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Guild says goodbye to Rosalind Martin

To all in Winchester and Portsmouth Guild of Bellringers,

We would like to inform folks that Rosalind Martin has stood down as web-master for the Guild’s website.

Rosalind has been at the forefront of such major change that it is impossible to mention all the areas.

The Herculean task of building our website and future proofing it has led to it becoming a site that has a reputation of excellence in the bell-ringing world.

Now that the building and refining has been achieved and Rosalind is largely living in Birmingham, she feels this is a good time to step away.

There is a plan being drawn up to spread Rosalind’s workload out to as many people as we can in the team but help is being sought by us from everyone reading this.

We need;
• Assistant Webmaster to support Andrew Glover who has taken over the role
• More News Coordinators in each district who can collect ringers’ stories, anecdotes, local news and ringing successes and play at being a new editor ~ Full support will be available

Ros, the Comms Team would like to acknowledge your sustained effort and skills as a website builder and Web-Master.

We know you will join us in wishing Ros all the very best and we look forward to continuing to ring with you.

Thank You

The Team. and Guild Master

How to post the weekly news to Facebook

Copy this URL:

Go to each Facebook group in turn and paste the URL into the “post” window. If you have time to write a short message about one of the news items, more members will click through.

The groups are:

When to post the news to Facebook:

As soon as possible after the email versions have been released. Posting too soon might mean members missed some news that was posted at the last moment.

Join the AGM “Facebook Event”

If you want to join the AGM Event on Facebook, just click here.  (You will need to be a member of the W&P Guild Group)

If you are coming to the AGM and don’t know many names yet, it’s a good way to see who’s going and what they look like (or what they used to look like in their prime, we all do it, use the “slightly old photo”…. Ringers are a friendly bunch but meeting dozens of new ones on the same day can be a bit much if you don’t have a clue who’s who!

For a full program for the day please click here.

Alton and Petersfield District Facebook Group

Valerie Harris Writes:

We have breathed new life into the facebook group Alton and Petersfield Change Ringers, so please feel free to request to join the group and start posting.
Webmaster’s Note: With the author’s permission, Any tower news or photos posted in the group can be copied onto the Guild Website so that visitors and non-Facebook users can also see what’s happening. Handy for cancelled practices, significant quarter peals, and other news!

Have A Great Week, Visitors from Birmingham (August 1st-5th)

Dear members of the Birmingham School of Bellringing,
We hope you have a great week, ringing on the Isle of Wight from the 1st to the 5th of August. If you post pictures and news from the week in your Facebook Group, they can be easily copied onto the W&P Guild Website for our members to enjoy too! Videos (From Youtube) welcome too! You can email in your news using the form below, if you prefer.
Kind Regards
Rosalind Martin
Guild Communications Team

District Practice & Hartless Striking competition report

We have had another wonderful district practice and striking competition at Fawley, with over thirty members from across the district joining us. The first hour was for the practice with a mixture of rounds and call changes, various methods, and plan courses and even touches of St Clement’s minor (the special method for the practice).

Judge providing feedback to the bands

The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with the Hartless Shield Striking Competition. There were six bands entered this year, including a band formed from the district youths.
As usual the standard of ringing was very high, presenting a nice challenge for our judge Alan Bentley.

With such good ringing the result was very close, but (again) Eling came out on top piping Christchurch in to second place and the District youth into very creditable third place. John Davey, one of the guild officers, presented the winning teams with their certificates, and Eling the Hartless Shield.

By good fortune we even have a recording of the winning ringing by the Eling band. and a link to the Youth Band’s ringing on Youtube

Eling receiving the Hartless Shield at Fawley

The next practice is scheduled for the Saturday the 23rd of April, with the tower to be confirmed.  If you’ve never been to one I’d strongly recommend you do as they are a wonderful opportunity to ring at another tower, with other people, and maybe something you don’t normally ring.  Hope to see you there.

PS. a very special thank you to David Forder for providing the pictures for use in this post.

“My Vision for Striking Competitions” by Greg Jordan

Greg Jordan St Michaels BasingstokeGreg Jordan was recently appointed to the Guild Striking Committee… a brief interview on Facebook followed….

R: Welcome to the guild striking committee experience!
G: Why thank you!
R: When did you take up ringing?
G: 20th April 2008
R: That’s very exact! Where did you learn?
G: St. Michaels Basingstoke
R: What made you want to learn?
G: The rest of my family rang, so I though “if i can’t beat them, I may as well join them!” 🙂
R: Hahaha! What is your vision for the striking competitions? What do you think they contribute to a band?
G: My vision for the striking competitions is that…

  • they should end up making everyone in the guild feel welcome to join in with, no matter what their standard is.

  • A striking competition is a chance to not only better your striking, which after all is the aim of ringing, but also to go out to other towers and experience different bells.

  • For a band that doesn’t necessarily go to many other towers, it’s a chance to meet new people and ask their advice on a particular problem, whether it is part of a method or listening skills.

  • A striking competition should not Single out a select few, but be inclusive to all.

How to get more ringers to attend your practices….

OK so there’s no guaranteed method! Otherwise we would all already be doing it! But for some practical ideas read on:

  • Visit other practices – this builds up a supportive relationship that may well generate reciprocal visits
  • Post about good practices here on the website – that way other ringers will see that you are enjoying your practice nights and may be more tempted to come
  • Post about cancellations here on the website – there is NOTHING more offputting than driving to a new place and being left in the dark in the church yard. You may not be aware that around 50% of potential visitors prefer not to ring ahead – they will base their decisions on your tower web page….
  • Pamber Priory Photo by Adam Greenley
    Pamber Priory Photo by Adam Greenley

    Make sure your tower webpage is welcoming, correct, and has a stunning photo. The one on the right is a brilliant example – doesn’t it make you wish that the bells at Pamber Priory were ringable?? You can request any changes to your tower page. You can even have 2 or three if you want to.

  • Have a clear poster in the church porch, detailing your ringing times. Could you replace it every month? Fresh is good!
  • Join Facebook and become a member of your District Facebook Group. It’s the easiest way of networking with local ringers, especially the younger ones who are ringing several times a week.

Please send tower news, photos, etc to email address

Joining the Dots – WordPress to Twitter to a Facebook Page

The Guild Website contains information and news from 200 towers, 8 Districts, and a number of different Guild Committees. That’s a lot of news – it needs to be intelligently shared through the appropriate social networks, so the intention is to automatically feed through posts from this website, to twitter, and on to the appropriate Facebook Page.

If you would like to set this up for your tower, District or committee, there are instructions online:

  1. To feed relevant website posts into your Twitter feed, sign up for twibbleio using these instructions. (Drop me a line so we can give you the RSS feed URLS you will need). Make sure you tick “Only Tweet new items” or you will start sending out old news!!!
  2. To feed tweets into a Facebook Page (not a GROUP though), use these instructions.

Once you have done this, why not go the whole hog and request to become a website correspondent? That way you can email your news into the website, then make yourself a cup of coffee while it powers across Twitter and Facebook as well……! Neat!

Christchurch and Southampton District is already up and running with this system. The website RSS feed is linked to @Candsbellringer on Twitter which goes onto the District’s FB page.


Following the success of Firstpeal2015, What next? CCCBR PR Committee member Matthew Sorell currently consulting


Matthew Sorell is a member of the CCCBR Public Relations Committee, which was behind the FirstPeal2015 project this year. He posted on Bellringers* this morning asking for feedback on an idea for 2016.

*Bellringers is a 2500+ strong international Facebook group which welcomes new ringers. This item is reproduced with Matthew’s permission – the normal protocol for the group is “if you want to read the stuff, join the group!”

Matthew writes:

351. The first first-pealer today will take us to the best tally since 1993 (381).

Based on comments here and elsewhere, and discussions with some interested ringers, we could consider the following goals for 2016:
1. 400 first pealers (8/week), with a stretch goal of 500 (10/week). We have been hitting 10/week for nearly 3 months now.
2. 50 first peal conductors (1/week)

and there seems to be some support to monitor and recognise:
1. first quarters (and as conductor) – and notably early quarters (such as first 5)
2. first (and early) service ringing
3. early peals (such as first 5)

While there are some records for these, they are not necessarily reliable so we really don’t have longitudinal data to compare. This means there isn’t really much basis from which to set target figures. However, if we could find a mechanism to keep a fairly reliable tally, we have something to go on for 2017.

The recognition of ringing “angels” for peals, quarters and service ringing – that is ringers of any experience who support new ringers by being part of the band, has been proposed by MarquisRFS extending the idea of “peal angels” recognised by Andrew Craddock’s pealbase. What I like about this idea is that it raises awareness of what all of us can do to support ringers as they join the Sunday service band and ring early quarters and peals. What do people think of this idea?


Replies typed below will be displayed on the website and copied back to Matthew. RM

Contact Ian McCallion

Facebook: See Guild Group
Email: Use Form

SDGR East Dorset Practice cancellations

The ringing chamber at St. John's Bournemouth
St. John’s Bournemouth is jointly part of WP Guild and SDGR

Other information for anyone intending to go visiting SDGR East Dorset Branch before Christmas:
There will be no practice at Wimborne on Tuesday 15th December due to a school Carol service. All other practices over the Christmas period will take place as normal. See their website

TBC no practice at Wareham on the 17th.

facebook logo smallFor other East Dorset News you are advised to join their Facebook Group. 

New Facebook Page and Twitter Feed – University Ringing

facebook logo smallA few months ago, the excellent new website was launched by CCCBR, to create a one-stop-shop for anyone hunting for information about bellringing at University. This is now joined by a Facebook Page… Do take a look at it, and, if you are a facebook user, you can “Like” it to ensure you get all their news.

twitter_logo_blueThere is also a new Twitter Feed, Uniringing


For many ringers, University is an opportunity to build and extend their skills not just in their chosen area of study but in Ringing as well. Send one of your band off to University and they may well return as a potential Tower universitycloud-posterCaptain… the development can be amazing! So, this initiative is worth supporting even if you have no intention of going to University yourself!

Email problems currently affecting members

This problem is not internal – it is affecting email services but really hampering internal communications within the Guild….

It has recently been noticed that delivery of a small number of emails is failing for unknown reasons. If you have recently sent any emails please CHECK YOUR INBOX – your service provider will have altered you by sending a message that looks something like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 07.22.50

If you get a message like this then for the time being you will need to use another medium to send your communication to that person – phone, Facebook or an alternative email address for the same person. You may find our contact system useful

It is believed that this means some people are probably receiving NO EMALS AT ALL whereas the rest of us may be receiving all of them, but unable to send anything to those affected…

If you one of the unlucky people who are receiving none, please contact your email service provider.

CS District Quarter Peal Club going from Strength to Strength

The Quarter Peal Club was set up to offer members of Christchurch and Southampton District opportunities to ring quarter peals that they might not normally get.

We have met twice now at Brockenhurst and rung two very satisfying Quarters. Both times, one of our young ringers got the opportunity to ring. Luke Brooke is to be congratulated for scoring his first Quarter Inside (Grandsire Doubles) this evening, at the first attempt. Luke is a member of the Christchurch Priory band.

The next time we meet it will be to attempt London Minor. This was at the request of Sarah, who has rung it on occasion but would like to consolidate her skills by trying it again. Polly too is very keen to score this. There may be a flurry of London Minor at various towers over the next few weeks to give them some extra practice! If you ring London Minor fairly regularly at your practice nights please say so in the box below to help their preparations!!!

We normally meet on a Friday at 6pm to fit around both the District’s busy practice night patterns, and our conductor’s commitments to quarters at the Clock House starting at 7pm. However we can also ring on Thursdays at 7.30 on occasion – this may enable more working people to participate.

Future plans pencilled in at present are:

  • Grandsire Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • More doubles (Grandsire/Plain Bob/by request!)

facebook logo smallIf you are not currently on our email list/FB list, please contact Rosalind Martin and ask to be added in – the group is very much intended to be inclusive and provide opportunities at all levels.

Santa’s Visit and Christmas Party – in loving memory of Simon Lipscombe

Click to see bigger version
Click to see bigger version

Hey guys….

I’m Claire, I’m the Fundraising and Events Manager for The Ecchinswell Bell Restoration Trust… CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT THE TRUST

In August Simon & myself sat down to put in place an event with a sleigh & Christmas festivities… Simon loved doing the sleigh events…

So Here it is….. For the first time this week I can smile cause I know Simon would love this so much….

Big massive thank you and well done to John Simpson for his hard work on this… We took Simon’s original & had to give a little tweak to fit everything on…


Now we need your help please…..

Ladies and Gents…. Our flyer for the 4th December… Please save it on your phones, share it, post it on your face books…. Let’s get it out there… Spread the word…

And in the words of Simon “Santa is coming to town”

CHANGE RINGING FOR THE FUTURE – Summary of Wellesbourne Nov 12th 2011

A conference to discuss the future of Change Ringing with particular emphasis on the need to attract and retain young ringers was held at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire on Nov 12th 2011.

Full notes on the conference are available here:

A Few Points from the Discussion

This is just a selection. A wide variety of good points and suggestions was made at the conference.

  1. There is a problem with the decline in numbers of ringers, especially younger ringers.
  2. Some organisations are flourishing (eg Guiding).
  3. Guiding offers young people challenges, the opportunity to learn new skills, team work, friends, fun, involvement in a national organisation.
  4. Local leadership is important, engaging with the church and community and selling the benefits (maths, music, sport, leisure).
  5. It was suggested that we might be organised and funded nationally and transferred from a representative body to a service organisation.
  6. New technolgy could be used – video links, Twitter and Facebook, mobile phones.
  7. It was felt that good publicity and excellent training were vital for improvement and advancement of The Exercise overall.