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Invitation for all ringers to attend a service at Portsmouth Cathedral or Winchester Cathedral and Presentation of the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Record of Ringing in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918

Invitation for all ringers to attend a service at Portsmouth Cathedral or Winchester Cathedral and Presentation of the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild Record of Ringing in remembrance of those who gave their lives in the Great War 1914-1918

Firstly, thank you all for the ringing which took place during November 2018 to commemorate 100 years since the Great War.  It was a marvellous response!   Since this time the WW1 project team has been beavering away recording this ringing and any other celebratory ringing which took place from 1914 to remember those fallen who died during the Great War.  The book has now been completed and is with the printers – 480 sides of A4 – over 1,400 records.  A remarkable achievement!  Please be reminded though that we are still recording any further performances from 1st December 2018 in a Digital Archive which we are updating until the end of the year, so please continue to record any appropriate ringing in Bellboard so we can pick this up.  A link to the Digital Archive will be available in due course via both Cathedral websites as well as our own Guild website.  More details of this to follow.

Two copies of the book will be presented; one to Portsmouth Cathedral and one to Winchester Cathedral at evensong services as follows:

Portsmouth Cathedral – 12th May at 6pm

Winchester Cathedral – 19th May at 3.30pm

We have just finished sending out invitations to all of the 180+ churches where ringing took place and the responses have started to come in.  Whilst this has been happening we have been in discussion about what else we can provide for you, the ringers.  We have not completely tied everything down but would like to give you an update of where we are and send out a formal invite.

12th May – Opportunity to ring at other churches prior to the event including Portsmouth Cathedral itself. 

19th May – Mini ring will be provided in front of Winchester Cathedral.  See link  Opportunity to ring at the Cathedral before the service.  

So are you interested in attending?  We really hope that you are and “Ringing Remembers” ringers please wear your badges proudly!

So what do you need to do?

1) If you are able to attend can you please email me at letting me know your name(s), tower and which service(s) you would like to attend.  Partners and families are also more than welcome.

Please include whether you would like to ring or not and if so at Portsmouth area or Winchester.

2) Are you able to help at all?  We are looking for helpers to:

  • Make Cakes
  • Assist with serving cakes, teas and coffee after the services, to ringers and invited dignitories
  • Be around before and after the services to chat with the invited clergy and other guests

If you can help then please let me know at

Full details of churches where you can ring and timings will follow as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Heather Frazer

Hon. Gen. Sec. W & P Guild of Church Bellringers

01256 465554

***URGENT*** – WW1 Centenary Commemoration performances up to and including those rung on 30th November 2018

WW1 Centenary Commemoration performances up to and including those rung on 30th November 2018

1259 individual performances harvested to date!


– submit your performance details, including footnotes, to us urgently. This will give our team the best possible assistance in ensuring their inclusion in the printed volumes

– consider what was rung on Armistice 2018, including any references to Ringing Remembers ringers, those new and returning.

–  send the details direct to and

– remember to add them to the event on BellBoard, if appropriate, In which case, please include “Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild”.

We’d love to see every tower in our Guild recognised in the printed archives especially.

Performances post-30th November 2018 will be included in the digital archives.

Please be encouraged to ring more!

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs
WW1 Centenary Commemoration Team

“We remembered” – a message from the President of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

Last Sunday – Remembrance Sunday – we were called to “look to” and take part in a most momentous commemoration.  Being so intimately linked in to our local communities, it was no surprise that bellringers everywhere stepped forward to participate, collectively and individually, in such a solemn centenary.

And it is entirely right and fitting that bells gave voice to the deep and lasting emotions felt so widely at this time.  So many today owe so much to our forebears for the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy one hundred years on.  As bellringers, we are the “external choir” that calls out across time and space, giving tribute on this day for those who have gone before.  This is what we do, this is our calling, this is our service.

On behalf of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, I wish to thank all who participated in this historic event.  The Ringing Remembers campaign, promoted by the Central Council, has claimed some inspiring headlines – towers silent for many years have rung out once more; hundreds of bands have been augmented with new learners; tens of thousands of ringers mobilised to ring in thousands of towers – not just in the UK, but across the world; ringing featured strongly in local, national and international media; and the BellBoard website went into meltdown!

Our campaign sought to recruit 1400 new ringers, to symbolically replace those ringers who fell in the First World War.  At the most recent count, new ringer registrations for the recruitment campaign totalled 2792 – close to 200% of the original target.  The Council’s newly-stated mission is, among other things, “to promote an environment in which ringing can flourish”.  Last Sunday we witnessed what “flourish” looks like – more of that please.

Whilst it is impossible to thank all key individuals by name, I would like to pay a special tribute to Vicki Chapman – Ringing Remembers Project Coordinator, Colin Chapman – Coordinator’s “roadie”, Alan Regin – Steward of the CCCBR Rolls of Honour, Andrew Hall – developer and administrator of the Ringing Remembers web platform, and Bruce & Eileen Butler – who linked thousands of enquirers to guilds, districts and towers.  And there are so many others…

My thanks go also to all those who have come to ringing through this route – may you continue to develop in skill, and gain many happy years of fulfilment in your ringing.  And to that widespread army of ringing teachers who have risen to the challenge of training so many enthusiastic learners – well done!

Last Sunday was a day of reflection, a day of commemoration, a day of participation.  Bellringers everywhere were able to say – “I was there – I remembered”.

Christopher O’Mahony

Ringing for Peace: Document/Poster

Please see the document/poster via the link below.  As part of the ringing initiative, Ringing for Peace, please print copies of these out, to display/make accessible to congregation members.

All you need to do is change the email address so it is relevant to your tower.

If anyone needs assistance doing this, please let me know.

Contact Peter Murdock-Saint


Ringing for Peace Battles Over Self Fill

Report from the Ringing Remembers Event at Longstock on Sunday 19th August 2018

Please take the time to read the report by the Big Ideas team following the terrific event hosted by the band of St. Mary’s Church, Longstock on Sunday 19th August.

From my perspective as it was an exciting couple of hours watching Bryony Leyland and the camera operator interview and film for South Today. All those placed in front of the camera did a brilliant job telling their stories and it was a real pleasure hearing them. Sadly so much of it wasn’t aired, and what was broadcast that Sunday night is now no longer available to view. Unfortunately, due to licencing restrictions on the famous old photograph of the Longstock Ringers and Reverend Routh, the BBC could only make the clip available for 24hours.

Particular thanks go to Mary Saunders, Longstock Captain and ringer for over seven decades, the Routh family, the band who worked to make all feel welcome with tea, cake and pizza, and of course BBC South and Hampshire Chronicle and Daily Echo. delivers community and education projects and is promoting Ringing Remembers at many levels. It was great to meet some of the team who travelled down from London for the event.

Please do read their report for the full story which can be found here

Gary Marsh, Wonston Tower and Guild Comms Team Member


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Ringing Remembers Events – Message from W&P Guild PRO Viv Nobbs

Please let me know if you have arranged any Ringing Remembers events, along with brief details of the event; ideally email me by Tuesday, 28th August, please. We’re preparing a “Ringing Remembers Events in The W. and P.” item, most likely for the Ringing World’s consideration.

I’ve had reports from Longstock and the Isle of Wight already.

If you are about to organise an event, please get in touch, especially if you need more promotional material.
Thank you.
Guild Public Relations Officer.


Printed volumes of the WW1 commemoration performances are to be presented at special services at our two cathedrals early next year and digital records will also become available.

Research is still ongoing but performances up until July this year are now available to view hereAt present this is a DRAFT archive only.

This database will form the basis of the final printed volumes for the archives, so you are invited to check details, especially those of your own performances or at your own tower. In order that we might create the best possible record for us all and to reduce the upcoming pressure of final checking before meeting the printer’s deadline,  please notify any errors or omissions in the text to wpbells as soon as possible (comments on formatting not needed at this stage).

As ringing for WW1 in this the centenary year will continue to take place until the end of November, please consider submitting any further performances for inclusion in the database to BellBoard as soon as practicable after the performance.

We are aware of ‘Miscellaneous Performances’ – other than quarter peals or peals – that might not be submitted to BellBoard. We value these performances greatly and we encourage their inclusion in these special archives.  Consequently we invite ringers to notify details to wpbells as soon as possible following the performance.

Isle of Wight Crematorium Open Day – Sat 18th August – 10am-4pm

The Isle of Wight Bell Ringers will be involved in a Isle of Wight Bereavement Services Open Day, includes Ringing Remembers Project and Remembering the five Island Bell Ringers killed in WW1.

The Council Bereavement Services on the Island is aiming to:
– dispel the myths of the cremation process and

– help folk with their bereavement journey.
Proceeds will be donated to the Isle of Wight hospice.

GUILD PRO IW Crem Open Day 18-8-18

Ringing Remembers Event – Longstock – Sunday 19th August – 2.00-4.00pm

Ringing Remembers is a national campaign to recruit new bell ringers in memory of the 1,400 ringers who died in World War One. All new ringers will ring together on Armistice Day this year as part of the national commemorations to mark the centenary since the end of the war.
Longstock is a village in Hampshire. It had a population of 413 in 1911, 212 men and 201 women. St Mary’s Longstock has 5 bells. The oldest, the tenor, was cast in 1593.
75 of the village’s men served in WW1, including bell ringers
The following photo shows “THE WOMEN’S WORK IN SERVICES, 1914-1918.




Girls of Longstock village in Hampshire replacing the male bell ringers who joined the armed forces. They are assisting the local vicar in ringing the bells.”




Female bell ringers in the village church of Longstock in Hampshire.

© IWM (Q 109790)

Ringing was largely closed to women before the war, and their involvement was one of many steps towards the parity we see today.
We have located the descendants of the Vicar in the photo; his great-grandson, great-granddaughter, and two great-great-granddaughters. They are all ringers today.
They will be involved in a ringing event to commemorate this historical moment; for both the ringers at Longstock, and more broadly for women taking part in ringing across the country during WW1. This will take place on Sunday 19 August at St Mary’s church from 14:00 to 16:00.

New Ringing Remembers learners will also take part in this commemoration. 100 years ago,women took up ringing there because of WW1. 100 years later, new ringing recruits who are learning for the WW1 centenary as part of Ringing Remembers will mark this historical moment. We hope to find the descendants of the women in the photo through this event, and to learn more of the story behind the photo.

Jamie Singleton from Big Ideas said, “It was remarkable that, through Ringing Remembers, we were able to find the descendants of the ringers taking part in this historical moment at Longstock. This event will be a special way to remember what happened there and help us to look forward to the Armistice Day commemorations for the WW1 centenary.”
Longstock is a tower in The Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers. The Guild has 200 towers and is always looking to find new ringers to help them sound out all the bells. So far, nearly 60 recruits have come to them through Ringing
Remembers. The Longstock Bell Ringers will be in the church on Saturday 18 August from 2.30pm to welcome anyone who would like to try Bell Ringing.

Ringing Remembers is led by Big Ideas and the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers and supported by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Sussex Ringers Feature on ITV Meridian News

Watch A Clip from ITV News Meridian for filming at St George’s Brede East Sussex! They are covering the campaign to support the Ringing Remembers initiative to commemorate the 1400 bell ringers who bravely lost their lives in WW1 by recruiting 1400 new ringers in time to ring on Armistice Day 2018.

On 11th November 2018, the centenary of the Armistice of WW1, bell ringers across the world will ring out for the fallen and most poignantly for the 1400 bell ringers that were lost. Heather Smith, one of their new ringing recruits is training hard to be able to ring “Call Changes” on Armistice Day. She and the St George’s band will be on the ITV News Meridian programme this evening.

(news originally posted on CCCBR website)


Isle of Wight Celebrates 70 Years of the NHS

What a great, but VERY hot day, it was on Sunday, 1st July… sun cream, hats, and litres of cold water were the order of the day.

An occasional breeze was welcome, the down draught from Air Ambulances less so… the display boards had to be laid flat – no big deal!

Our Guild had been invited to spread the word of Ringing Remembers and our WW1 Centenary Commemoration project at the special fete at our local hospital, St. Mary’s, in Newport.

The fete organisers were highlighting the wonderful occasion set for 7th July when Isle of Wight ringers will ring the bells at all 15 towers in celebration of the NHS 70th birthday and to give thanks to everyone working in the NHS.

Volunteer NHS Ambassadors will be present at the churches distributing Ringing Remembers material and encouraging taster sessions, so new ringers might participate in the Armistice 2018 events.

The day gave Viv Nobbs (current Publicity Officer for the Guild), supported by husband Graham, a wonderful opportunity to engage with the visitors who showed genuine interest in ringing and the ringers’ special WW1 Centenary Commemoration events.

Five ringers on the Island were killed in the dreadful conflict; relevant war records of those men proved to be of interest, as did the special ringing performances for many of the victims of WW1 from parishes across the Island.

Contributions from Gerry and Christine Faulkner of Arreton, tell of what we are doing to commemorate the Great War.

Ringing Remembers, as ever, struck a very positive chord with many – the colourful pamphlets were distributed, some folk saying
“I’ve always wanted to try it!”

Viv was given a live broadcast slot on ” Sunshine Radio” – a positive message went out right across the fete ground and beyond. So we’re now hoping for several new ringers and an even greater awareness of ringing’s presence in our communities.

Thank you Viv and Graham for contributing the pictures and précis of the day’s events.


1914-1918 Girls of Longstock village in Hampshire replacing the male bell ringers who joined the armed forces

A major publication are interested in writing a feature about #RingingRemembers focusing on women learners who have a connection to WW1. This could be to someone who served or whose life was effected by the war. In particular, they have asked for someone who has a connection to one of the first women ringers, such as those from Longstock, or, for example, to a woman who rang to announce the end of the war – here is info about Evelyn Steele, who was part of the first all-women’s band in 1912 and who also rang in Bedford to at the end of the war:…/pioneering-women-bellringers/

Please be in touch if you can help

Photo via Imperial War Museum Archive:

Host a fully funded commemorative installation

Our There But Not There silhouettes have been appearing in high profile locations around the country.

However, we want to ensure that every community is able to host an installation, returning those who died in the First World War to the spaces they left behind.

This is why we have teamed up with the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust to provide micro grants so that any community wishing to host an installation can, without worrying about how to pay for it.

Applications are only open for a short time: 1st June – 30th June

If you wish to apply, you will need to include the following in your application:

  • Where your project will take place, such as a place of worship or community venue
  • What type of event you will run to bring your community together. Please note, this does not have to be extravagant, it can be as simple as a coffee morning
  • How you will include people within your community in your event, including people from the Armed Forces Community. For example, you could invite veterans or work with local bases or cadet groups
  • Why you need financial help to get the silhouettes
  • You will also need to provide the names of two people who are involved in running your organisation and authorised to apply
  • You can find more details in our pre-application guide

Please note, the grant is for the silhouettes only, not the 6 foot aluminium Tommies.

You can also purchase a tabletop Tommy, the profits from which go to six beneficiary charities, to help us to both commemorate those who died in the First World War and to support today’s veterans.


Ringing Remembers

Click image for fundraising report

We are half way through this great Recruitment Drive and our Guild has over 30 new ringers! We’ve had two more at Ryde,
Isle of Wight, as a direct result of a ringing and fund-raising event recently.

Do you want more ringers in your tower?
Have you circulated all of your posters and leaflets yet?  They won’t help us recruit if they’re still in the back of our cars or on ringing room tables!

Do you want some more promotional material ? Please contact your District Secretary for more, plus the A4 poster can be downloaded

Viv Nobbs
Public Relations Officer

A message to all towers with new recruits

Vicki Chapman, Ringing Remembers Project Co-ordinator, writes:

Dear all

Hopefully you will have seen the Ringing Remembers update published in last week’s Ringing World.  However, it would be great if you could spread the word throughout your networks to ensure that all new ringers are registering to be counted towards our target of 1,400 new recruits to join us for ringing on Armistice Day this year.

The Armistice 100 Ringing Remembers website  is now open.  The website also gives you some information and useful links regarding the Ringing Remembers campaign including some resources to help you with any publicity.  Some Association’s will have already had some leaflets and posters however, I will be sending out more in the coming weeks, especially to those areas that have not yet received any.  If you’ve already had some, but would like some more, please get in touch.

To register, click on the Register link which then presents a number of options:

New Ringer – for those who are completely new, have not contacted a local tower and want to be connected with a teacher, we will then match them up with either an ART teacher, or your Association’s nominated contact;

Already Learning – for those that may have gone straight to a local tower and started to learn to ring, in which case please include where;

Returning Ringer – for anyone who has come back to ringing after a period of absence, and therefore unlikely to need to be put in touch with a teacher or Association.

Once they have answered a few simple questions, they will be added to the Armistice 100 database and counted towards our 1,400.

If you were contacted regarding someone wanting to learn to ring in your area, it would be extremely helpful if you could send us an update of how students that have been passed to you are progressing.  Have they been contacted?  Has a teacher been assigned, if so who? Have they started lessons yet? And even if they’ve decided it’s not for them after all.  That way we can really see how many new recruits will be ready to join us for ringing on Armistice Day.

During February the Ringing Remembers Facebook page was launched .  The CCCBR President wrote an introduction/welcome post.  The Big Ideas Twitter account ( )has regular Ringing Remembers updates and the hashtag #RingingRemembers is being shared in posts.  Both are useful if you want to spread the word about any taster sessions or recruitment events you might be hosting.  Do please keep me informed and let me know if you need any help advertising your event.

If you have any peals or quarters planned to mark the anniversary of a WW1 ringers death, please let me know so we can help you mark the occasion and if you need any help with publicity.

Kind regards

Vicki Chapman

Ringing Remembers Project Co-ordinator

Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Representative

Registered Charity Number: 270036

Yet more positive feedback from local towers re: Ringing Remembers Recruitment Campaign!!

We have no less than seven new recruits… most of which have attended just 3 x 1 hour training sessions.
The source also commented that “We didn’t find them, we inherited them from a newspaper ad from the Guild in the echo! It must have been a real eye catching advert!”Several ringers have volunteered their help to teach at the towers’ s Saturday morning practices.

Excellent all round!


Central Council & Big Ideas produce a Ringing Remembers poster to be proud of.

The Ringing Remembers initiative is really delivering in it’s efforts to bring national attention to our wonderful exercise.

The new poster which arrived hot off the press is creating quite a buzz in the bellringing community.  With Facebook frantic and the Twittersphere spinning, people are crying out for copies and trying to get their hands on this ‘striking’ poster.

Happily the wait is over because here is the poster (click image to download pdf) !

To further encourage participation in our Guild’s WW1 Centenary Commemoration Project

Viv writes:

The ringing performances to date have been wonderful and varied –  tenors tolled, touches, quarter peals, peals – on tower bells and handbells, all to honour those ringers and non-ringers who fell during the conflict. Thank you all. Many towers have ensured that their local media has been advised of these special performances and as it is of significant local interest, the communities do appreciate it.

All of our Guild’s towers and ringers can be involved and there is still time to plan something really special.

Please keep looking out for more information as further details will be issued from time to time:

Our second aim then is to inspire towers and new ringers to engage as fully as possible with the recently launched Recruitment initiative

Ringing Remembers:

A new ringer can play a very important part by signing up to become a bell ringer today in memory of the 1,400 ringers who lost their lives in WW1.

It would be very helpful if towers that are wishing to take on new ringers, and are ready to do so, would register their details with the Guild website by emailing

If a ringer would like to be able to teach and needs some guidance and support, please suggest they contact:

Mike (Master) or Pete (Vice-Master) 

If you have any queries, please contact Viv 

Thank you and Happy New Year to all from Mike (Master), Pete (Vice Master), Heather (Hon. Secretary), Ros (Hon Treasurer)

and Viv  (Immediate Past Master and Public Relations Officer).

A message of encouragement from Mr Bruno Peek, Pageantmaster and “Battle’s Over”

“The stirring sound of church and cathedral bells will provide a fitting conclusion to a day of contemplation, commemoration and, ultimately, celebration as the United Kingdom and other nations reflect on events a century ago, on the battlefields of Europe and at home in our factories and farms.

Ringing Out for Peace is part of Battle’s Over, a unique day-long commemoration of the end of the first world war taking place throughout the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, and at scores of locations overseas, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Somaliland, the United States and Germany.

It begins at 6am on November 11th 2018 with lone pipers playing Battle’s O’er, a traditional tune played after a battle, outside every cathedral in the country. At the same time, pipers everywhere will be playing the same tune in their local communities around the world. The tribute is being organised with the assistance of the Glasgow-based College of Piping, local pipe bands around the world, the Air Training Corps and the Army Cadet Force.

At 6.55pm buglers will sound the Last Post at more than 1,000 locations, where at 7pm WW1 Beacons of Light will be lit, signifying the light of peace that emerged from the darkness of war.

Then at 7.05pm church and cathedral bells will be Ringing Out for Peace, organised with the assistance of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers, the representative body for groups who ring bells in the English tradition with rope and wheel. It was founded in 1891 and represents 65 affiliated societies of local ringers from all over the British Isles and in Australia, Canada, the USA, South Africa and Italy.

I hope as many people as possible will join us in the Battle’s Over events to mark the conclusion of the first world war and pay tribute to the loved ones who played their part.”

Viv Nobbs


We’ve received 28 referrals – wonderful! We’ve had to be up and running quickly and encouraging flexibility all round…it’s worked so far.
Our towers and teachers have been magnificent in pulling out all the stops to accommodate the new ringers quickly. Thank you!


The bare bones then – 18 new ringers placed in 10 towers and the majority are underway with, and enjoying, their lessons.  4 are pending final confirmation with towers and 6 are in the early stages of contact as yet.

Good feedback from new ringers regarding the publicity generally. One specific comment from the Romsey area
“It was a good sell – not in the marketing sense”.

Ringing Remembers has provided a significant focus, it seems…..another comment has been “I’ve always wanted to try bell ringing!”


A new ringer after Lesson One – ” We really enjoyed it – we have a great instructor and he made the session fun.  It’s obvious now that it’s more than just pulling on a rope 🙂  but I’m sure we’ll pick it up given time”.

The way we respond to enquiries AND FOLLOW UP is vital…”Thanks for such a speedy response!” Folk who are keen enough to contact us are excited, of course, and want to get on with their Taster Session!


Viv Nobbs and David Mattingley.



Great news – to date we have 16 new ringers in our Guild area! 

The majority have been introduced to their tower already and the five most recent enquiries, received 8th January, will be contacted very soon.

The aim nationwide is to recruit 1,400 new ringers to symbolically replace those ringers who gave their lives 100 years ago.

David Mattingley and Viv Nobbs are liaising with the Ringing Remembers Project for our Guild.”


Ringing Remembers- Project Update

Ringing Remembers – project update
(Christopher O’Mahony writes)
Last month Caroline Stockmann, our Public Relations Officer, wrote regarding broad plans for commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War (RW p 1103). That article coincided with a media notice from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) announcing plans for national bellringing on November 11 2018, along with support for a parallel bellringing recruitment campaign.
The Context
More than 1,400 of our bellringing community laid down their lives for peace in the “war to end all wars”. Our fallen ringers came from all walks of life, as we ringers still do today. For 2018, government wishes to engage with us in an official capacity to symbolically replace those ringers who gave their lives 100 years ago.

Why is this appropriate?

In the words of Alan Regin, Steward of the CCCBR Rolls of Honour:

“If it were me I think I would have been moved that I had been remembered, I often think when visiting a grave in a cemetery in rural France that I might well be the first person to visit that specific grave and that I am there as another bell ringer visiting one that went before me. Personally I think that if there was a possibility of recruiting another person to follow in my footsteps because of what I did or what happened to me then I would be not be upset by that.”

The Challenge
Following the media notice on November 11 2017, and armed with a prototype email address and webform, we have received around 80 “learn to ring” enquiries. Each of these enquiries has been acknowledged, and we are “matching” them to suitable towers / trainers. However, 80 recruits doesn’t get us very close to our target, and so we are mobilising resources on a number of fronts.

The Big Ideas team, which specialises in community participation projects, is our campaign partner for the “Ringing Remembers” project. Their design team is working up a brand and image suite, of which this “sneak peak” draft poster is an example. This suite will be used in further public relations efforts, and will also be available for use by individual towers and guilds to assist local recruitment.

Current plans for further publicity include a “New Year: New Hobby” message, and publicity to align with the centenary of the Spring Offensive of 1918.

It’s clear that a project of this scale requires appropriate resourcing, and it’s our desire to support local, national and international recruiting efforts as much as we can, thus:
  • The campaign directs enquiries to a single point of contact. This is already in place (details below);
  • We have a central database already set up. This helps us track all enquiries, helps us to align learners with appropriate towers / teachers, and provides a data “dashboard” for the project;
  • By end of January we intend to launch a “recruitment platform”, which will bring together the central database with a simple website using the branding suite;
  • By the end of January: Leaflets and posters available to support local recruitment – designed for church porches, village notice boards, school and community leafletting and the like;
  • By the end of January: Editorial and graphics available to assist in generating content for local media;
  • For Armistice 2018: Certificates and badges will be available for all “Ringing Remembers” learners.

CCCBR and ART are on hand to support “on boarding” of Ringing Remembers recruits. This will include support for regional events (eg ringing schools), and support for the development of more ringing teachers.

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of ringers to work on “Ringing Remembers”. Vicki Chapman has accepted the role as Project Coordinator. Vicki is a CCCBR rep for the Essex Association, and currently serves on the Public Relations Committee. Vicki is ably supported by leading lights in PR, Education, ICT and ART – all with skills and experience appropriate to the project.

Next steps
What YOU can do:

Sign up your learners! – Every learner throughout this campaign year is entitled to join “Ringing Remembers” – Ask them to enter their details here:

Advertise this call as widely as possible! – church porches, village notice boards, schools, scouts, guides, D of E, U3A , parish magazines, local media / press, etc. Remembers- Project Update (pdf version)

In conclusion
This project gives us the opportunity to raise the profile of ringing and develop a relationship with government and community networks to provide new bell ringers. Ringing Remembers is a poignant and significant programme which appropriately acknowledges the sacrifices made by so many, aspiring to a living legacy for ringing. We commend it to you.

Christopher O’Mahony