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C&S Quarter Peal Club Invitation for members.

Dear Quarter Peal Ringers,

Some time ago in a news letter and at the ADM at the Priory, there was mention of the revived Christchurch & Southampton Quarter Peal Club, led by Julie Hodkin and Polly Osborne.

The Quarter Peal Club, based at Minstead and Brockenhurst runs once a month on a Friday at 6:00pm, as this seems best for members in general.

If you would like to become a member of the group, please drop me an email, so we can add you to the email list for future quarter peals.

We are still short of ringers and are seeking new members.

All best wishes,


Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

C&S Quarter Peal Club Invitation for members.

Dear Quarter Peal Ringers,

Some time ago in a news letter, there was mention of reviving the Christchurch & Southampton Quarter Peal Club in 2019, led by Polly Osborne.  We are still putting feelers out for local (to New Forest area who can accommodate on Fridays), and lighter ring 8 bell towers, whilst Brockenhurst undergoes repairs from the roof collapse.  The Quarter Peal Club will still run on a Friday, as this seemed best for members in general.

In the interim, if you would like to become a member of the group, please drop me an email, so we can add you to the email list for future developments.

All best wishes,

Peter(Acting District Webmaster)

Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

Review of the CS District Quarter Peal Club in 2016 – Tim Martin Reports

The C&S quarter peal club was started in Sept 2015 and after just over a year of activity now seems a good time to review its success. The initiative was the brainchild of Rosalind Martin from Christchurch Priory who wondered whether there were members in the District who were not able to access quarter peal ringing either due to lack of opportunities in their own towers or lack of personal experience and the need to ring with a more experienced band or conductor. Most such activity is either tower band based or invitation only. The concept was to seek to attempt one quarter a month and to allow the method selection to be based on the preferences expressed by the prospective ringers.

The bold step was taken to make the event open invitation in that any members could ask to be included and we would then see how that could be achieved with the available ringers.

The club was also given a flying start with the offer that we could ring every month at Brockenhurst which have the benefit of being a light and easy going 8 but where the back 6 are also very ringable for a doubles or minor quarter.

So in terms of statistics 9 quarters have been scored and almost every one has included some sort of first. 16 different ringers have rung in at least one quarter and although there has been solid support from some ringers no one has rung in all the attempts and there has been a good spread of towers represented ( Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Sacred Heart, Ringwood, Fawley, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Eling, Southampton, plus Hampreston from East Dorset District of the SDGR)

Methods scored include:

  • PB Doubles
  • Grandsire Doubles
  • PB Minor x2
  • Kent TB Minor
  • Grandsire Triples
  • Cambridge S Major
  • Yorkshire S Major
  • Lincolnshire S MajorAttempts at London Major and Superlative were not successful.

    In terms of achievements we have had:

  • 1st on a working bell
  • 1st inside
  • 1st Minor
  • 1st Minor as conductor
  • 1st TB Minor (x3)
  • 1st Triples as conductor
  • 1st in method (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire SM)So in conclusion it seems that the initiative has been a worthwhile exercise in both giving people opportunities and increasing people’s skill level. One young ringer who scored their first inside has now gone on to conduct their first quarter elsewhere and everyone has had an opportunity to try something new and challenging.

Special thanks must go to Julie Hodkin for making the bells available to us and to Jimmy Hodkin for either ably conducting the more complex methods or being a reassuring presence for the more novice conductors.

Tim Martin

If you would like to join the club please contact Rosalind Martin

CS District Quarter Peal Club welcomes new members

We are busy organising our December Quarter Peal. If you are tempted by the plans please get in touch (contact details below). If this quarter isn’t your cup of tea but you would like to join the mailing list for future events also please do get in touch.

The Club exists to give people experience they might not be able to get in their home tower. We usually alternate Surprise and Plain methods. We always ring at 6pm on a Friday at Brockenhurst.

December Quarter Peal Attempt 6pm Friday Dec 9th at Brockenhurst

Dear All,

There are 5 ropes going for this quarter – so far it’s Jack, me and Polly who have definitely confirmed!

The method is St Nicholas Bob Triples so there’s tenor and treble to allocate as well as inside ringers and we also need to confirm a conductor – I can think of 2 likely suspects for that…

So, please can you let me know: – do you want a rope? and/or – do you want to conduct? and/or – do you want to stay for a pub meal (I need to book a table)

Kind Regards Rosalind Martin

CS District Quarter Peal Club Scores Lincolnshire

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Friday, 16 September 2016 in 0h 42m (4–1–12 in B)
1344 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
Composed by Traditional
1 Rosalind A Martin
2 Angie M E Jasper
3 Pip Dillistone
4 Julie Hodkin
5 Polly Osborne
6 Tim M Martin
7 Jack R Pease
8 James A Hodkin (C)
Rung by a C&S District Quarter Peal Band.
With thanks to Angie for standing in at very short notice.
The band gives Stuart & Jennie Pease, parents of 7, their best wishes on the day of their 21st wedding anniversary.


*NOW SOLVED* Rope Available in Quarter Peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Major – Brockenhurst 16th Sept 6pm

The Quarter Peal Club in Christchurch and Southampton District has hit an unexpected problem this week – one of the ringers lined up for a Quarter Peal Attempt of Lincolnshire Surprise Major has been injured and cannot ring. If anyone can help us by ringing an inside bell, we would be very grateful. Jimmy Hodkin is conducting.
Brockenhurst, 6pm, Friday 23rd September ie tomorrow! (St Nicholas’ church is a short walk from Brock station, on the main line from Southampton to Bournemouth.)

Congratulations Aila Peacock (Christchurch Priory) – 1st on 8 inside

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Bournemouth, Dorset
St John the Evangelist
Sunday, 21 August 2016 in 0h 48m (16–1–18)
1344 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Jack R Pease (no. 212)
1 Connor J F Hodkin
2 Aila M Peacock
3 Marisa P G Bartlett
4 James A Hodkin
5 Colin S Cherrett
6 Philip R Clark
7 Jack R Pease (C)
8 Mike Pitman
First on 8 inside: 2
First on 8 away from cover on tower bells: 1
Rung to celebrate the Bournemouth Air Show and to commemorate 1 year since the Shoreham Air Show Crash which killed 16 and injured 11.

CS District Quarter Peal Club

The club aims to give members of the District opportunities that they might not otherwise get, to ring Quarter Peals. We generally ring at 6pm on a Friday at Brockenhurst. We ring about once a month, some members ring every time, others just occasionally.

New members are welcome.

Congratulations Dan Scott (Bournemouth) First Quarter of Yorkshire Major

The Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met in  June to ring Yorkshire Surprise Major. Daniel has mastered Yorkshire Major at the monthly District Surprise Practice, and it is great to see the District giving members opportunities to learn methods above and beyond what they can ring at home (Daniel’s home tower, Sacred Heart, only has six bells).

  • The Quarter Peal club meets most months and is alternating between plain and surprise methods. New members are welcome.
  • The Ringwood Surprise Practice takes place on the First Wednesday of each month.
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Friday, 24 June 2016 in 39 (4–1–12)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Rosalind Martin
Daniel R C Scott
Tim Martin
Julie A Hodkin
Polly Osborne
Alan Bentley
Jack R Pease
James A Hodkin (C)
First in method-2

Luke Brooke scores first of Minor with CS District Quarter Peal Club

6 members of Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met yesterday to ring Plain Bob Minor. The performance was well struck and we scored at the first attempt.

This achievement means that Luke Brooke (who learned to ring at Christchurch Priory) has satisfied the requirements for Level 4 for of the “Learning The Ropes” sceme.

Tim Martin continues to build his portfolio of Quarter Peals as conductor, this time using a composition from Tim Rose’s website. to score his first of minor as Conductor.

The next date for the club is Friday June 24th  when we will attempt Yorkshire Major. Any member of C&S District is welcome to join the mailing lisr for the group, and be invited to future events.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 13 May 2016 in 40m
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin
3 Alan Bentley
4 Jack R Pease
5 Luke Brooke
6 Tim Martin (C)
1st Minor 5.
1st Minor as Conductor

C&S District Quarter Peal Club Scores Cambridge Major

Members of the Quarter Peal Club met once more on Friday and were very pleased to score Cambridge Major, which was requested by Julie Hodkin (Brockenhurst) as the “first in method in ages”. Many congratulations to her!

Any member of the C&S District who wishes to ring in Friday Night Quarters at Brockenhurst is welcome to join the club – there is no pressure to ring but the attempts are roughly monthly and some of us do ring every time.

The aim of the club is to provide opportunities for Quarters that people might otherwise not be able to do – if you hanker after more Quarters, or want to support aspiring ringers, do get in contact.

Currently we are planning to alternate between Surprise and Plain Methods, so June’s attempt will be a plain method. Details and date TBC.


Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 15 April 2016 in 45
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by JAH
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin (C)
3 Sarah Newman
4 Julie A Hodkin
5 Polly Osborne
6 Alan Bentley
7 Tim Martin
8 Jack R Pease

CS District Quarter Peal Club going from Strength to Strength

The Quarter Peal Club was set up to offer members of Christchurch and Southampton District opportunities to ring quarter peals that they might not normally get.

We have met twice now at Brockenhurst and rung two very satisfying Quarters. Both times, one of our young ringers got the opportunity to ring. Luke Brooke is to be congratulated for scoring his first Quarter Inside (Grandsire Doubles) this evening, at the first attempt. Luke is a member of the Christchurch Priory band.

The next time we meet it will be to attempt London Minor. This was at the request of Sarah, who has rung it on occasion but would like to consolidate her skills by trying it again. Polly too is very keen to score this. There may be a flurry of London Minor at various towers over the next few weeks to give them some extra practice! If you ring London Minor fairly regularly at your practice nights please say so in the box below to help their preparations!!!

We normally meet on a Friday at 6pm to fit around both the District’s busy practice night patterns, and our conductor’s commitments to quarters at the Clock House starting at 7pm. However we can also ring on Thursdays at 7.30 on occasion – this may enable more working people to participate.

Future plans pencilled in at present are:

  • Grandsire Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • More doubles (Grandsire/Plain Bob/by request!)

facebook logo smallIf you are not currently on our email list/FB list, please contact Rosalind Martin and ask to be added in – the group is very much intended to be inclusive and provide opportunities at all levels.