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Learn to Ring at Christchurch Priory

If you want to learn to ring, please contact the Ringing Master so he can arrange for you to visit us on a Monday evening and meet the band.

We recruit small groups and start them with a course which runs for about ten weeks at  9.30-10.30 on Saturdays, where basic bell handling and striking skills are covered.

Once basic bellhandling skills have been mastered, the learners join the early Monday practice, where they ring Rounds and Call Changes with some members of the band. Our practice night then covers the skills of method ringing which keep us all challenged!

Members who wish to, also participate in Guild and District Education courses to work on more advanced skills. The District also has a program of monthly practices targeted at different skills which are open to all those ringing at an appropriate level. Members are also welcome at District Practices which offer a greater variety of levels of ringing, plus an opportuniuty to socialise with ringers from across the Dsitrict.

There are also bellringing programs which run on computers and smartphones which help bellringers to learn “methods”.

ART association-of-ringing-teachersBell Handling skills are taught using the Learning the Ropes Scheme. One of the teachers recently qualified at Level 1 of the scheme, mentored by the tower captain.

Dorset County Association (DCA) Forthcoming Events

The next two EVENTS are …………
Saturday 23 January 2016

Dorset County Association – Practice – Puddletown (6) 7-9pm

All welcome.

Saturday 6 February 2016

Dorset County Association – AGM Martinstown (6)

3pm ringing at Martinstown.
4pm Service at Martinstown.
5pm AGM at Stratton village hall.
5.45pm Tea at Stratton village hall.
Ringing afterwards at Bradford Peverell (8)

For more information, please send an e-mail 

Ringwood Surprise Major Practice Weds 6th Jan 7.45

The 2016 Special Practices in Christchurch and Southampton District kick off on Wednesday at 7.45 with Surprise Major at Ringwood. Scope is Trebling to Surprise Major, the Standard Eight, and some Splicing.

The Band is drawn from a wide area over Winchester and Portsmouth Guild and Salisbury Guild. New Ringers are welcomed.

Last chance to apply for ART Awards 2016!!

Viv Nobbs Writes:

Applications for the first ART Awards in 2016 close on 31st December – the deadline is fast approaching!

The cash prize pot for the ART Awards 2016 has now exceeded £2,500 – don’t miss out on the chance to win funding and recognition for your local projects.
Don’t miss out – apply for the inaugural ART Awards 2016, to be presented at the famous Taylors Bell Foundry as part of the ART Conference in March 2016

ART Association of Ringing Teachers

The ART’s Mission

To improve the learning experience of new ringers

ART’s Purpose

To develop and support the delivery, integrity, and standards in the teaching, instruction and education, of the art of change ringing

The ART has 3 websites:


Tower Information

FirstPeal2015 Update – Angels and Targets

The target was 300…

A new list has appeared – this time, of who the FirstPeal2015 “Angels” are. The top Angel is Simon Edwards, who has rung with no fewer than 14 people in their First Peal, at least 4 of those being scored for Winchester and Portsmouth Guild.

Second Equal is Angie Jasper (with 9). Angie is based in East Dorset branch (SDGR) but at least 2 of these were scored on our turf!

Click to see the full list created by Andrew Craddock.

DCA (Dorset County Association) Christmas Newsletter **RINGING DATES!!**

Here is wishing all Members an enjoyable Christmas and lots of good ringing to look forward to in 2016.

Devon Ringers Carol Service 2014 at Buckfast Abbey was brilliant. This year it is even easier to get to ………..
  • It is always wise to check if a practice night is on, or not, before setting off around the Christmas New Year period.
  • Visitors looking for Christmas services to ring for, or somewhere to ring in the New Year, are advised to make use of the Dorset Towers website.
CONTACTS for many Dorset Towers can be found here:
– from Delie, re the Eight-Bell Group at Bradpole Ringing Centre:
“In the new year bells are booked for Friday 8 Jan and fortnightly 22 Jan, 5 and 19 Feb, 4 and 18 March,1, 15 and 29 April. 10 am to 12 noon.Please contact me before coming to ring in case of cancellation. 
“On Friday 18 Dec a quarter is being attempted followed by a short practice for those living very near Bradpole. So other ringers please do not come. This follows the success of the last quarter. May I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year, Good ringing and thank you, Delie.”
01297 678293. Tuckmill, Hawkchurch, Axminster, EX13 5UX

– from Bradpole Ringing Centre Voluntary Management Team: “The inaugural General Meeting of Bradpole Ringing Centre Society, which was to have been on Saturday January 9, has been postponed; matters have taken longer to set up than anticipated – apologies.”
-from Nigel Orchard,

“Please encourage as many ringers as possible to respond [to this survey].
The survey will close at the end of January.”

– from Andy Smith:

“Saturday 2 January 2016

Dorset County Association – Practice Bradford Peverell (8) 7pm

All welcome”

Special method? Come and ask what you want to ring & maybe some ‘seasonal tunes.’

The AGM:

Saturday 6 February 2016

Dorset County Association – AGM Martinstown (6)

Tea and Meeting at Stratton.

Watch Campanophile and Bellboard for details.


“The DCA has all the best jollies”

More pics from 21 November on Facebook……..

And congratulations to all who spotted the ‘deliberate mistake’ in the last emailing.

Yes, YEOVIL is no longer a 10! And the DCA has booked all 12 for Sat Nov 19 2016 from 4.30 – 6.30pm.


Whitchurch – Bells – Bikes

For stuff on bells and the Tour de Yorkshire see……..

For more, including Whitchurch Canonicorum, see blog for August 11………….
If you think the DCA should be fielding a team or  pulling together a scratch band, please speak to the Ringing Masters:

National Mini Ring Striking Competition
at 9:00–20:00
“We have the 12 Bell, the Tewkesbury Shield and the RWNYC, so why not one for Mini Ringers? An 8-Bell Competition to be held at Pig le Tower, Marston Bigot, with other attractions (such as St Leonard’s and other local mini rings) open (TBC) – oh and copious amounts of beer, cider, chat and FUN 🙂

Test: 168 of Triples, 224 of Major or an appropriate length (3 minutes?) of Call Changes. Practice time will be allocated, probably 5 minutes but may be shortened as necessary.”

Best Wishes to Ben Dames, former DCA Committee Member, re-locating to the east of England
So please remember to put all the dates above on your new calendar, complete that important survey
& Listen to this while you do it……

Congratulations Barry Peachey – 1000th Peal

Barry Peachey, photo used with fingers crossed that he won't mind ;)
Barry Peachey, photo used with fingers crossed that he won’t mind 😉

Barry Peachey  started his ringing career in Winchester and Portsmouth Guild, living first at Emery Down near Minstead, and later moving to Lyndhurst, learning to ring with Tower Captain Peter East, and assisted in his exploits by Barry Fry (St.Barnabas).

Later a member of the Winchester Cathedral Band, where he and Heather were married, he now lives in the North and is the mastermind behind the Barrow and District Society.

Other WP members in this band were Paul Young (who learned to ring at Carisbrooke and now commutes between Yorkshire and The Isle of Wight), and Tim Collins (Dorset, previously resident in W&P and a past member of the Southampton University Guild.).

Huge Congratulations Barry!!!

Barrow & District Society
Barrow-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire
Holy Trinity
Sunday, 6 December 2015 in 3hrs 20 (16.25 Cwt)
5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
Composed by J Worth
Barry F Peachey
Dinah M Donovan
Neil Donovan
Lesley A Knipe
Graham W Elmes
Heather L E Peachey
Barry J Fry
8 Paul T Young
Robert H Jordan
10 Jeffrey Knipe
11 Malcolm S Turner
12 Timothy F Collins (C)

1000th Peal, all rung on conventional tower bells – Barry Peachey.

REMINDER – East Dorset Branch Practice – Sat 12th December



​Dear members,

Last week, we were made very welcome at Wimborne Minster with a well attended branch practice. Thank you to all the Minster ringers for making this go so smoothly. I have received emails from ringers who greatly enjoyed ringing on 12 bells for the first time, and I have copied some of their comments to the bottom of this email which I thought you might be interested to see.

Our next event is:

Branch practice on Saturday 12th December with ringing at:

Winterborne Stickland (4) 11.15-11.45am

(Pub meal at Winterborne Whitechurch)
Winterborne Whitechurch (6) 2pm-3.30pm

At these practices we will be ringing a mixture of methods with lots of rounds/call changes, and plain hunt. So, whatever your level of expertise please feel free to come along and take part.

If you would like to come for a bite to eat/drink at the pub in Winterborne Whitechurch in between the ringing at Winterborne Stickland and Winterborne Whitechurch, then let me know and I’ll book us all a table.

For those who like learning new methods, for these practices please look up the following methods:

If you can ring St Simons & St Martins Doubles – look up St Simons and St Martins Spliced

If you can ring Plain Bob Minor – look up St Clement’s College Bob Minor
If you can ring Cambridge Surprise Minor – look up Hull Surprise Minor

best wishes


Matthew Pike
Branch Ringing Master

Wimborne Minster branch practice email comments:

…..The Wimborne hosts were very welcoming and helpful, and it was a tremendous opportunity to ring amongst that number of bells. In fact it was a lovely way to mark the end of my first year of ringing!….Caroline Rhodes (Fontmell Magna)

….I REALLY enjoyed ringing at Wimborne Minster on Saturday night, it has been a highlight in my ringing, the sound of those bells is beautiful even when I was ringing!….Jillian (Winterborne Whitechurch)

….All of us who came from Child Okeford enjoyed the opportunity of ringing on twelve bells and also seeing inside a clean,organized bell tower…..Rose Shaw

SDGR East Dorset Practice cancellations

The ringing chamber at St. John's Bournemouth
St. John’s Bournemouth is jointly part of WP Guild and SDGR

Other information for anyone intending to go visiting SDGR East Dorset Branch before Christmas:
There will be no practice at Wimborne on Tuesday 15th December due to a school Carol service. All other practices over the Christmas period will take place as normal. See their website

TBC no practice at Wareham on the 17th.

facebook logo smallFor other East Dorset News you are advised to join their Facebook Group. 

Viv Nobbs writes about the ART awards

Click image to visit the ART Awards Web Page

Very exciting update and reminder from “W&P Ex-Pat” Graham Nabb…please help to spread the word.
This is a great opportunity – you’ve seen it publicised before – ART can “Lead the horse to water” and encourage creative initiatives but it’s locally where the action can be driven!
If there’s financial help in this very important area of Teaching and Training – why not use it? PLEASE!!

I’ve often been advised “We just don’t have the time to do anything else.” Understood, BUT I believe that all of us can act positively in some small way – in this particular case, by encouraging and inspiring action locally.

Don’t forget the financial benefits available within our Own Guild’s Action Plan, as well…money’s sat there waiting to be used!!

New Facebook Page and Twitter Feed – University Ringing

facebook logo smallA few months ago, the excellent new website was launched by CCCBR, to create a one-stop-shop for anyone hunting for information about bellringing at University. This is now joined by a Facebook Page… Do take a look at it, and, if you are a facebook user, you can “Like” it to ensure you get all their news.

twitter_logo_blueThere is also a new Twitter Feed, Uniringing


For many ringers, University is an opportunity to build and extend their skills not just in their chosen area of study but in Ringing as well. Send one of your band off to University and they may well return as a potential Tower universitycloud-posterCaptain… the development can be amazing! So, this initiative is worth supporting even if you have no intention of going to University yourself!

FirstPeal2015 Target Exceeded with a Month Still To Go

Salisbury Guild have  contributed the 300th First Pealer in fine style – the 4 first pealers in the band at Wylye became numbers 300, 301, 302 and 303 in this year’s list of First Pealers on Pealbase . The CCCBR Public Relations Committee first dreamed up the initiativre as a way of marking the 300th Anniversary of the First Recorded Peal, and of encouraging people to take the plunge into Peal Ringing who might not otherwise have done so. The oldest First Pealer in this band was 74 – no excuses then? What will be the total be by the end of 2015?

Pictures and information from Ringing World Bellboard

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
Wylye, Wiltshire
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 28 November 2015 in 2hrs 59mins (9–3–16 in F♯)
5040 Doubles
Being 3600 Grandsire and 1440 Plain Bob
1 Joanne Barter
2 Andrew J Howes
3 Patricia A Hoy
4 Nick Claypoole
5 Robert J Purnell (C)
6 Daniel Barter
First Peal for 1,3,4,&6

For the 300th anniversary of the first true peal ever rung and as a 70th Birthday compliment to Roy Mills
A get well soon to Malcolm Penny who was to have rung in this peal
To celebrate thirty years of ringing at Wylye for Jo Barter
Congratulations also to Nick Claypoole on ringing his first peal at the age of 74. June Howes would like to be associated with this peal

Major Work on 28th Nov – 12th Dec

Steady Progress is being made towards going fully live with the new website. You may see disruption this week such as the message “An error has occurred; the feed is probably down. Try again later.” You may also see menus and news feeds straying into unexpected places – both are consequences of one of the changes you have asked for, and should resolve themselves within an hour.

Some members of the Guild have said they anxious for this transfer to be completed as soon as possible – thanks for your patience, work is proceeding as fast as possible but proper planning and testing MUST happen.

Status Now

The Front page now carries all the relevant news and will continue to do so, so you can bookmark to keep up with the news

We believe we have finished moving current and archive material over from wp-ringers to wpbells, so you should find everything you need here, from calendars to events to newsletters to telephone numbers.

If you send an email at the moment, it will probably be handled on the old wp-ringers system, which is the key reason why we are still running both websites.

All the C&S tower pages and rolling news are now on the wpbells, but work to move the C&S District archive across (nearly 1000 pages accumulated over 3 years) has been postponed to later in December so it can be carefully planned – this is going to be complex and we need to get it right first time!

The majority of the Guild Archive remains on Tony Smith’s site. There is no agreement on how to manage this interface but it is not an impediment to taking wpbells live.

We have finished dovetailing with sites belonging to Southampton City Ringers and the Ladies’ Guild. This should create mutually beneficial traffic and help all concerned to spread their news. This creates a little duplicate information but provides all users with an enhanced service. Southampton University Guild are laying similar plans and will dovetail soon.

9 towers (all in C&S) have now gone live on Dove Online, to test out that that interface is working properly.

Plans for this fortnight

We have had loads of feedback and during this fortnight a lot of work needs to happen behind the scenes, in order to  make sure all the problems you have identified are properly addressed.

The system of displaying specific news beside each page works well, but some of the codes originally chosen have a “yuk” factor (too geeky!! Horrid!!) so although it all works, it needs a bit of a rebuild.

The system of gathering news (basically the webmaster hanging around on Facebook and in the various email lists) is OK as a stopgap but LOADS of people have said “we want an easy way to send in news” so we have now completed testing a system to email in news – that will be properly rolled out after this current work is completed, please be patient!

Displaying everything on the front page is technically very simple but several Tower Captains want to be able to post news JUST to their tower page. This will be sorted out this week.

Some of the Tower Pictures don’t fit too well onto their pages – this will be rectified.

The “officers and towers” tables which have been copied over wholesale from wp-ringers don’t fit too well on the slightly narrower pages on wpbells, so they need to be rebuilt from the source tower/officer database and reinstalled and retested. While we are at it, we will simplify the display of bell weights – another thing that several people wanted.

The Dove Online system allows towers to nominate a website for contact information etc. Where towers currently use wp-ringers or candsbellringers, or no website, they will be moved move to towards the end of this week’s work.  Towers which have chosen to use a different website, will not be affected. We can help you to move from one to another if you decide to do so. However:

The decision about which web page to link to, from Dove Online, rests with that tower’s band of ringers, not with a particular webmaster

A quick poll of random Tower Contacts and District Officers has indicated that some of them are unaware of the new site so all of them will be emailed within the next 2 weeks to be informed about the changes and asked to double check their own information.

Emails will also be sent to other webmasters believed to be affected by the planned disappearance of wp-ringers, so they can make the necessary changes to their websites.

Finally Going Live

… will probably occur about a week later if all goes smoothly, and will entail formally telling Google CCCBR, and ART that wpbells is the official Guild Website, and putting an automatic redirection onto wp-ringers (details being fleshed out with the wp-ringers team), to assist any users who are still unaware of the new site.

The Beginning of the real work!

AT THIS STAGE we can regard the system as being through the design and implementation stage, and into “business as usual” status. However we will continue to work with towers and Districts to enable them to make full use of the services they wish to use – contact management, news, event promotion, etc etc.


Ladies’ Guild Southern District

What is the Ladies’ Guild?

We meet together in local districts throughout the year, and nationally at an AGM Weekend in June, hosted by a different district each year.

Our object is ‘to bring together ringers both nationally and within local districts, to encourage new ringers, and to improve the standard of ringing amongst women’.

We provide a supportive network of Members who will help any other member who wishes to achieve new goals within ringing. This may be to ring a quarter or peal, to try a new method, to have an opportunity to try conducting, or to make the effort to ring or call something new. Members will organise a band and a suitable tower.

The Ladies’ Guild was formed in 1912 to bring together ringers, both nationally and within local districts and to improve the standard of ringing amongst women.  [visit the ladies’ guild website]

Southern District

Southern District covers an area centred on Hampshire, east to border the Southeastern district in Sussex, west to border the Western District in Wiltshire and Dorset, and south to the Channel Islands.

Contacts for the Southern District are listed on their web page

Brilliant FirstPeal2015 achievement by the Southampton University Guild!

SUGCR Peal Band 22 Nov 2015

Daniel Graham reports from Southampton:

Huge well done to Jon, Clare and Peter on ringing their first peal today! Excellent work, another fantastic achievement for SUGCR!

Southampton University Guild

Southampton, Hampshire
Sunday, 22 November 2015 in 2h36 (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Seven different extents
Kristian D Scudamore
Peter Dillistone
Clare M Merivale
Jonathan C Mills
Oliver B Chaloner
Philip D Moyse (C)
First peal for 10 years, and first without a stay: 5

That makes 8 firsts for the SUGCR this year!! (Philip Moyse)

Peal information taken from Bellboard


An outstanding Quarter Peal Recording

Simon Lipscombe

It’s a challenge to get a good recording of ringing. It’s also a challenge to conduct a beautifully struck Quarter Peal…but to do both at once??

This Quarter was in memory of Simon Lipscombe, and also the Conductor’s Great Aunt. All photos and the recording used by permission. QP Information from Bellboard 

 Recording by Jack Pease

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
On Saturday, 21 November 2015 in 0h 53m
Southampton, Hampshire
St Mary

Tenor: 21–2–8 in E♭
1440 Plain Bob Minor
Composed by Roger Bailey
1 Polly Osborne
2 Katie Child
3 Ross A Bradley
4 Daniel R C Scott
5 Daniel Graham
6 Jack R Pease (C)

Rung on the back six half muffled to commemorate the life of Lorna Frances Stark, great aunt of the conductor, who died on Friday 6th November in Southampton General Hospital, aged 85 and who lived in Southampton most of her life. Also rung half muffled in memory of Simon E Lipscombe-Smith, who died on 2nd November, aged 26, an active young ringer in this guild.

Lorna Stark on her 80th birthday. Photo by Jack Pease
Lorna Frances Stark, photo by Jack Pease.

A sneak preview of Guild Events in 2016

Viv Nobbs shared this at the Guild Exec Meeting on Nov 1st 2015

2016 “Firsts Fortnight” for the Guild. 1st March – 15th March 2016.

Please ask your District to consider choosing appropriate categories e.g. first quarter peal, first visit to another tower, first touch called. This gives a specific aim for a ringer and offers the District and Guild an opportunity to recognise individual achievements. The results can be posted on the website, of course.

2016 Guild Peal Festival. June 2016.

A natural follow on to the FirstPeal2015 initiative that is going so well. There is a good deal happening that month, so we’re anticipating a variety of footnotes! Let’s see if we can see a significant increase in “W & P” peals next year!

Young Ringers’ Events

South East Region Young Ringers Striking Contest.

We’ve been invited by The Guildford Diocesan Guild Young Ringers to enter a team on Saturday 2nd April at Epsom. Details to follow. We will be discussing with a number of ringers who are actively helping young ringers’ groups already with a view to a team entering from our Guild. We have registered an interest.

Joint Venture with SDGR

We’ve been asked by The Salisbury Guild to consider a jointly organised ringing and social event, possibly in the summertime of 2016. Again this will be considered and discussed – more details will be made available, as soon as possible.

Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell striking contests 21st May A.M.

We need active help if these contests are to survive and thrive. We are sure there are many benefits to be had apart from the competition element. The building of teams  can be motivating and great fun, encourages team spirit and can help with retention of ringers. We will endeavour to work with a District and hope to make a good day out for ringers

A.G.M Ringing Day 2nd July 2016

Hosted by the Winchester District, the day will include the Inter-District 8 bell striking contest. Again, efforts are being made to make the day enjoyable and arrangements are being made now.

It will be based at New Arlesford (using Cheriton, Titchbourne, Easton as well in the Itchen Valley) to have a range of towers within easy reach. These are mostly 6 bell towers.

  • ringing
  • striking competition
  • lunch
  • service
  • AGM
  • tea

Ladies’ Guild ring quarter peal at Minstead with *4* conductors!

Minstead continues to be a tower where people push boundaries and achieve new milestones – congratulations to all involved (some of whom were part of the Minstead home band)
Ladies Guild
Minstead, Hampshire
All Saints
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 in 42m (7–0–20 in B♭)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Polly Osborne
Jenny Story
Christine Wright
Patricia Davidson
Judith Williamson
Brenda Palk
Jointly conducted by 2,3,4 and 5.
Rung by members of Southern District, Ladies Guild in memory of Philip Keeble, father of Brenda, who died on October 12th.

Congratulations Nicola Penny (Christchurch)

Nicola is steadily adding to her list of successful Quarter Peals – but number 5 was an outstanding achievement by the band (drawn mostly from Salisbury Guild), as all the band were under 18. It is believed to be the first one in SDGR, and was organised and conducted by Jack Pease (Hampreston)

Click for details on Bellboard

DCA 12 bell Practice at Christchurch Priory on November 22nd 2014

C&S Bellringers ARCHIVE SITE

Another date for your diary if you enjoy (or aspire to) 12 bell ringing. The Dorset County Association is a very welcoming band, and these practices are very productive and enjoyable. Access to the Priory is by key-coded door to the North side of the tower so, if you know you are going to be late, please email the organiser in advance. (form below)

Saturday 22 November 2014

Dorset County Association – Practice Christchurch Priory (12)

7pm – 9pm, all welcome.

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