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Congratulations Clare Merivale (Southampton SUGCR) First Peal as Conductor + 3 other firsts

Southampton University Guild have scored 4 firsts… read on!

Southampton University Guild
Southampton, Hampshire
The Ascension, Bitterne Park
Saturday, 28 January 2017 in 2h34m (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Doubles
2880 Plain Bob, 720 St Simon’s Bob, 720 St Martin’s Bob, 720 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, 23 c.o.m.
1 Jonathan C Mills
2 Daniel Graham
3 Josh L Harris
4 Samuel M Senior
5 Clare M Merivale (C)
6 Mike Martin

First Peal: 4, and as Conductor
First Inside to Doubles: 5
First on Treble: 1

Congratulations Mike Martin (Southampton City) – First of Treble Bob Major

Not content with trebling to a single method like most aspiring Surprise Ringers, Mike jumped right in at the deep end as Treble to Eight Spliced last Sunday. He humbly commented “They were desperate”.

Southampton University Guild
On Sunday, 4 December 2016 in 0h47
Southampton, Hampshire
St Michael Archangel
Tenor: 16–1–15 in F
1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
1 Mike Martin
2 Kristian Scudamore
3 Steve Castle
4 Oliver Chaloner
5 Colin Butler
6 Daniel Graham
7 Pip Dillistone
8 Alex Tatlow (C)
First Treble Bob Major – 1
Rung by a Southampton City Centre band.

Another Successful Guild Surprise Royal Practice

“…please thank everyone who rang on Sunday afternoon: the sound was glorious”

This feedback was from the vicar at St Michael’s Southampton about the ringing for the surprise royal practice which took place yesterday.

Many thanks to all those who made it, it was a successful afternoon with two decent half courses of Bristol Royal achieved along with Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. A few people ringing things for the first ever time which is fantastic!

I will be in touch soon about the next practice, but the suggested date is Sunday 30th October.

Thanks. Dan

Congratulations Dan Graham – First Quarter of 8-spliced as Conductor

Daniel Rings with Southampton City Ringers and is a past Master of the Southampton University Guild.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Awbridge, Hampshire
Clock House Bells
Friday, 8 July 2016 in 38m (3–1–2)
1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
Standard 8.
Alan D Elsmore
Andrew J B Ingram
Colin J Butler
John A Dodd
Jonathan D Farrington
Claire E O’Mahony
Oliver B Chaloner
Daniel Graham (C)
First of Spliced Surprise Major as conductor.

Two Quarter Peals for St George’s Day in Southampton

Congratulations to Pip Dillistone (SUGCR and Southampton City) for scoring both First of Caters and First of Royal in one day.

Southampton City Ringers

Southampton, Hampshire

St Mary
Saturday, 23 April 2016 in 48 mins (21–2–8 in E♭)
1296 Grandsire Caters
Philip D Moyse
Peter Hill
Pip Dillistone
Christine Hill
Kristian D Scudamore
David J Mattingley
Oliver Chaloner
Colin J Butler
Daniel Graham (C)
10 Kieran Downer
Rung for St George’s Day
First quarter peal of caters – 3

Southampton City Ringers

Southampton, Hampshire
St Michael Archangel
Saturday, 23 April 2016 in 48 mins (16–1–15 in F)
1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Colin J Butler
Colin K Lovelock
Pip Dillistone
Ali Hunt
Adam F S Thorp
Daniel Graham (C)
Ian Hunt
Oliver Chaloner
David J Mattingley
10 Peter Hill
Rung for St George’s Day
First quarter peal of Royal – 3
Photo of St Mary’s by Southampton City Ringers 

SUGCR (Southampton University) Firsts Fortnight News

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Clare Merivale- Master of Southampton University Guild (SUGCR) – reports:

Tower: SUGCR towers

Our Firsts Fortnight News Is….: Max Hammick: first touch of grandsire without help
Oliver Chaloner: first handbell quarter peal
Pip Dillistone: first handbell quarter peal
Phil Moyse: first time conducting a handbell quarter peal
Jon Mills: first time ringing a plain course of Bob Minor on handbells, first peal of doubles
Josh Harris: first peal
Myles Tyrrell: first quarter peal attempt (followed by a first quarter just outside of first’s fortnight)
Therese Strand: first quarter peal attempt (followed by a first quarter just outside of first’s fortnight), first ringing tour, first time ringing at a cathedral
Abbey Marlowe: first time ringing Plain Hunt on 5 not on treble, first time ringing plain hunt on 7
Imogen Clarke: first time tenoring without help
Jay Wroe-Brown: first time tenoring, first time ringing at a cathedral
Clare Merivale: first peal of doubles, first time calling a touch of Plain Bob Doubles
Chris Knapp: first time ringing at a cathedral


The Performances:

Southampton University Guild
Southampton, Hampshire
St Barnabas
Wednesday, 16 March 2016 in 39 mins (2–3–2 in F♯)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Myles AB Tyrrell
Clare M Merivale
Jonathan C Mills
Josh L Harris
Oliver B Chaloner (C)
Therese Strand
First quarter: 1 & 6
Southampton University Guild
Southampton, Hampshire
The Ascension, Bitterne Park
Sunday, 6 March 2016 in 2h35 (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Doubles (2m)
Extents 1-3,8-10,15-17,22-24,29-31,36-38 Grandsire; 4-7,11-14,18-21,25-28,32-35,39-42 Plain Bob.
Alice J S Gibbin (Vice-Master 2014 & Master 2015)
Josh L Harris (Vice-Master 2016)
Philip D Moyse (Vice-Master 2013 & Master 2014) (C)
Jonathan C Mills (Vice-Master 2015)
Kristian D Scudamore (Vice-Master 2012 & Master 2013)
Clare M Merivale (Master 2016)
First peal: 2
First of doubles: 4 & 6
Rung by a band of current students, all of whom have been either Master or Vice-Master of the Guild.
With best wishes to our mothers this Mother’s Day.
Southampton University Guild
Southampton, Hampshire
45 Mansbridge Road
Tuesday, 1 March 2016 in 34 mins (11 in G)
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1–2 Oliver B Chaloner
3–4 Peter Dillistone
5–6 Philip D Moyse (C)
First in hand: 1-2, 3-4, and as conductor.
First in the house.

Congratulations Barry Peachey – 1000th Peal

Barry Peachey, photo used with fingers crossed that he won't mind ;)
Barry Peachey, photo used with fingers crossed that he won’t mind 😉

Barry Peachey  started his ringing career in Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, living first at Emery Down near Minstead, and later moving to Lyndhurst, learning to ring with Tower Captain Peter East, and assisted in his exploits by Barry Fry (St.Barnabas).

Later a member of the Winchester Cathedral Band, where he and Heather were married, he now lives in the North and is the mastermind behind the Barrow and District Society.

Other WP members in this band were Paul Young (who learned to ring at Carisbrooke and now commutes between Yorkshire and The Isle of Wight), and Tim Collins (Dorset, previously resident in W&P and a past member of the Southampton University Guild.).

Huge Congratulations Barry!!!

Barrow & District Society
Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire
Holy Trinity
Sunday, 6 December 2015 in 3hrs 20 (16.25 Cwt)
5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Composed by J Worth
Barry F Peachey
Dinah M Donovan
Neil Donovan
Lesley A Knipe
Graham W Elmes
Heather L E Peachey
Barry J Fry
8 Paul T Young
Robert H Jordan
10 Jeffrey Knipe
11 Malcolm S Turner
12 Timothy F Collins (C)

1000th Peal, all rung on conventional tower bells – Barry Peachey.

New Facebook Page and Twitter Feed – University Ringing

facebook logo smallA few months ago, the excellent new website was launched by CCCBR, to create a one-stop-shop for anyone hunting for information about bellringing at University. This is now joined by a Facebook Page… Do take a look at it, and, if you are a facebook user, you can “Like” it to ensure you get all their news.

twitter_logo_blueThere is also a new Twitter Feed, Uniringing


For many ringers, University is an opportunity to build and extend their skills not just in their chosen area of study but in Ringing as well. Send one of your band off to University and they may well return as a potential Tower universitycloud-posterCaptain… the development can be amazing! So, this initiative is worth supporting even if you have no intention of going to University yourself!

Brilliant FirstPeal2015 achievement by the Southampton University Guild!

SUGCR Peal Band 22 Nov 2015

Daniel Graham reports from Southampton:

Huge well done to Jon, Clare and Peter on ringing their first peal today! Excellent work, another fantastic achievement for SUGCR!

Southampton University Guild

Southampton, Hampshire
Sunday, 22 November 2015 in 2h36 (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Seven different extents
Kristian D Scudamore
Peter Dillistone
Clare M Merivale
Jonathan C Mills
Oliver B Chaloner
Philip D Moyse (C)
First peal for 10 years, and first without a stay: 5

That makes 8 firsts for the SUGCR this year!! (Philip Moyse)

Peal information taken from Bellboard