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Need some Publicity material? Posters, leaflets, videos from CCCBR

There is a wealth of material on the CCCBR website and much of it is effective and has stood the test of time. All links below will take you to the CC website. To look at the original page please click here

Publicity material (produced by the committee or by others) is made available here:

  • Event posters:
    • For Celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a Porch notice in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a Tower Open Day in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a Special occasion in either PDF or docx format.
  • Congratulatory certificates:
    • For a First peal in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a First quarter peal in either PDF or docx format.
    • For a First quarter peal (fewer details) in either PDF or docx format.
  • What is a peal?

    Information about peal ringing that you are free to copy and adapt.
    See: <What is a peal?>

Press releases

Press releases:

Advice about press releases and samples that you are free to copy and adapt. See: <Press releases>

Ringing themes

Ringing related themes:

Short descriptions of various aspects of ringing that you are free to copy or adapt in publicity material, articles, etc. <See themes>

Recruitment video

Recruitment video: Up the Spiral Staircase.

A video looking at ringing through the eyes of a young non-ringer. Initiated by Andrew Craddock and funded by the Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild. <Download from here>

CCCBR recruitment poster

CCCBR recruitment poster: Ring the changes.

Available in printed form or as a download <See details here>. Its style matches that of the Recruitment leaflet (next item).

Recruitment leaflet:

CCCBR recruitment leafletBell Ringing
the ultimate team activity. Glossy leaflet for distribution to the general public. Supplies available from CCCBR. Also as a download.
<See details here>

Presentation slides about Bells and Bellringing

Title slideFor ringing educational and publicity purposes.
<See details here>

Leaflet for incumbents and churchwardens.

Update on plans for CC2016 May 27th-30th

CC2016 Logo
CC2016 May 27-30

Plans are coming on, we’re going to print with the brochure by the end of the year.

Please put the date in your diary and your District Diary now because HELP will be needed from Stewards, and help manning the open towers and the Help Desk for the weekend, greet our guests, etc.

Christine Hill

The organising committee  is working VERY hard and thanks! Viv

The Bishopstoke Ringing Centre

  • An independent Central Council recognised Ringing Centre.
  • Located at St Mary’s Church, Bishopstoke (10 bells, tenor 11 cwt).
  • The principal facility is an up-to-date Abel simulator which is used with the clappers tied. The church has a toilet and there is a kitchenette for serving light refreshments.
  • The Centre may be used by Districts, Towers and other groupings for running ringing courses, subject to availability.
  • There is no fixed charge but a donation is reqeested.
  • Applications should be made to the tower secretary.
  • Successful bookings should be notified to the Education Committee

CCCBR President Chris Mew latest blog October 2015

chris mew from CCCBR websiteI think this is September running late due to leaf fall season!
You will have seen that I was involved with dedication of new 6 at Leek Wootton (RW of 16 October) and the following week, like many of you, ringing for the Queen achieving status as the longest reigning monarch. The response to this was widespread and shows that ringers rise to the occasion for such national events.As I write this the Anniversary of the battle of Agincourt in 1415 is about to take place, no doubt more excuses to ring.
Later in September I had a most interesting meeting with Sir Peter Heywood, grandson of the famous Sir Arthur Heywood who was President of the CCCBR, method and composition composer and also narrow gauge railway builder. The discussion surrounded plans to celebrate both the 125th Anniversary of the Council’s first meeting in 2016 and the centenary of Sir Arthur’s death. Plans are being developed to hold a weekend of activities centred on Duffield over the weekend of 23rd /24th April. Yes it is also Shakespeare’s birthday and close to the Queen’s “real” 90th birthday but keep the date in your diary, more information to follow.

The start of October saw a meeting to discuss improvements to the Council website and other IT based services which are being progressed. This was followed by a review of Methods and associated “Decisions” at Southwark, a preliminary report having already appeared in the RW (page 1030). Whilst this is a highly technical and specialised subject it does cover all our four centuries of change ringing tradition.

The most recent gathering was the CC Admin Committee which looked to next year’s Council in Portsmouth, the forthcoming survey by the Trends Committee which is most important, and other necessary business.

Finally, you will be aware that the Ringing World Board has been examining the future and finances and shape of the ringing World and has been grateful for discussion and suggestions put forward from ringers. In order to be further informed on the desires of ringers regarding the newspaper, it is the intention to take a survey of all interested persons including existing subscribers. Please keep an eye open for further information on the launch of this survey shortly.

In between ringing activities I did manage to get a trip on the reopened Borders Railway from Edinburgh to Tweedbank – by steam, superb.

CCCBR provides Health and Safety Policy for Associations

C&S Bellringers ARCHIVE SITE

Dear Secretary.

The Tower Stewardship Committee of the CCCBR have been asked if we can produce a health and safety policy for use by societies/associations/guilds of change ringers.

We have now produced such a document, which is now available on our website.  I also attach a pdf copy

This is a generic document, that can be modified and used by societies/associations/guilds.

This document is prepared by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers Tower Stewardship Committee for the guidance of
Society/Association/Guilds of Change Ringers when drawing up a Health and Safety Policy to cover activities of the Association.

In all cases the policy should take account of the actual activities, facts and circumstances of the Society/Association/Guild in question.

It is up to individual Societies/Associations/Guilds as to whether such a policy is implemented or not,
but the Tower Stewardship Committee would recommend such a policy is put into place.

If you…

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High Level Resignation from Central Council

C&S Bellringers ARCHIVE SITE

Elva AinsworthElva Ainsworth today posted on Facebook:

Have just resigned from my position as Additional Member of the Central Council to support the “Future of Change Ringing” project as have come to the conclusion that the Associations/Council desire and ability to modernise do not match mine sufficiently to justify continuing. I love ringing and what it provides and think I can make more difference from outside the Council than from within the current structure but I would like to sincerely thank those who have allowed me to contribute to this conversation – it has been an absolute privilege to work with ringers across the exercise who are supremely committed and extraordinary in so many (good) ways.Thank you and best wishes Elva Ainsworth

Those of us who heard  Elva speak at our Winchester “Change Ringing for the Future” Event will remember  that she was working within the Central Council, on the committee which is…

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Special Offer – DVDs of historic copies of Bell News and Ringing World – from CCCBR Library Committee

The price of Bell News (1881-1915) and Ringing World (1911-1940) DVDs have now been reduced to £25 and are available from the CC Library Committee.  Ringing World (1941-1970) is also available at £35.

Details of these and other publications can be found here
and an order form here

Some early issues of Bell News and other publications are available online here

Work is in progress in extracting ringing related material from Church Bells, the general church paper which started in 1870.  We hope to make this available on the CC website.

Paul Johnson

CHANGE RINGING FOR THE FUTURE – Summary of Wellesbourne Nov 12th 2011

A conference to discuss the future of Change Ringing with particular emphasis on the need to attract and retain young ringers was held at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire on Nov 12th 2011.

Full notes on the conference are available here:

A Few Points from the Discussion

This is just a selection. A wide variety of good points and suggestions was made at the conference.

  1. There is a problem with the decline in numbers of ringers, especially younger ringers.
  2. Some organisations are flourishing (eg Guiding).
  3. Guiding offers young people challenges, the opportunity to learn new skills, team work, friends, fun, involvement in a national organisation.
  4. Local leadership is important, engaging with the church and community and selling the benefits (maths, music, sport, leisure).
  5. It was suggested that we might be organised and funded nationally and transferred from a representative body to a service organisation.
  6. New technolgy could be used – video links, Twitter and Facebook, mobile phones.
  7. It was felt that good publicity and excellent training were vital for improvement and advancement of The Exercise overall.