is Clifford’s Pleasure, or with Plain Bob Bobs is Southrepps.

Looking a bit further ahead, future methods will include the St Simon’s/Winchendon Place group of methods, leading up to the minor versions (St Clements etc) and looking at more different bobs and singles to incorporate into methods.

Don’t forget that we can always try anything requested by members of the group (if it is within our capability).

I hope to see you there,

Tim Kettle

Guild Surprise Royal Practice Sunday 28th Jan 2pm

Hi all,
To confirm the next surprise Royal practice is taking place as below;
Sunday 28th January
North Stoneham
Special method is Superlative No2.
We will also ring the standard CYN.
We are right on the borderline of having enough people to make it a viable practice so please do come and support it if you can! The practice will go ahead and hopefully lots of people will be able to make it.

District 6-bell practice, Wickham, Saturday 10th February

The second Portsmouth District 6-bell practice was a success with sixteen ringers turning up. Methods rung included Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich and London Surprise as well as St Clements and its close relative Buxton Bob.

The practice was followed by an enjoyable curry at Kuti’s restaurant in Wickham.

The next practice has been arranged for Saturday 10th February, start time 6PM and will again be followed by a curry.

Methods for February are as follows:-

Surprise – Cambridge, Norwich, London and Sandiacre

Plain – St Clements, Double Oxford, Childwall and Thelwall

If you are interested in coming along either as a learner or an experienced ringer willing to help, please contact Lisa Ashforth

Winchester District Practice – Friday 12th January – Kings Worthy – 7.30-9.00pm

Dear All,

Please find attached a poster for our next District Practice, which is a week tonight at Kings Worthy. Please put the word round to ensure we have a good turnout of people to assist at this practice. Kings Worthy’s is an interesting little ring, if you have not visited it before, and it is some time since we as a District enjoyed the band’s hospitality (at the carol service, two years ago, in fact).

Hope to see as many as possible there next Friday

Best wishes meanwhile


District Secretary

Link to download poster here

District 6-bell practice, Wickham, 13th January

The next Portsmouth District Minor practice will be on Saturday January 13th at St Nicholas Wickham, from 6PM-7.30PM.

Last month we successfully rang the special methods Double Oxford, Double Dunkirk, Cambridge and Primrose Surprise.

January’s special methods will be Cambridge and Ipswich Surprise, and St Clement’s. Other methods may be attempted depending on attendance. We will go for a curry in Wickham afterwards.

If you are looking to explore or improve your Minor ringing, or if you are an experienced ringer willing to help, please come along.


Winchester District – Beyond Bob Doubles – Wed 29th Nov at East Tytherley from 19:30

Dear All,

Beyond Bob Doubles will be at East Tytherley from 19:30 on the 29th of November, all are welcome from the District and beyond.  Anything from Grandsire Doubles upwards, but with a focus on Stedman Triples since that was the method on the Guild Training day a few weeks ago.


Surprise Royal Practice – Sunday 26th November at Bitterne Park – 14:00 -15:30

Hi all,

I am now finally able to confirm the location of the next Surprise Royal Practice.

Sunday 26th November 14:00 – 15:30 BITTERNE PARK, Southampton.

Methods as usual to include C/Y/N plus Bristol Royal. If enough we will try some 3 spliced.

I have tried a few other towers this time away from Southampton but they were all unavailable.

Look forward to seeing lots of you on a Sunday!


Daniel Graham


The Isle of Wight District are holding a Plain Hunt Practice this coming Saturday, 18th November.

This will be held at Godshill from 6.30 – 8.00 and will include plain hunting on 5 and 6 bells; trebling to various methods; practice for tenor ringing to Doubles methods.

This is being organised for those who are starting plain hunting and those who need more experience to progress forward.

Please come along and join us as Godshill are easy to ring with a good circle.

Winchester District Practice – Monday 20th Nov – 7.30pm – Houghton

Dear All,

It’s That Time of Year! Stuff happening all around us! The next Winchester District practice will be on Monday 20th November, 7.30 p.m., and it is at Houghton.

Posters attached, please display/distribute to your band members/put the word round.

Hope to see as many as possible of you there, to support the Houghton/Broughton band.

Best wishes till the 20th

District Secretary

Link to Poster – Please print off and display in your tower.

District 6-bell practice, Wickham, 2nd December

There will be a 6-bell intermediate/advanced practice at Wickham on Saturday 2nd December from 6-7.30PM. Anyone who can ring plain bob minor inside and wants to explore some Minor ringing is welcome to come along. We will go for a drink and/or curry in Wickham afterwards. Experienced ringers who are willing to help the learners are especially welcome. December’s methods will be Double Oxford, Double Dunkirk, Cambridge Surprise and Primrose Surprise.

If you wish to attend please contact Lisa Ashforth 


Sopley Minor Methods Practice to become “Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles”

After considering the requests of members of the Bob Minor practice and consulting with others, it’s been realised there is a big gap between the average tower practice and going to a minor methods only practice. This is due (in the Bournemouth area at least) to many new learners at tower practices and the need for lots of rounds and call changes taking up most of the limited time available.

Requests have been made for Stedman doubles especially, and for a chance to call touches of doubles/principles methods. It’s also an opportunity to try methods that would be commonly rung if there was no time constaint – eg the St Simons/ Winchendon Place group of methods/variations, variations of Bob Doubles and Grandsire, etc etc etc………..

It is not envisaged that we would ring Plain Bob/Grandsire Doubles except for a “go” at calling touches – teaching the basic methods would defeat the object of the practice. Of course, minor methods will still be on the “curriculum” from Bob Minor onwards to Treble Bob and Surprise (if we have the ability).

At the same time the practice will revert to the 1st Wednesday of the month, the first practice being on the 1st November.

The Ringing Master will be Tim Kettle, and he would welcome any assistance in running the practices.

If you have any requests or would like to know more or would like to help run the practices, please contact Tim Kettle

Surprise Royal Practice Southampton St Michael’s Sun 22nd Oct 2pm

Hi all,

To confirm the October surprise royal practice will be going ahead;

Sunday 22nd October = 14:00 – 15:30
PLEASE arrive for a 14:00 start, the last few practices we haven’t had 10 until close to half past
Methods: Bristol and C/Y/N spliced and single as required.

I look forward to seeing lots of you then!!




Consulting on future plans for the Sopley Minor Methods Practice

Thanks to those who replied to my earlier message re this practice.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough ringers for a viable practice and regrettably it is now cancelled.

I would like your views as to whether we should increase the scope of the practice.  Requests have been made to call touches of doubles methods and ring more advanced doubles like Stedman.  If there is a need for this we could consider accommodating these wishes and becoming a “Beyond Bob Doubles” practice.

I look forward to hearing your views,

Best wishes

Tim Kettle

Winchester District Practice – Barton Stacey – Wednesday 4th October 7.30-9.00pm

Dear All,

Please find attached the poster for the next District Practice, at Barton Stacey, a fortnight tonight (4th October). The Barton bells sound well and go easy, allowing for concentration on striking and on whatever methods you ring.

Best wishes


District Secretary

Helpers Needed for Stedman Doubles Practice – Nov 11th, 10.30, at Herriard

Dear All,
By popular demand, I’m organising another Stedman Doubles practice.
The practice is to be held on Saturday 11th November 2017 10:30-13:00 at Herriard.
For this event to be successful we need  volunteers to help the students.
Please help if you can.  Your presence will be much appreciated for a successful practice.

Winchester District Practice – Tuesday 12th September at Crawley

Dear All,

VERY sorry about the late notice for our next District Practice this coming Tuesday – thanks to Elizabeth Johnson for her gentle reminder to me this afternoon!

Even if we can only get an extra half-dozen to come along to the Crawley practice on Tuesday, that will make a tremendous difference to what can be achieved, so if you CAN make it your presence will be much appreciated.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday

District Secretary

Link to Poster