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Winchester District Practice – Tuesday 20th February at Crawley – 7.30-9.00pm

Dear All,

Sorry about this – with all the excitement, etc. of the Annual District Meeting and our own tower AGM on Wednesday, this upcoming date escaped my attention – District Practice, next Tuesday, 20th February, at Crawley.

Crawley has five bells, so even if only a handful can turn up it will make a huge difference to what people can do.

I’ve attached posters, as is my wont, for your tower notice boards or for forwarding to band members.

Best wishes and apologies once again,

District Secretary

Link to Poster

Portsmouth District Minor practice, Saturday 10th March

The next District Minor practice will be on Saturday 10th March at Wickham. Please note the start time of 6PM. We will go for a curry afterwards (please contact Lisa Ashforth to book your meal)

Some of the previous months’ methods may be rung (Cambridge, London, Norwich and Sandiacre) but for the next few months the focus will be on the “Cambridge 12” of the regular 41 surprise minor methods. The new methods for March will be York and Durham.

For ringing-related queries please Contact David Mattingley 

Jersey to host Channel Islands ADM and Inter-tower striking competition – April 28th

The Channel Islands district aims to meet up twice a year. The Spring and Autumn meetings.

The Spring meeting involves the Inter-Island 8 bell striking competition and the Autumn meeting is our ADM and inter-tower 6 bell striking competition. 2018 will have Jersey host the Spring meeting on Apr 28th at St John’s.

The Autumn meeting will be Sept 8th at Forest, Guernsey.

Helen McGregor

Portsmouth District Training – Raising and Lowering – 3rd March

Click for pdf poster

District Training Day
Raising and Lowering

Saturday 3rd March 9:30am to 12:30pm
Portsmouth Cathedral HighStreet, OldPortsmouth, PO12HH

All welcome!

If you are learning to raise or lower come and have a go
Please let your tower captain know to book you a place .

Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers Minutes of the District AGM held on Saturday 22nd January 2018 at St. Peter’s Petersfield

click here for docx version

  1. Welcome
    District Chairman Mike Novell welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished them a belated Happy New Year. On behalf of all present he thanked Canon Will Hughes for conducting the Annual Bell Ringers’ Service; Andy Sparling for playing the piano (the organ being out-of-use); and the local catering team, led by Mary Broadbridge, who had provided such a good hot supper on a cold evening.

  2. Members present
    There were approximately 50 members present at the meeting, representing bands from the following towers: Parish of the Resurrection (Alton, Alton & Holybourne), St. Mary the Virgin Bramshott, St. Matthew Blackmoor, St. Mary Buriton, St. Mary Liss, All Saints East Meon, St. Peter Froxfield, St. Peter & St. Paul Hawkley, St. Peter Petersfield, St. Mary Selborne, All Saints Steep and St. John the Evangelist West Meon/Our Lady of Warnford.

  3. In Memoriam
    Members stood in silence, to remember Anita Seamons of Selborne, who had died since the last AGM.

  4. Guild Matters
    The Chairman introduced and welcomed Pete Jordan, Vice Master W&P. Mr Jordan thanked all District Members for ringing, and the District and Tower Officers for their work and commitment, during the past year. He noted that the A&P District was well represented and advertised on the Guild website.

Mr Jordan then spoke about the Guild’s WW1 Centenary Commemoration Project. In Spring 2019 services are to be held at both Winchester and Portsmouth Cathedrals, during which specially commissioned Books of Records of all ringing for the Fallen of the First World War will be presented. Towers are being asked to forward details of all performances to the Guild WWI Committee; performances sent to BellBoard (The Ringing World) should be marked with the code ‘W & P WW1’. These details relate to any ringing performance, tolling, touch, quarter or peal, and include all who fell in the conflict, whether or not they were ringers. He also asked members to research local tower records to find information about past ringing in memory of those who had given their lives.

Mr Jordan then spoke about ‘Ringing Remembers’, the new recruitment initiative: nationally 1400 ringers died during the War and it is hoped to recruit 1400 new ringers before 11th November in memory of those lost. The scheme is being organised nationally, so that learners can be placed at their most suitable local towers for training.

  1. The Minutes of the last meeting
    The Minutes were accepted as a correct record and signed by the Chairman. He said that any Matters Arising would be covered during the rest of the meeting.

  2. District Officers’ Reports
    Chairman Mike Novell gave a verbal report. He said 2017 had been a successful year with marked progress in ringing skills. Membership had increased for the first time in many years; there were now 170 members (162 last year) and he was pleased to see more members attending the meeting. He said that the Summer Picnic had been good, despite heavy rain and the fact that many people came to ring rather than to eat. The annual Skittles event had run its course and would be discontinued. He concluded by thanking the other District Officers for their help and invited all members to get involved: “You don’t have to have a title to make a contribution; just get on and do it!”.

The Ringing Master’s and Executive Reps.’ reports had been circulated in advance of the meeting and were accepted as written. Mike Novell thanked Mo Routh who had attended the Guild Executive Meeting in his place at very short notice.
The Treasurer reported that the financial position was healthy and Privett Fund had increased (because of visitors to the tower). The Accounts were accepted. Proposed: Roger Barber, seconded: Charlotte Lloyd, and carried. The Chairman signed the record as accurate.

The Learning Resources Officer gave a verbal report, saying that £535 worth of books had been sold last year, making just over £100 in profit, which would be used to buy more books. She offered to obtain whatever titles members required.

The Publicity Officer reminded members that many tower updates for the Guild Annual Report were overdue.

In answer to a question, the Chairman said that a Secretary’s Report was not now appropriate since the job had changed, and the report had been prepared instead by the Ringing Master. However, it was agreed that the report should be rather fuller, covering more aspects of the District’s life, and not be merely the work of one person. The report is to be amended before publication.

  1. Election of Members
    The meeting ratified one Probationer, Sam Marriott (Junior) from Alton.
    Prop. Matthew Watts; 2nd Jess Hornsby
    The following new members were elected:-
    Andrew Croom-Johnson (Senior)
    Prop. Anita Regin; 2nd Kathleen Ogilvie Thompson

East Meon
Elizabeth Hansen
Isadora Hansen (Junior)
Amy Hopgood (Junior)
Tom Hopgood (Junior)
Anna Liddell
Bill Liddell
Pandora Meredith-Hardy (Junior)
Prop. Terry Collins; 2nd Malcolm Donaldson

Tom Bardsley
Prop. Joy Martin; 2nd Harry Cane
David Malone (Senior)
Prop. Melanie Moore; 2nd Madeline King

West Meon
Elizabeth Clements
Ann Taylor (Senior)
Prop. Teresa Brown; 2nd Edwin Grimshaw

Steve Lamb of Alton was re-elected.
Prop. Mike Novell; 2nd Jess Hornsby

Dave Malone, alone of those elected, was present to receive his badge, certificate and literature from the Chairman, who warmly welcomed him to the Guild.

John and Jackie Downham, having recently moved from Winchester Cathedral to Petersfield, and Andrew Taylor, having recently moved from Portsmouth Cathedral to Alton, were all welcomed to the A&P District by the Chairman.

  1. Practices & forthcoming events
    The Publicity Officer said that more practices were being arranged to add to those already on the Calendar. She asked members to keep checking the website for up-to-date information.
  2. A.O.B.
    o Outings. Mike Novell announced that although there would not be a District Outing as such this year, all members were welcome to join the Alton Outing on the first Mayday Bank Holiday, Monday 7th May. He invited people to email him with suggested destinations. The group would travel by coach, but members would also be welcome to come for half a day by car. It was to be a social as well as a ringing occasion.

o Practices. Roger Barber said that recent Surprise Major Practices had been very good and he was willing to carry on organising such practices (informally, not as a District Officer). The eventual aim was to ring Superlative. He was also happy to organise Saturday evening practices for Plain Hunt and the simpler methods. People could email him with requests. Experienced ringers would be required to help. Practices would take place every month from February – November.

o It was decided that there were enough volunteers to enter a band in the 8 bell inter-District striking competition at Basingstoke on 16th June.

o Teresa Brown asked for volunteers to ring a District Quarter Peal (or Quarter Peals) at the Privett Flower Festival, taking place on 26th- 27th May. There will be three ringing slots, on the Sunday afternoon. Graham Cane and Roger Barber undertook to arrange this ringing.

o The Chairman is arranging to present Guild certificates to members who were elected during a period when certificates were not readily available.

o There was a discussion about other possible District events. Jess Hornsby offered to organise an Easter Egg Hunt with a practice at Selborne. The possibility of holding a local ‘outing’ (visiting each other’s towers) for Juniors was considered, if there was enough interest.

o The Ringing Master said that ringers should be encouraged to visit their neighbouring towers, if necessary going outside the Guild/county area. Towers should co-operate to support and help each other. It was, however, acknowledged that it would be very difficult to organise a ‘pool’ of Sunday ringers to ensure that all towers rang for services. Reference was made to Canon Hughes’ sermon in which he stressed that everyone had to work together and one couldn’t ring alone.

The meeting finished at 7.20pm.
Date of next meeting
The Spring Meeting will be held on Saturday 21st April at Privett, followed by ringing at West Meon.

Melanie Moore
District Secretary
9th February 2018

What’s on during February & March in the A&P District


Saturday 10th Feb
Surprise Major Practice at Hawkley
5.30 – 7.30pm

Saturday 24th Feb
Monthly 8 Bell practice at Alton, St. Lawrence
5.30 – 7.30pm


Saturday 10th March – 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Plain Hunting to 7 & 8 and to Triples & Major Methods
at Petersfield

Saturday 31st March
Monthly 8 Bell practice at Alton, St. Lawrence
5.30 – 7.30pm


Please note the isle of Wight Guild Annual District Meeting is looming.

To be held on

Saturday, 17th February,

at Carisbrooke in the church hall.

Ringing from 2.30 with tea and service prior to meeting.

4pm Service in church

4.45 Tea in the church Hall

6pm meeting

Don’t forget – something for the raffle

Please clear your diary so you can attend this important District event. We need your input and voting arm!

All the Island ringing records will also be on display for public viewing.

Details of A&P Special Practices

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 14.23.17

Hi all,
I can now confirm the following,

Saturday 10th February, Surprise Major focus on Cambridge, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire at Hawkley,

Saturday 10th March, Plain Hunting on 7 and 8, and to Triples and Major methods, at Petersfield.

Saturday 14th April, Calling touches of Doubles and Triples, to Plain Bob, Grandsire and Stedman at Liss.

All these will take place from 5.30-7.30pm.

I have more requests for future practises for various other methods and will hold up on arranging any more until we see how well the first 3 go.

Sorry for ant repetition in these emails, I just want to make it clear to everyone what will be happening and where.

All best wishes,



Tower Captain at Arreton, Paul Wise, has decided after many years of hard work, to resign from the post of tower captain.

There are no members of the team able or willing to take on the task so this leaves ringing at the tower in a state of flux for the moment.

There will be practices tonight and for the next two weeks but after that the issue is less clear. The district will need to decide who will be contact for visitors etc.  so would currently suggest any contact should be directed through our District Secretary, Mary Tester.

As further details emerge or are resolved I will try to keep you all up to speed with developments.

Mary Tester’s details are currently available on the District webpage.

To reiterate, the last practice under Paul’s direction will take place on Monday, 12th February. Hopefully we shall have news about how a resolution can be achieved before that. I will post news on the Arreton webpage as things develop.

There is our Annual District Meeting on Saturday, 17th February, so I’m guessing this topic will be high on the Agenda.

Paul, and his other half, Joyce, have worked long and hard to keep Arreton as a ringing tower and a great debt of appreciation and gratitude is due to them both.

Minutes of 2018 Annual Andover District Meeting



Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild



Minutes of 2018 Annual Andover District Meeting

Held at Andover, St. Mary the Virgin

13th January 2018 at 5.50pm

click here for printable version

  1. Welcome and Vote of Thanks

Remembering those District ringers who passed away in 2017

Rev. Peter Robbins – Former vicar at St. Mary’s Kingsclere

Coral Northeast – Basingstoke District member with friends in the District.

David Underhill former ringer at the Clatfords.

Ros Brandwood (treasurer) thanked all attending and explained that neither the Chair nor the Vice Chair were able to attend the meeting.  She was standing in as acting Chair.

She also thanked:

  • The vicar and Churchwardens for the use of the church and the organ.
  • Canon Harkin for taking the service.
  • Gill Gardner for playing the organ.
  • The Kingsclere ringers and Kath Gray for providing the tea.
  • Barbara Townsend for organizing the day.

2. Apologies

  • Peter Niblett, Jenny James Whitchurch, Eve Lind Smith St. Mary Bourne,
  • Mike and Lucy Hopkins Till Highclere, Terry Tarrant Andover,
  • Janet Larkin, Mike and Sharon Morris, Tim Pink, Martin Newbery, Sarah Bates Kingsclere,
  • Abbotts Ann members, Louise Wodehouse Clatfords.

2. Acceptance of 2017 ADM Minutes. (Goodworth Clatford 14.1.17)

The minutes which had previously been distributed were agreed.

Proposed Mike Winterbourne, seconded Lionel Clarke.

3. Matters Arising


4.Acceptance of Half-Yearly Minutes.  Whitchurch 25.11.17

The minutes which had previously been distributed were agreed.

Proposed Mike Winterbourne, seconded Brian Oakes.

5. Matters Arising


6. Officers’ Reports.


          Chair: Peter Niblett

          PN had sent his report which was read to the meeting.

I must apologise for not being able to attend the ADM, but I have prepared a few words. I’d like to start by repeating something I said last year (and probably the year before that), and that is that the level of vitality of ringing activity in the District is not as high as it could be. It’s up to all of us as a District to participate in activities if ringing is really to thrive here

I know Helen is going to talk later about the District Practices, as she is concerned about the number of people attending them. I would like to thank her for the effort she puts into running the practices and assure her that this is greatly appreciated. At the same time I would encourage more people to attend. These practices are intended for all levels of ability, and if anyone has suggestions about how we can improve attendance, please let us know.

We can all benefit by widening our horizons and ringing outside our local towers. The practices are of course one way, but I would also remind you of the Guild Education days, and there are also a number of ringing courses. It has been disappointing that yet again we have had no-one take up our bursary scheme.

I may be sounding a bit gloomy, but on the positive side we had a very enjoyable outing to Somerset, organised again by John Simpson, Roger Thomas has continued running the monthly 8-bell practices at Hurstbourne Priors, and last year also saw the start of joint monthly surprise practices with the Oxford Guild. I would like to thank Tim for encouraging people to go to them, and for continuing to organize quarter peals.  Also this year will be the 90th anniversary of the District, and it would be good if we could mark that in a way that brings us all together.

I would like to close by thanking the other committee members whom I haven’t mentioned so far, Maggie and Ros for organizing it (and me) and Ros for standing in for me today.


Secretary: Maggie Hiller

Almost all the towers this year, have similar messages.

Recruiting and retention are a constant worry especially when we think to the future.  Variable attendance of some newer members slows their progress.  People are willing to come along to open days to find out about ringing but are unwilling to commit.

Most towers are able to manage service ringing, weddings and funerals, often with the help of ringers from neighbouring towers.  Andover can manage a monthly practice only.  Having only 5 ringers they would really welcome support from visitors on practice night (2nd Tuesday each month).

A few have managed to ring quarter peals for special occasions (WW1 commemorations, royal and family events and for church members who are moving away).  Visiting bands also have occasionally rung QPs this year.

Other tower visitors have included school parties, Rainbows, scouts and cubs as well as those who drop in during church fetes if the tower is open.  These visits have yielded new recruits at several towers in the last few years and hopefully the younger ones will return at a later date.

Some towers mention particular events.

A new kitchenette is in the process of being installed at St. Mary Bourne.  No ringing is possible there at present but Hurstbourne Priors has welcomed the band to their practices.

Abbotts Ann is pleased with the progress made and local interest expressed in their hand bell group.  They have also started to ring methods!

Whitchurch is trialing a terylene rope top to see if it will help in preventing breakages.

The joint practices held at Woolton Hill and Burghclere with additional ringers from Kingsclere and Kintbury continue to pay dividends.   Their new recruit made his public debut at the carol service on Christmas Eve.


Treasurer: Ros Brandwood

The Treasurer reported on the accounts for the year ended 30th November 2017, copies of which had been distributed to the meeting.  Ros thanked Carol Waller for undertaking the independent examination of the accounts.

It was pleasing to note that membership had increased very slightly, resulting in a small increase in income.  After deducting the amounts due to the Guild and other expenses, the District was left with a surplus of income over expenditure of £142 (£209 in 2016). 

The bursaries offered previously had not been taken up and it had been agreed to use some of the available funds to provide the tower fees for the district outing (£89).

The balance carried forward at the year-end was £1,310.60.

Adoption of the accounts was proposed by Helen Piper, seconded by Barbara Townsend and agreed by the meeting.

As mentioned previously, the bursaries offered in the last two years had not been taken up.  The officers, therefore, were suggesting an alternative way of encouraging members to take advantage of the training available.  The Guild’s Education Committee ran a number of courses throughout the year aimed at varying levels of ability.  The fees were generally a modest £12.  The District already offered to reimburse the cost for those in full-time education.  It now proposed to reimburse the cost of up to 10 courses a year for other members (limited to one course per applicant).  These would be awarded on a ‘first-come. first-served’ basis.  Details would be circulated by the Secretary


Ringing Master: Helen Piper

HP explained that she had been discouraged by members who had not attended DPs or who had left venues early.  DPs are designed to help members at the tower attended but it seems this is difficult to get across.

      She asked how members thought how they might be improved.

Suggestions were put forward:

  1. Ringing Master to establish the required needs of the ringers from the tower captain – what their band would like to ring – what they need help with.
  2. This programme to be emailed to all towers prior to the practice.
  3. To try a Saturday morning practice based on one method perhaps, to take place twice a year, during the summer.

All less experienced ringers need as much encouragement as possible to attend towers other than their own, and to attend DPs at their own towers. 

By keeping the emphasis on attendance at DPs it may persuade less able ringers that the support is there for them.

Roger Thomas suggested that rather than initiating a new Saturday morning practice as a way to attract more ringers, it would be better to put more effort into encouraging attendance at District practices, as these are already arranged, with towers and people to run the meetings.

Helen, Tim and Roger were all thanked for their hard work and dedication to providing the variety of ringing opportunities available in the District.

7. Election of Officers

At the 2017 ADM it was decided that the officers elected at the 2016 ADM would continue to serve until 2018 when the new rules (below) would be adopted.

Three District officers are to be elected for a term of two years on a rolling basis from 2018’

Year 1 – Chair, Vice Ringing Master, Treasurer

Year 2 – Vice Chair, Secretary, Ringing Master.

2018 is Year 1- Officers to be elected:

Chair (currently Peter Niblett) No new nominations were forthcoming.  Peter has agreed to continue.

Proposed Mike Winterbourne, seconded Barbara Townsend.  All in favour.

Vice Ringing Master (currently Tim Pink) No new nominations were forthcoming.  Tim has agreed to continue.

Proposed Helen Piper, seconded Carol Waller.  All in favour.

Treasurer (currently Ros Brandwood) No new nominations were forthcoming.  Ros has agreed to continue.

Proposed Maggie Hiller, seconded Helen Piper.  All in favour.

8. Appointments

Independent Examiner (currently Carol Waller)

Ros thanked Carol for her work.  Carol kindly agreed to continue. 

Proposed Ros Brandwood, seconded Helen Thomas.  All in favour.

Guild Exec Reps (currently District Secretary and Barbara Townsend)

The task of these officers is to attend the Guild Exec meetings and disseminate information to District towers.

Both officers agreed to continue.

Proposed Brian Oakes, seconded Helen Thomas.  All in favour.

District Forum Reps (currently Brian Oakes and Ros Brandwood)

An annual meeting to discuss any aspect of the Guild.  Any District member can attend.

Both officers agreed to continue and would welcome any other members who would like to join them.

Proposed Mike Winterbourne, seconded Maggie Hiller.  All in favour.

9. Election of New Members


Fore name


Proposed by

Seconded by

Membership type




Michael Bull

Brian Oakes



Louis (Lou)





Over Wallop

Prob to Full




Prob to Full



St. Mary Bourne


Briant Evans


Hurstbourne Priors

Prob to Full




Prob to Student









10. Proposals

‘The Meeting resolves that the current accounting period for the District be extended to cover the thirteen months ending 31st December2018; thereafter, the accounting year-end to be 31st December.

Background:  to bring the District’s accounting year-end in line with that used by the bulk of the districts within the W&P Guild.’

Proposed by Ros Brandwood, seconded Maggie Hiller. 

After discussion the proposal was withdrawn.

11. Events

a) Monthly District Practices: Gill Gardner has agreed dates with tower contacts and drawn up the list of venues for monthly District practices.  Two extra Saturday venues, mentioned in Item 7d will be added.

                            MH to send copies to all members.

b) Annual District Outing – Saturday 6th or 20th October depending on organizer.

                             Do we have a volunteer to organize this?

c) Education Days:

                             Christine Knights-Whittome outlined forthcoming events.

  •  Friday Evening 23rd Feb. at Bishopstoke ‘Basic Raising and Lowering’ (3 places remaining).
  • 17th March at St. Mary Bourne ‘Plain Bob Doubles and Minor’
  •  8 – 9.30pm 27th March at Cathedral Undercroft ‘Rope Splicing’

90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Andover District:

Towers were encouraged to find suitable ways to mark the event.


Firstly, I thank all those who take on roles in their towers and in their District for all your work.


Are you using the communication paths available, so you do not miss any information?

Win – Port email network

Guild Website – htpp// 


WW1 centenary approaching –How can you help?

Have a look at your old tower records to find any ringing that commemorates a WW1 battle, or records the passing of a WW1 soldier.  This need not be a Quarter just any ringing recorded in the tower records.

  • Ringing Remembers

Symbolic Replacements and a Living Legacy for the 1400 ringers lost during WW1.

A call to new ringers to replace those lost during WW1.

Local volunteers, through website, will be forwarded to District Secretaries who will hopefully find them a tower who will welcome and teach them.

Check the website for information coming towards the end of January with promotional fliers and posters to advertise Ringing Remembered.

  • On 11th November 2018, 100 years since Armistice

Ringers have been asked to ring the bells on 11th November 2018 ideally at 11am.  We know that even with Ringing Remembered supplying extra ringers will not be achievable in all churches, so can you start planning how we can get as many churches as possible involved during November 11th.

  • Cathedral Services

Spring 2019

Services will be held at Winchester and Portsmouth to remember those lost in WW1 and to present a book of the ringing in commemoration.

Liable to be held at 3pm, Evensong.  All ringers are invited.

  1. AOB
    1. Each tower is required to inform the editor of the Guild Report how many copies are required by them this year. 

Please contact Ros Brandwood with your total. 

Meeting closed at 19.10

Dates of next meetings:  Half-yearly –  Whitchurch on Monday 2nd July 2018

      2019 ADM at Whitchurch on Saturday 12th January

Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles -Wednesday 7 February

As you probably know, the group managed a touch of All Saints at the last practice, but if you were not in that team or at the practice and would like to reach that goal, there will be another opportunity at the next practice at Sopley.

To consolidate the methods rung to date we will be aiming to ring touches of Reverse Canterbury, Stedman and Bob Minor. Look out for some fun with “Mixed Doubles” and variations of methods by swapping bobs and singles eg Reverse Canterbury with Grandsire singles is Clifford’s Pleasure, or with Plain Bob Bobs is Southrepps.

Looking a bit further ahead, future methods will include the St Simon’s/Winchendon Place group of methods, leading up to the minor versions (St Clements etc) and looking at more different bobs and singles to incorporate into methods.

Don’t forget that we can always try anything requested by members of the group (if it is within our capability).

I hope to see you there,

Tim Kettle

Alton & Petersfield District calendar January to April 2018

Saturday January 27th – 8 bell practice at Alton, St.Lawrence

Saturday February 24th – 8 bell practice at Alton, St.Lawrence

Saturday March 31st – 8 bell practice at Alton, St.Lawrence

Saturday April 21st – A&P Spring Meeting at Privett (followed by ringing at West Meon (TBC))

Saturday April 28th – 8 bell practice at Alton, St.Lawrence

CS District ADM Saturday 29th Jan at Milford

ADM Poster

  • Milford
    On Sea
  • 3pm – 4:30pm
  • 4:30pm – 5pm
  • 5:15pm
    Tea and ADM
    At Everton Church Hall
    SO41 0LU
  • Method of the Month: Bristol Surprise Major
  • Raffle to be held to support the Youth Ringers going to RWNYC
  • Bring along Raffle Prizes

    Tel: 01590 642159


District 6-bell practice, Wickham, Saturday 10th February

The second Portsmouth District 6-bell practice was a success with sixteen ringers turning up. Methods rung included Cambridge, Ipswich, Norwich and London Surprise as well as St Clements and its close relative Buxton Bob.

The practice was followed by an enjoyable curry at Kuti’s restaurant in Wickham.

The next practice has been arranged for Saturday 10th February, start time 6PM and will again be followed by a curry.

Methods for February are as follows:-

Surprise – Cambridge, Norwich, London and Sandiacre

Plain – St Clements, Double Oxford, Childwall and Thelwall

If you are interested in coming along either as a learner or an experienced ringer willing to help, please contact Lisa Ashforth

CS District Quarter Peal Fortnight 10th-25th March

Quarter Peal Fortnight…?

So what is the quarter peal fortnight?

A two-week period, running from Saturday to Sunday, where we focus on ringing lots of quarter peals in the district.

Why do it?

Quarter peals are the ideal ringing that really does help ringers learn a method they are focusing on. Ringing something for a longer period than just a touch at a practice night really gives us time to familiarise ourselves with the method and also gives us a nice opportunity to focus on striking for a longer period of time.

The main focus of the event would be to give people the chance to ring/call something for the first time, or to ring something they’ve been wanting to ring for a while but haven’t had the local band to manage. Not everyone feels able to organise quarter peals and sometimes a tower may be one short for something they have been wanting to try. This special period of ringing will ensure we all work together to achieve something we have been wanting to achieve.

How would it work?

As the organiser I would centrally co-ordinate the quarter peal fortnight and keep a record of all planned attempts. Quarter peals during the period could form in one of the following ways;

  1. Towers/Bands/Ringers could organise their own attempts during this period and just let me know what and when they are attempting, and I will just keep a record.
  2. Towers/Bands/Ringers may start to organise a quarter peal and find they are short a few ringers, or a conductor, and in this instance I will work with them to help complete the band from other willing district members. (For instance, a band from tower G wants to ring a quarter peal of plain bob doubles, but they only have 4 people who could ring in the quarter, and don’t have anyone to call it. They would contact me and I would provide a conductor and complete the band, such that the attempt could go ahead)
  3. Finally, Towers/Bands/Ringers would be very welcome to express an interest to me directly in what they would like to ring, and then I would try and help facilitate that for them by organising an attempt. (For instance, Joe Bloggs might want to ring a quarter peal of Grandsire Caters and hasn’t yet had the chance – I would work to try and accommodate that)

Why bother?

Well firstly it’s really nice for the district to come together to help each other achieve personal goals and targets, and help each other progress. Ringing quarter peals gives us that shared aim and that shared target for us to aim for.

What should we do now?

Keep the dates free! Spread the word! Get planning some attempts!

Please email me with any questions, comments, or any early requests/ planned attempts and we can make this fortnight another real success!


Agenda for the Andover District ADM Jan 13th 2018

Agenda (printable oft file)

Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild

Agenda for 2018 Annual Andover District Meeting
Held at Andover, St. Mary’s
13th January 2018 at 5.50pm
1. Welcome and Vote of Thanks
Remembering those District ringers who passed away in 2017
Rev. Peter Robbins – Former vicar at St. Mary’s Kingsclere
Coral Eastwood

  1. Apologies

  2. Acceptance of 2017 ADM Minutes. (Goodworth Clatford 14.1.17)

  3. Matters Arising

  4. Acceptance of Half-Yearly Minutes. Whitchurch 25.11.17

  5. Matters Arising

  6. Officers’ Reports.
    a. Chair
    b. Secretary
    c. Treasurer
    d. Ringing Master
    HP would like members to bring their ideas about District Practices to the meeting. Attendances have not been as successful as they might and she would like to know how they might be improved.

  7. Election of Officers
    At the 2017 ADM it was decided that the officers elected at the 2016 ADM would continue to serve until 2018 when the new rules (below) would be adopted.
    ‘Three District officers are to be elected for a term of two years on a rolling basis from 2018’
    Year 1 – Chair, Vice Ringing Master, Treasurer
    Year 2 – Vice Chair, Secretary, Ringing Master.

2018 is Year 1- Officers to be elected:
Chair (currently Peter Niblett)
Vice Ringing Master (currently Tim Pink)
Treasurer (currently Ros Brandwood)
No new proposals have been received.

  1. Appointments
    Internal Examiner (currently Carol Waller)
    Guild Exec Reps (currently District Secretary and Barbara Townsend)
    District Forum Reps (currently Brian Oakes and Ros Brandwood)
  2. Election of New Members

  3. Proposals
    ‘The Meeting resolves that the current accounting period for the District be extended to cover the thirteen months ending 31st December2018; thereafter, the accounting year-end to be 31st December.
    Background: to bring the District’s accounting year-end in line with that used by the bulk of the districts within the W&P Guild.’
    Proposed by Ros Brandwood, seconded Maggie Hiller

  4. Events
    Monthly District Practices: GG
    Annual District Outing – Saturday 13th October:
    Do we have a volunteer to organize this?

Education Days: CK-W

90th Anniversary of Andover District:
Ideas have been put forward to:
To ring a QP at Burghclere on Sunday 11th November.
To ring handbells prior to the service at Sandham Memorial Chapel on that date.

  1. Guild Master’s Report

  2. AOB
    a. Each tower is required to inform the editor of the Guild Report how many copies are required by them this year.
    Please contact Ros Brandwood with your total. Phone: 01635 48937

Dates of next meetings: Half-yearly – Whitchurch on Monday 2nd July 2018
2019 ADM at Whitchurch on Saturday 12th January

St John’s Bournemouth 8 bell practice Tues 9th Jan

Happy new Year everyone!   It’s second Tuesday so must be 8-bell practice at St. John’s.  This is NOT an elite practice but we welcome anyone who wants to progress with ringing on eight.  We ring rounds & called changes –   do plain hunt and any 8-bell method that anyone wants.  This month we will concentrate on Grandsire Triples and take orders for other triples methods that people want to learn this year.

Looking forward to seeing friends old & new tomorrow (9th)

Penelope Samuel

**UPDATED**Winchester District ADM – Saturday 10th February 2018

Dear All,

You’ll be pleased/relieved to learn that the final pieces of the jigsaw for the Annual District Meeting arrangements dropped into place late last week, so the meeting will be at the Taylor-Selwyn rooms in the Education Centre in the Cathedral (Inner) Close, preceded by what I hope will be a ringers’ tea suitable for the occasion, and a choice of ringing at the College and the Cathedral beforehand. Dedicated grabbers should be able to make it to both, but it’s a hell of a climb up the west front turret stairs.

I should point out that there is no ringing after the service, which will finish at about 6.30, mainly because (1) we shall be hosting the Southampton University Ringers as well as the District during the afternoon and (2) on past experience there isn’t a great level of take-up for post-meeting ringing. Once I can get my accreditation to the Cathedral’s Diary restored I can look at what the evensong for the 10th February comprises, and if it looks like a special occasion (apart from us joining the service) I can see if the Cathedral would like some post-service ringing, and put the word round accordingly.

Attached, you will find in a .doc edition of MS-Word and PDF formats, the poster, the agenda and the unconfirmed minutes of last November’s surprisingly busy quarterly meeting. The annual report for the District, the District Accounts, and any other briefing papers will follow in due course.

If anyone would like to consider putting themselves forward for any of the officer posts, it would be nice to know beforehand, and the current postholders would be happy to brief you on what is involved; or, it is perfectly in order to present yourself (in person or by proxy) at the meeting. In either instance you need to be proposed and seconded by two paid-up members of the Guild who are members of the District.

Finally, please think about whether you wish to come to the meeting, and if you wish to have tea, let me know by Monday 5th February, either in reply to this email or giving me a call on 01962 885234.

Best wishes

District Secretary

Link to Agenda – Word  PDF

Link to Poster – Word PDF

Link to Minutes – Word PDF


A&P AGM Jan 20th 3pm onwards

Saturday 20th January 2018

A & P District AGM at St. Peter’s, Petersfield

General ringing – 3.00pm

Ringers’ Annual Service – 4.15pm

Supper – 5.00pm

Meeting – 6.00pm

Ringing to follow the meeting, until 9.00pm

Names for supper to be emailed to Melanie Moore

by January 13th please.

Graham has asked me to let you know that the method of the day for our AGM, on January 20th in Petersfield, is Duffield Major.

Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles Weds 3rd Jan

Hi all,

Just to confirm the group will be practising at Sopley at 7.30 on Wednesday 3 January. If we maintain the progress of the last 2 practices we should be able to manage touches of All Saints. We will refresh on plain courses of the method and Reverse Canterbury, remembering that a bob in All Saints is a plain lead of Reverse Canterbury – what you do depending on where you passed the treble before the bob was called.

Touches of Bob Minor and Stedman will be included and if you want to call a touch of anything (that we can ring) give it a go. Other methods etc dependant on time and ability of band.

It would be very helpful if you could let me know if you’re coming to the practice and any requests you may have,

Looking forward to seeing you there


Upcoming events in Alton and Petersfield District


Details of Christmas Ringing across the District

can be found on the Guild website

As always, visiting ringers will be very welcome at any of these sessions.

Wednesday December 27th

at St. Mary’s Selborne from 7.00pm

Ringers Reunion for any Selborne Ringers past or present,

particularly anyone taught to ring by Rachael, Roger and/or Chas


Saturday 20th January 2018

A & P District AGM at St. Peter’s, Petersfield

General ringing – 3.00pm

Ringers’ Annual Service – 4.15pm

Supper – 5.00pm

Meeting – 6.00pm

Ringing to follow the meeting, until 9.00pm

Names for supper to be emailed to Melanie Moore by January 13th please.

Saturday 27th January

8 bell practice at Alton, St. Lawrence

5.30 – 7.00pm


This is a new monthly practice and is for all those wishing to improve

their 8 bell method skills from plain hunting to methods upwards.

AP District Poster December to January 2017-18