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C&S Quarter Peal Club Invitation for members.

Dear Quarter Peal Ringers,

Some time ago in a news letter and at the ADM at the Priory, there was mention of the revived Christchurch & Southampton Quarter Peal Club, led by Julie Hodkin and Polly Osborne.

The Quarter Peal Club, based at Minstead and Brockenhurst runs once a month on a Friday at 6:00pm, as this seems best for members in general.

If you would like to become a member of the group, please drop me an email, so we can add you to the email list for future quarter peals.

We are still short of ringers and are seeking new members.

All best wishes,


Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

Living on the end of a rope and sally! A weekend of courses and quarter peals!

It has been a while since a ‘report’ as such has featured on our district page.  I’ve been so acutely busy ringing recently, I just had to get down in words what has been going on in district ringing since 2019 new year!

As many of you will be aware, I have been bitten by both the lesser-spotted quarter peal bug, and the greater striped ringing fever.  It is wonderful to be given so many opportunities to gain valuable rope-time and partake in something as close to sporty as I shall ever get.  (Apparently gossiping is not an Olympic event).

January saw the re-installment of the district Quarter Peal Club hosted by our Vice-Chairman, Polly Osborne at Minstead. It was a valuable opportunity to treble at length to a minor method (St. Clement’s).  Here I happened upon a friendly and familiar face to me now, Jack Pease, who has often conducted in the past, but tonight was having a rest and Jimmy Hodkin took the reigns.

Jack was most kind, complimentary, and remarked that trebling to minor seemed “a bit too much within my comfort zone”, and insisted that I ring treble to a quarter-peal of triples in the near future with him, and also attend the minor course Jack was running at Bere Regis.

I felt much happier leaving Minstead tower, than I did arriving, partly because I managed to arrive at Minstead village in the pitch black forest in heaps of time, but then got dreadfully lost within the village for half an hour, and ended up in a strange place called Emery Down, and was then horridly late.  Not the greatest first impression really of myself, appearing to new people, gasping from running at the top of a ladder poking my head through a trap door.

Jack’s Bob Minor Course on the Friday morning was a bright and early start for me, even the New Forest ponies were still sleeping instead of trying to get into my rubbish bins.  We headed to Bere Regis, to a delightful ring of six that went very majestically.  Was a good learning curve to ring at a more relaxed and steadier pace.  I started the course mainly trebling where I felt secure, but as the morning progressed, and as I got to know the band a bit more, I ventured round the circle ringing plain courses on the 3 and 4, and eventually a touch.  I did try the 5 but alas it was a step to far turning in a much heavier bell to method work.

I came away from Bere Regis course refuelled with plenty of kindling to take back with me to my home tower, and many useful tips and tricks, handed down from our brave leader (Jack) and the other helpers.  It was a really relaxed atmosphere too which lended itself to a great learning experience.

Saturday lunchtime saw yet another quarter peal at Sacred Heart, Bournemouth in celebration of Kim Matthew’s retirement from her position as Librarian of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.  I shall fast forward to the shock I was in after the quarter peal had finished, when I truly discovered what ‘splicing methods’ actually meant!  I can only compare it to when school used to make me attempt the hurdles…you just have to keep going, even if you knock them all down!  I understood splicing methods to be a few methods rung one after the other after several touches/courses of each method, NOT methods running concurrently, and switching to and fro like an over-excited American pin-ball machine!  Ross made an amazing job of calling this complex quarter, which I can only imagine akin to being like reciting the Bible from memory…..backwards.  I was most fortunate to have Angie Jasper by my side on the 4 sorting my stumbles out very swiftly and efficiently.

From Sacred Heart, I had to hot foot it to Christchurch Priory, for our annual district meeting.  Here I had been roped in (excuse the pun), to playing the little box organ for the Evensong service in the Lady Chapel.  It was a very special atmosphere, especially as the incredible acoustics in there took the little organ and accompanied singing into the rafters.  I wish they would stop putting carpets down in churches.  Kills acoustics!  I faced two problems here. One that the organ had been placed next to the ringers tea table that had enough cake and sandwiches to fulfil even Paddington Bear, and had all been thoroughly wrapped in foil so having a sneaky sausage roll from the kitchen of Rob Skerton, mid service, was impossible.  The second problem was the lady that pulled on my arm during the exit voluntary, to stop me playing, which I dutifully did as I expected there to be an emergency…no such luck…it was an announcement about the toilet, and that vegetarian sandwiches were located on a separate table.  At least that meant this year the egg and marmite sandwiches were nowhere near the salmon paste!  I was also so pleased to matriculate from Acting Webmaster to Webmaster.  I was really very touched when so many raised their hands when asked for nominations.  I’m very much looking forward to arranging the district outing, and the skittles evening post striking competition at Fawley.

The next day was the forboding quarter peal of Grandsire Triples, and was confirmed by the band around me the evening before.  Off I headed to St. Michael’s Southampton in my Mystery Machine (ongoing joke, as you never know where you’ll end up….especially when I leave the handbrake off and head up tower).  St. Michael’s really is a fascinating place indeed.  Jack shoo’d me up the wooden spiral that winds its way through the innards of the organ (definitely needed going over with my DustBuster TM- poor pipes), and I entered the poshest, loftiest and most spacious ringing chamber I have ever been in.  I later found out that the church is the only medieval structure left within the city walls of Southampton, and that the Luftwaffe used it as a mapping point to their targets, so it never got bombed!

The band were all incredibly friendly and supportive.  St. Michael’s has a gorgeous ring of 10, with a lovely bright Gillet (bell founders) sound.  As a musician, sound is a vital factor to me, and it was a great help to hear each clear bell as I coursed up and down.  We only used the 8 bells for triples, would have loved to hear all 10 going.  The void across the ringing chamber floor between myself and the tenor was such that I thought I was going to have to send up smoke signals to communicate!  Again, it was another tower I left from with a spring in my step, chased back to the Mystery Machine by winter’s icy blast from the docks! Mother told me to put a hat on….why are they always right?

Finally, on Tuesday, I hared across the county to Cerne Abbas for the Hampreston Monthly Quarter Peal Day.  This month’s was arranged superbly by Angie Jasper.  It’s an incredible set up.  I’m unsure what the collective noun for bellringers is, but we all gather in an area with our rosters, and head off to various towers, interchanging bands, some ringing first attempts, crazy methods (Percy’s Tea Strainer Triples, Mental Block Minor etc), practice conducting, trebling, tenoring, ringing inside the method, and break for lunch, then do it all again at churches in deepest countryside for the afternoon shift. Seven quarter peals were rung that day between about 15 people.  Incredible.

I feel very honoured to be made welcome into this group in my early career as a ringer, and there’s always something for me to have a go at and push me.  Finally managed to negotiate my way through 1260 changes of St Nicholas Doubles (failed attempt at Christmas), and the afternoon shift saw me tenoring at Hilton to Eynesbury Doubles.  Sadly we didn’t get the attempt.  Really tricky bells, plain bearings, and keeping the tenor at the back and ‘up’ was a tough job, seeing use of blue inhaler.  Just to round the day off in true Murdock-Saint panache, I managed to fly base over apex down the last part of the tower stairs, my ankle currently doing a wonderful impression of the aurora borealis….well worth it however.  Driving home the 40 miles was interesting on the clutch, fortunately the petrol station had bagged ice for parties, which I strapped to the ankle with a towing rope.  Even though we did not get the attempt, we used the time to ring through a few different touches of the method, and it was great learning experience in handling a big and difficult tenor!

I would like to thank especially the following people in no particular order:

Kim Matthews, Polly Osborne, Ross Bradley, Angie & Mike Jasper, Sally Jenkins, Jimmy Hodkin, Jack Pease, for arranging these incredible opportunities in particular for new ringers.  The bell ringing community is really like a second family.  I must also thank my home tower teachers, David Lay, John and Liz Davey, Tim Kettle for their unending patience, understanding and time.

Looking forward to ringing with many of you over the coming year,

Over and out


Title photography by Jack R. Pease.

C&S Quarter Peal Club Invitation for members.

Dear Quarter Peal Ringers,

Some time ago in a news letter, there was mention of reviving the Christchurch & Southampton Quarter Peal Club in 2019, led by Polly Osborne.  We are still putting feelers out for local (to New Forest area who can accommodate on Fridays), and lighter ring 8 bell towers, whilst Brockenhurst undergoes repairs from the roof collapse.  The Quarter Peal Club will still run on a Friday, as this seemed best for members in general.

In the interim, if you would like to become a member of the group, please drop me an email, so we can add you to the email list for future developments.

All best wishes,

Peter(Acting District Webmaster)

Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

Quarter-pealing as a learner (Peter Murdock-Saint, Sopley)

On Sunday 9th September, I joined forces with five very kind people who had given up their Sunday afternoon, to form a band to ring a quarter-peal of Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles.

Once I had located the correct church!…we could be found in the tower of Sturminster Marshall, on mainly medieval bells, with the tenor dating from 1400, weighing in at a healthy 18cwt.  Lovely rich bells, and smooth going, steady speed too, due to their moving weights.

This was my second attempt at Reverse Canterbury.  My first was hampered by inexperience with a long draft, lassoing ropes, and a touch of wheel slip on generally ‘difficult bells’, and in hindsight, was a great lesson in itself, even though we came away without scoring.

One of our younger members, Jack Pease, (only 19), was conducting the quarter-peal.  The band were very easy going, which leant to a relaxed atmosphere in which to ring, and focus on the 1260 changes ahead.

We started off well, and aside for a minor blunder by yours truly in the middle, when I decided to go for a ‘wander’ off the well trod method pathway, we scored the quarter-peal, and I was able to make my mark in the tower records book.  All the ringers made a great team, and could sense (probably by my glances of mercy), when I needed a word of encouragement, or affirmation of what piece of work was coming forward next.

This is now my fourth quarter-peal since taking up ringing in November 2016, and each one has been a very individual and tailored experience.  Some with people I know, and my tutors from Sopley, who are able to foretell mistakes I may not have even begun to career through yet!  Some with people I have met for the first time, and by the end, have become team players together, thinking as a unit on, musical, mathematical, and physical/technical levels.

As a good friend mentioned to me…it is like giving 88 people a key each from a piano, and going off with an instruction to coordinate a full piece of music.  We have a motto at St. Peter’s, where I ring on a weekly basis on their bell-handling course…’The strength of the team is in each individual member, the strength of each member is in the team’.

I have received support and guidance from all across our district, and further afield.  Attended ringing days out, events, education days, ringing holidays, specially tailored district practice evenings, quarter-peal days and fortnights, district practices, meetings,  plus other tower’s practice nights, bell-handling workshops, all their time given on a voluntary level.  We are very lucky in our district there is always something going on, with a very busy website, we just have to go ourselves and grab these opportunities.  I have been bitten by the bell-ringing bug, and ring about five times weekly now!

Finally I must mention briefly alongside my quarter-peal news that the District Quarter Peal Club shall be returning in a slightly revamped form in 2019, managed by Polly Osborne.  Watch this space for further details VERY SOON…

Photography by Jack Pease


Quarter peal at Eling commemorating Fred C. Crook, died 1917.

We rang this Quarter last Sunday, after a bit or research Ruth Jackson discovered that an Eling Ringer (not a Guild Member) died 101 years ago in WWI.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Eling, Hampshire

St Mary
Sunday, 15 July 2018 in 46m (11–3–4 in F♯)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Adrian MacKinnon
2 Mary Sterry
3 Polly Osborne
4 Stephen N Hough
5 Margaret Feneley
6 Colin J Butler
7 Alan D Elsmore (C)
8 Chas Caley
Commemorating the 101st Anniversary of the death of Eling ringer Fred C Crook. Fred Crook joined the Eling band in 1905. He died on 16th July 1917. He was a gunner in the Royal Field Artillery and is commemorated in the Amara War Cemetery in Iraq. In the 1911 census he was living in Jacobs Gutter Lane, Eling, and was a carpenter. The centenary was missed as Eling was not affiliated to the W & P at the time of his death and the details have recently come to light.
1st Quarter 8.

Triple First at Sacred Heart, Bournemouth

Bournemouth, Dorset
Sacred Heart
Sunday, 15 July 2018 in 38m (3–2–6 in E♭)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Hannah L Scott
2 Ben Jennings (C)
3 Ross A Bradley (C)
4 Alastair J Simpson
5 Kim Matthews
6 Tom Kirrage
First QP at first attempt 1&6.
Graduation compliment to 1 on attaining her MMus and 6 who has completed his training to become a Montessori teacher.
First QP for Ben as conductor.
Retirement compliment to Ross.
Also a huge thank you to Ross for helping to encourage our youngsters.

First Quarter Peal Congratulations to Peter Murdock-Saint (Sopley)

Huge congratulations to Peter Murdock-Saint for not only ringing his first Quarter Peal on the Treble, but following up so swiftly with Tenor Behind, then Grandsire inside. (Click tower name for full details)

Saturday, 7 July 2018 Bournemouth (Sacred Heart), Dorset 1260 Grandsire Doubles
Thursday, 14 June 2018 Ringwood (SS Peter and Paul), Hampshire 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Sunday, 20 May 2018 Ringwood (SS Peter and Paul), Hampshire 1380 Plain Bob Doubles

Congratulations Sue Walker (Petersfield) First Quarter Peal

Congratulations to Sue Walker of the Petersfield band who rang her first Quarter Peal at the first attempt, on one of the hottest days of the year.  Sue arranged the quarter herself and invited those she wished to ring with her.  Many thanks to all who took part and helped Sue to achieve her aim.  Details below.

Sunday 6th May 2018 at St. Peter Petersfield

1260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1.  Sue Walker *                  (Petersfield)
  2. Terry Collins                   (cond.) (East Meon)
  3. Melanie Moore             (Petersfield)
  4. Malcolm Donaldson  (East Meon)
  5. Teresa Brown                (Froxfield)
  6. John Leary                      (Petersfield)

*First Quarter Peal, at the first attempt

Congratulations Jake Saddington – First Quarter Peal

Ryde, Isle of Wight
St Michael and All Angels, Swanmore
Sunday, 29 April 2018 in 40 mins (Sim)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Kieran Downer (C)
2 Tristan Allen
3 Barry Downer
4 John R Stock
5 Margaret Downer
6 Jake Saddington
1st quarter peal – 6. Jake is the first Swanmore taught ringer to ring a quarter peal.
1st 6-bell quarter in the tower and 1st on the treble.

Congratulations Daniel Hartley (Eling) First Quarter Peal

Daniel’s First Quarter was scored at Minstead. He is a member of the Eling Band.
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Minstead, Hampshire
All Saints
Sunday, 8 April 2018 in 43 min (7–0–20 in B♭)
1260 Doubles (2m)
Grandsire & Plain Bob
1 David J Forder
2 Colin J Butler
3 Polly Osborne
4 Sarah Newman
5 Stephen N Hough (C)
6 Daniel Hartley
First Quarter at first attempt for Daniel Hartley. For Evensong

Visit Bellboard for a picture of the band

Congratulations James Blake (Sacred Heart) 1st Quarter Peal

Guild of Saint Agatha
Bournemouth, Dorset
Sacred Heart
Sunday, 4 February 2018 in 51 mins (3–2–6 in E♭)
1600 Grandsire Doubles
1 Kim Matthews
2 Ross A Bradley
3 Paul R Smith
4 Richard Picker
5 Phil Clarke (C)
6 James Blake
1st QP at 1st attempt 6.
Conducted by the grandfather of 6
Birthday compliment to Ian R Newbery
Rung for Guild of St Agatha quarter peal week.

Strike Back on Fourteen

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Winchester, Hampshire
Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, St Peter, St Paul and St Swithun
Sunday, 10 December 2017 in 0:57 (35–2–6 in C)
1320 Julie Mcdonnell Little Alliance Fourteen
Alex W Tatlow
James A Hodkin
Benjamin J Carey
Ian J Carey
John P Colliss
Edd Colliss (C)
Ewan Grant-Richardson
Roy LeMarechal
Stephen S Russ
10 Daniel Graham
11 Stephen P Noyes
12 Kristian D Scudamore
13 Stuart J Heath
14 David J Mattingley
Rung for the Strike Back Against Blood Cancer Cathedrals, Minsters and Abbeys challenge.
First Quarter in the method.
Julie McDonnell Little Alliance Fourteen
e -1B-56-14

This performance is linked to the event Bellringers Strike Back Against Blood Cancer (SBABC).

Congratulations Aila Peacock

Bournemouth, Dorset
Sacred Heart
Sunday, 19 November 2017 in 38 mins (3–2–6 in E♭)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Rosalind A Martin
Phil Clarke
Ian R Newbery
Aila M Peacock (C)
Paul R Smith
Tim Kettle
1st attempt at calling a QP 4.
Get well wishes to June Banning a member of the Sacred Heart Band.
Also to mark the 70th Wedding Anniversary of HM The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh

AP District Quarter Peal Fortnight commences…


Parish of The Resurrection Band…

3rd Quarter Peal Attempt of the day scored.

St Lawrence Alton prior to service.

Michael Novell
Liz South
David Sluter
Judy Sparling
Jess Hornsby
Andrew Taylor
Matt Watts
Andy Sparling (c)

Plain Bob Major.

First in method for David.

3 Quarters Scored 12 ringers, 3 towers, 2 conductors, and 3 firsts…….

Good start to Quarter Peal Fortnight………..

Quarter Peal in memory of Lance Corporal Vincent Street

Link to the Quarter Peal
Lance Corporal Vincent Street, Christchurch, Winchester Diocesan. Died 26/09/1917 age 30. Machine Gun Corps (Infantry) 215th Coy. Service No.55149. Commemorated at Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium, Panel 154 to 159 and 163A. Born 4th quarter 1886. Son of Alfred James Street and Christiana Jane Street, of Armadale, Christchurch, Hants. Husband of Dorothy Redler (formerly Street, née Green) of Downs House, Bathpool, Taunton, whom he married in1914. Father of Dorothea J. Street (born 1916). He rang three peals at Christchurch, all of Grandsire Caters: his first on 27/01/1908, ringing the 2nd. He worked as an ironmonger’s assistant before enlisting. Born: Christchurch, Hants. Enlisted: Christchurch, Hants. Resided (1911 Census): 4 Castle Street, Christchurch.

With thanks to Alan Regin for this information 

(Rolls of Honour: )

6 Hour Peal to Celebrate 100th Anniversary of All Saint’s, Basingstoke

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Basingstoke, Hampshire
All Saints
Saturday, 23 September 2017 in 6hrs 14m (11–0–6 in F)
10360 Nova Delight Royal
Jennifer R Sparling
Benjamin D Constant
Jack E Page
Edward P D Colliss
Adam S Greenley
Pauline McKenzie
Benjamin J Carey (C)
Ian Roulstone
Claire F Roulstone
10 Ian R Fielding
Rung to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the dedication of this church.
The longest peal in the method subject to ratification by the Records Committee.
Umpires: Ian J Carey, Ian J Rees & Angela M Athawe

Portsmouth District Quarter Peal Fortnight Kicks off…

At the time of writing there have been 5 successful quarters including a First on 8 by Lisa Ashforth, and a “First for nearly 20 years” for Brian Greenwood.

For details please click any of the links below:

Peal in memory of Corporal Herbert Hoptrough

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Portsea, Hampshire
St Mary
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 in 3:10 (17–0–7 in F)
5152 Menin Road Ridge Surprise Major
1Ian J Carey
James A Hodkin
Paul T Young
Gregory J M Jones
James W G Twiney
Edward P D Colliss (C)
R Mark Esbester
David J Mattingley
Remembering Corporal Herbert Hoptrough, who rang at this church, killed at the Battle of Menin Road Ridge 100 years ago today.
First peal in the method:
Menin Road Ridge Surprise Major
k -34-14-12-16-12-58-12-18

Hodkin Family First Quarter Peal

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Sunday, 10 September 2017 in 36m (4–1–12 in B)
1260 Doubles
60, Stedman; 960, Plain Bob; 240 April Day
Jennie M Overton (nee Hodkin)
Julie A Hodkin
Connor J F Hodkin
4–5 James A Hodkin (C)
Cara M Hodkin
First Hodkin family quarter on tower bells

Quarter Peal at St Michael’s, Basingstoke, Commemorating 3 fallen soldiers

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Basingstoke, Hampshire
St Michael
Sunday, 20 August 2017 (14–1–10 in F)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Peter Rowe
2 Alison Smith
3 Maggie Ellis
4 Angela Athawes
5 Tom Blomley
6 Lynne Jordan
7 Greg Jordan (C)
8 Jon Soar
Rung to commemorate the lives of the following, who gave their lives in WWI:
Sergeant Herbert John Irving, 3375 11th Bn Australian Infantry A.I.F. died 7 May 1917 aged 24. Born at Basingstoke.
Gunner George Charles Dimes, 87665, 188th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery, died 5 May 1917 aged 26.
Ordinary Telegraphist Gordon Thomas Sansom, J/32712 H.M.S. “Derwent”, died 2 May 1917 aged 17.
A W&P WWI quarter

Three Peal Ringing Firsts

On Saturday the 12th of August two young ringers from the Christchurch Priory Band scored their first peal at Corfe Mullen, Dorset, Nicola Penny and Luke Brooke.

The peal of plain Bob Minor was conducted by Priory Tower Captain, Tim Martin,  his first peal as conductor.

We still had some energy left after lunch so we rang a quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the significantly heavier six at Sturminster Marshall, ably conducted by Luke with Nicola excelling on the tenor.

We were grateful for the support of Simon Edwards from Swindon and to William Stafford from Brighton for substituting at the last hour and scoring only his second Peal.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Corfe Mullen, Dorset
St Hubert
Saturday, 12 August 2017 in 2h 51m (11–3–26 in G)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
1 Nicola Penny
2 Luke T Brooke
3 Rosalind A Martin
4 William Stafford
5 Simon W Edwards
6 Timothy M Martin (C)
First Peal 1,2. First Peal as Conductor. The band would like to associate Colin Butler with this peal with our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Quarter Peal in memory of 3 Alresford men who died in WW1 during July 1917

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
New Alresford, Hampshire
St John the Baptist
Sunday, 9 July 2017 in 47 min (15–3–18 in E)
1260 Grandsire Triples
Susan Smith
Maureen Hanney
Elizabeth Johnson
Teresa Brown
Andrew Johnson (C)
Ian Redway
John Dodd
Robert Hatch
Rung for evensong in memory of three Alresford men who died during WWI in July 1917: Lance Corporal Charles Eacher who died on July 8th 1917; Company Quarter Master Sergeant Alfred Woodward who died of heatstroke at Baghdad on July 15th 1917; Lance Corporal Charles Edward Gordon Grainger who died on July 31st 1917 at Passchendaele.

Quarter Peal in memory of Brain Orange, ringer at King’s Somborne

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
King’s Somborne, Hampshire
SS Peter and Paul
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 in 45m (10–1–9 in F)
1260 Plain Bob Minor
Jen Churchill
Sue Spurling
Ron White
C Hugh J Hill
Edmund J Wratten
Graham J Wright (C)
In memory of Brian Orange. A member of the local Sunday service band.


There were 219 peals rung for the Guild during 2016, which is a slight fall compared to 2015; however this total is still significantly higher than any year other than 2015 since the early 1980’s. I said in my report last year that I hoped the Guild would maintain its peal ringing activity and I am pleased to say that we have achieved that. Keep it going!

I must thank Andrew Craddock for sharing the statistics generated by PealBase, allowing me to cross-check the Guild’s records. Finally I would like to thank all those conductors and organisers who submit details, compositions and fees within the one month deadline specified by the Guild rules. Please may I also remind conductors that we do require all compositions in full whether or not they have been rung for the Guild previously. I am also pleased to announce that I can now take peal fees electronically; I would request that conductors email me FIRST for a reference and the necessary account details, even if you already have them, to allow me to monitor what I have and have not received.

Tower Bell Peals

There were 142 tower bell peals rung for the Guild in 2016, 14 fewer than the previous year but comparable to 2014.  What is of greater concern is the number of ringers taking part in a tower bell peal continued the decreasing trend witha fall to 200, this is 24 fewer than 2016 and 46 fewer than 2013.

Six ringers rang their first peal in a W&P peal during 2016 and the Guild Officers would like to extend their congratulations to Will Stoddart, Martin Willson, Helen Rolf, Janice Firth, Rob Gorton and Gemma Loweth. The latter three actually achieved their first peal in a handbell peal but are included here for completeness. To add to this list Aileen Wilson also scored her first tower bell peal.

Following the First Peal 2015’ initiative it is good to see that the Guild is still introducing ringers to peal ringing and I would encourage all members to think whether you or somebody else in your tower would be interested in attempting a peal. It would be brilliant if we can increase both the numbers of new peal ringers and ringers taking part in peals in general to stem the falling trend.

Malcolm Powell heads the list of prolific peal ringers for 2016 pushing last year’s leader, Edd Colliss, into second. John Dodd and Kathryne Arkless also remain near the top with Gareth Higgs, Jim Twiney and Graham Nobbs joining the list of people to ring 40 or more peals for the Guild in 2016.

The list of prolific conductors remains largely unchanged with Edd Colliss still heading the list with Toby Arkless and Ben Carey exchanging places behind. Once again, like the total number of ringers the total number of conductors is also down 3 on 2015 to 29.

St Agatha, Portsmouth heads the list of the leading towers again with a similar number to 2015 representing over a third of the Guild’s 2016 total. It is also worth noting that no other tower rang more than 9 peals, the first time this has happened for 9 years.

The first peal on the augmented ring at All Saints Basingstoke was completed with a peal of Bristol Surprise Royal in April.

There were a number of personal footnotes during 2016 and I congratulate Paul Young on his 1200th, Martin Daniels 500th, Graham Nobbs 400th, David Mattingley 300th, Colin Butler 250th and Kieran Downer 25th.  Toby Arkless and Edd Colliss scored their 250th as Conductor. Several ringers also reached a milestone for the Guild; Malcolm Powell and Jim Hodkin 500, and Andrew Howes 100.

Roy LeMarechal passed two significant milestones during 2016, ringing his 2000th peal for the Guild with a peal of Cambridge Royal at Bishopstoke in February and his 3000th peal some three weeks later, also Cambridge Royal at Bishopstoke. Roy is only the 49th person to achieve this total.

Peals were rung by the Sunday service band of Vale, Guernsey, who rang a peal of 7 Doubles in January, and Bishopstoke, who rang a peal of Double Norwich in December. I would also like to mention the 7 members of the Catherington Sunday service band who scored a peal of 13 Spliced Surprise Major in January and it was my pleasure to ring the treble for you.

In February a peal of Yorkshire Surprise Maximus was rung at Hursley by a ladies band; this is believed to be the first twelve bell peal rung by a ladies band for the W&P.

Peals were rung in memory of Guild Member and former A&P district Chairman Andrew Barnsdale.

Several peals were rung to celebrate the 90th Birthday (both actual and official) of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Peals were also rung on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland and as part of the Bell Ringers Strike Back Against Blood Cancer campaign.

Leading Ringers
Malcolm M Powell 66
Edward P D Colliss 64
John A Dodd 56
Kathryne R Arkless 46
E C Gareth Higgs 42
Graham A Nobbs 40
James W G Twiney 40
3 ringers 36
3 ringers 30-35
2 ringers 20-29
10 ringers 19-Oct
23 ringers 9-May
64 ringers 4-Feb
88 ringers 1
Total Ringers 200
Leading Conductors
Edward P D Colliss 42
Toby Arkless 21
Benjamin J Carey 17
Roy LeMarechal 17
James W G Twiney 6
Benjamin D Constant 4
4 conductors 3
3 conductors 2
16 conductors 1
Total Conductors 29
Leading Towers
Portsmouth, St Agatha 49
Bishopstoke, 9
Awbridge 8
Holybourne 5
Portsmouth Cathedral 5
Basingstoke, All Saints 4
Winchester Cathedral 3
8 towers 2
43 towers 1
Total Towers 58
Minimus 1
Kent Block* 1
Doubles 7
12m 2
3m 2
42v 1
7m 1
4m 1
Doubles & Minor 1
6m 1
Minor 24
Plain Bob 5
Spliced TD (8m) 4
7m S 4
Spliced S (8m) 2
Cambridge S 1
Spliced S (41m) 1
Spliced S (24m) 1
Spliced S (7m) 1
7m 1
5m 1
4m 1
3m 1
2m P 1
Triples 3
Grandsire 3
Major 83
Bristol S 9
Superlative S 4
Yorkshire 4
Spliced S (8m) 3
Cambridge S 2
Double Norwich CB 2
Rutland S 2
Spliced S (23m) 2
Spliced S (19m)# 2
Spliced S (10m) 2
Baltic Wharf S# 1
Basingstoke S 1
Belfast S 1
Berkelium S# 1
Booth S# 1
Deva S 1
Devonshire S# 1
Dodd Fell D# 1
Ealing S 1
Falmouth S 1
Flerovium S# 1
Four Score S# 1
Griffin S# 1
Guernsey S 1
Hunters Bar S# 1
Jersey S 1
Jonah S# 1
Kenninghall S 1
Lessness S 1
Lincolnshire S 1
London S 1
Lye D# 1
Majestic S# 1
Muppet Show S# 1
No. 5029 Nunney Castle S# 1
No Hope D# 1
Norwich S# 1
November S 1
Once Brewed D# 1
Peterstone Wentloog S# 1
Plain B 1
Portsmouth S 1
Preston S# 1
Revolver D 1
Ruthenium S 1
Spliced S (21m)# 1
Spliced S (17m) 1
Spliced S (15m) 1
Spliced S (14m) 1
Spliced S (13m) 1
Spliced S (6m) 1
St Agatha S# 1
Tavistock S 1
Thropton S# 1
Uxbridge S 1
Wales S# 1
Watford S 1
Wedding D# 1
Winchester B 1
Xavier S# 1
Caters 4
Grandsire 3
Erin 1
Caters & Royal 1
Spliced (4m) 1
Royal 9
Cambridge S 4
Bristol S 2
Henleaze S# 1
Spliced S (2m) 1
Yorkshire S 1
Cinques 1
Grandsire 1
Maximus 7
Bristol S 2
Yorkshire S 2
Zanussi S 2
Riverhead# 1
 Spliced S (2m)
Fourteen 1
Spliced (2m)# 1

(* first peal in the method, # first for the Guild)

Handbell Peals

The strength of handbell ringing within the Guild continues with a slight increase on the 2015 total to 77, again a new record as far as I can ascertain. The numbers of ringers and conductors participating in a Guild handbell peal remained broadly similar to 2015, both being only one fewer in 2016.

Ian Redway and Frank Morton were once again the leading ringer and conductor of Guild handbell peals. Whilst the lists of prolific ringers and conductors look very similar to previous years one name appears much higher than before with Duncan Loweth conducting 14 handbell peals for the guild.

In August John Croft scored his 1000th peal in hand and also reached his 200th peal as conductor in a handbell peal. John Dodd rang his 1000th peal for Guild in a handbell peal in May. Martin Daniels and Trish Spink achieved their 250th and 50th peals in hand respectively.

Leading Ringers (Handbell Peals)
Ian Redway 41
Martin J E Daniels 35
John A Dodd 25
Frank R Morton 23
E C Gareth Higgs 22
Brian J Woodruffe 18
John S Croft 17
Patricia D Spink 17
3 ringers 14-Oct
4 ringers 9-May
9 ringers 4-Feb
10 ringers 1
Total Ringers 34


Leading Conductors (Handbell Peals)
Frank R Morton 23
Brian J Woodruffe 17
John S Croft 12
Duncan Loweth 12
Andrew G Craddock 4
E C Gareth Higgs 3
Benjamin J Carey 2
Martin J E Daniels 2
Thomas J Hinks 1
E John Wells 1
Venues (Handbell Peals)
Awbridge, The Clock House 20
Whiteparish, Anchorsholme 17
New Alresford, Jubilee 11
Guernsey, San Baronto 7
New Milton, Milton Grove 5
Micheldever, 37 Northbrook 4
Chandler’s Ford, 2 Rosemoor Grove 3
Dibden Purlieu, 30 Heatherstone Avenue 2
8 venues 1
Total Venues 16

Quarter Peal Rung in memory of Lieutenant Philip Richard John Grinham killed in France on May 3rd 1917

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
New Alresford, Hampshire
St John the Baptist
Sunday, 14 May 2017 in 46 minutes (15–3–18 in E)
1260 Plain Bob Triples

1 Wendy M Ling
2 Maureen J Hanney
3 Caroline Fairley
4 Ian M Redway
5 Elizabeth Johnson
6 Rodney C Skinner
7 Anthony P Smith (C)
8 Anthony J P Ayres

Rung for Evensong in memory of Lieutenant Philip Richard John Grinham killed in France on May 3rd 1917. Also remembering Kay Alonzo née Tremeer who died in Australia recently, one-time bellringer at St John’s.

Bell Ringing for Evensong Sun May 21st at Christchurch Priory

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the ordination of Rev Cannon John Turpin, ringers from the Priory and Ringwood are combining to ring for Evensong.
A Quarter Peal attempt of Grandsire Triples will start at 4.45 to be followed by general ringing from approximately 5.45 until the service at 6.30pm.
Visiting ringers are also welcome to join the general ringing which will be Rounds and Call Changes on 12 and methods as appropriate.

Another new method under our belt!

There was a Confirmation Service this morning so rather than just service ringing Duncan seized the opportunity to ring a quarter of the first of our special focus methods for May, June & July. Twineham Bob Doubles.

There were some hairy moments but overall there was some pretty good ringing. Hopefully the other three variations in the Old Single group will now be easier but that may depend on how many more we ring before we have to splice them! Then of course there’s the Wainfleet, Shipway & New Bob Groups. And if we’re bored with doubles London and Scotter Surprise Minor. Oh did I forget there’s Stedman type methods on the next page…It’s going to be a busy summer!

Very nice to have Robbie join us from the Vale to ring the tenor. Hope to see you again soon Robbie.

On Saturday, 13 May 2017 in 43min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1260 Twineham Bob Doubles

  1.  Judith Lainé
  2.  Jane Le Conte
  3.  Sue Le Feuvre
  4.  Tim Wainwright
  5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.  Robbie Sherwood

Rung for the confirmation service. First in method for all.
50th QP this year: 5.