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Guild Education – Raising and Lowering in Peal – Bishopstoke – Sat 14th Sept. 9.30am – 12.00 noon

September seems a  long way ahead ….. but with families about to go away for the school summer holidays, and some towers not holding practices during August, we want to catch everybody early.     Attached are details of our Education Morning on Raising and Lowering in Peal, to be held at Bishopstoke on Saturday 14th September, 9.30 am to 12.00 noon.   This is NOT basic raising and lowering, but is specifically for those ringers who are already confident and competent in the basics, but need help to keep in place when raising and lowering in peal.

Attached is the poster giving all the details, together with the application form (both Word and pdf versions) – have a look and talk to your friends

As always – any queries, let me know.

Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of:  The Guild Education Committee

Link to poster to download to display in your tower please.

ART Module 2F courses in W&P – Sept/Nov 2019

Taking your ringers from rounds to plain hunt in easily manageable steps

ART Module 2

Many of those who responded to the recent Guild Education Committee survey talked about the difficulties of helping their ringers progress from ringing rounds through to ringing the treble to methods. This is one of the most challenging stages as the new ringer is ‘multi-tasking’ trying to acquire a number of new skills, all at the same time – listening and accurate striking, counting their place, varying the speed of the bell (the three speeds of ringing), ringing with an open handstroke lead, and acquiring ropesight. This is not easy, especially if you only have a limited number of experienced ringers in your band.

To help, we are offering a choice of two separate one day courses in the W&P area this autumn. These introduce teachers and tower captains to a range of exercises to try with an inexperienced band. The exercises are designed to develop each individual skill and ensure a smooth transition into ringing methods

  • Sat 28th September 2019    Bournemouth, St Peter
  • Sat 2nd November 2019       New Alresford, St John

The September course will be delivered by David Smith who writes the Education Column in the Ringing World, and Roger Booth. The courses will use material developed by the Association of Ringing Teachers (Course code M2F). You do not need to have attended a previous ART module to attend. The ART modules can be taken in any order. The modules are designed to help teachers deliver the Learning the Ropes scheme.

Joining the course

There is no compulsion to attend this course – there are many experienced teachers out there, and all are free to continue to teach. However even the most experienced teachers have found the course valuable in terms of introducing themselves to new ideas, and sharing their experience with others, especially if they learnt a long time ago! Much of the Learning the Ropes material is freely available to all, but to give your pupils access to the on-line content, issue (free) progress certificates, receive discounts on publications and for access to on-line teacher support material etc., you need to have attended one of the modules to learn about delivering the scheme.

After the course we will group teachers together in local groups or ‘hubs’ for mutual support and set up a series of ‘foundation skills’ practices where attendees can practice teaching using the exercises introduced. To find out more visit:

To book a place, visit:

Members of the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild may reclaim ART course fees up to £20 from the Guild’s Training and Development Fund (subject to availability of funds).  Applications should be made to the Guild Treasurer via the Guild’s website,

Education Committee Header

Download a copy of this flyer here

Feedback from ‘Have your Say’ Event – 17th April 2019

There was a good turnout to the ‘Have your Say’ event on 17th April in the Undercroft. There were two brainstorming sessions and everyone was invited to put their ideas and thoughts on post-it notes, which were then stuck on the wall and sorted under headings. A lot of useful ideas and feedback were obtained and everyone really did get their say. The results of this session and the survey will be discussed by the Education Committee to help develop their future programme, and we hope by Districts too.

Results of post-it note brainstorming exercises

Attendees were each given three post-it notes each and asked to put down three issues/ideas for the Guild to address. These were then put up on the wall and grouped together under different headings. Attendees were then asked to vote on which three headings they considered the most important by placing a green sticky spot against the heading.

1. What does the Guild need to address?

Communication and engagement (12 votes)

Guild to communicate directly to members, not through tower captain

Look at towers that have young ringers and training to see what works

Increase involvement of ‘ordinary’ ringers

Help more members feel engaged

Better teaching – not just technically but in the right social environment

Get parents, children, schools involved

Involve parents – kids should go to the pub

Community spirit – is good to have that feeling of belonging and having friends


Help to progress (12 votes)

Additional learners practices (call changes, plain hunt)

Establish learning groups to get learners together and aid retention

Identify the needs for each tower

Establish ‘professional’ ringing courses

Organise scheme of education and training

More teachers, tower by tower, district by district

Districts to help more teaching

Clear learning pathway and better visual aids

Education and teaching aids

Use more technology to develop self-learning

Help ringers from smaller bands to feel welcome at practices at towers with larger/more experienced bands

Establish pathways for those progressing – encourage

Improve awareness of ringing learning resources

Get out more – experienced + learners

Help in own tower from one or two experienced ringers

Help in towers from experienced ringers to enable band to progress

Teach good handling (12 votes)

Teaching teachers/list of teachers (bell handling)

Hold regular masterclasses to correct/refine learners bell control skills

Teaching good handling

Improve teaching

Recruitment (8 votes)

Improve resources on website for non-ringers and raise profile – links from local information sites, libraries, adult education etc.

Become more efficient at passing details of those at Guild level on two towers who can teach them

Commitment, teaching fundamentals, recruit families

Recruitment old and young, could argue a case for either strategy

Improve recruitment and retention

More innovative recruitment

Improve recruitment

Improve retention (6 votes)

More encouragement of groups of churches to have a combined band to aid teaching etc.

Improve retention

Make learners feel welcome at special events – like the annual Winchester Cathedral district practices


Improve retention

Improve retention

Image (6 votes)

Bellringing needs a better image

Improve the recruitment pitch/take down barriers (church membership)

Change the culture – more inclusive and ethnically diverse

Improve relations with the neighbours – i.e. Less public noise

Young ringers (4 votes)

Develop young leaders

Youth practices

Environment (1 vote)

Improve comfort of ringing rooms

Improve state of ringing rooms

Improve ringing environment (ringing room)

2. How can the Guild address these issues?

(We didn’t have time to vote on these)

Encourage group teaching at a local level

Collaboration with local towers for ‘targeted’ practices

Local tower collaboration more regular and focused on ringing level

Focus on creating hubs with large numbers of teachers and teaching sessions

Group churches/teachers together so tasks and learning can be spread out

Collaboration between local towers

Encourage more ringers to be involved with local initiatives (e.g. Group/tower networks)

Benefice based teaching and learning

Get good ringers, not just tower captains involved

Group training (several towers) sounds good

Benefice practice

Education committee being able to supply 2 to 4 teachers for group tower sessions

Holiday courses for school-age ringers (intensive training)

One of my Ringing Remembers recruits said that if they got a few learners together for a class to let them know.

Training by Districts

More district learning courses

More courses may be at district level

Very, very simple stuff (rounds and call changes or plain hunt)

Favour (centralised, if need be) training sessions for Learners Only,

Encourage/reinforce good bell handling teaching skills

More ‘improvers’ sessions of the Alton/Holybourne type – LOCALLY BASED

Invite learners to special sessions (not too few, keep within districts)

Establish trainers and location for REGULAR masterclasses, especially in BELL CONTROL

Handling masterclasses and listening skills

Targeted practices for each level

Newer ringers can feel quite intimidated by the ‘experts’

More systematic ongoing practice provided and District level for learners completing one day courses

Two day courses (not just a one-off training day, but follow up each pupil afterwards)

A slide at the end of the course notes, suggesting the learners ask to ring the method at their local practices/district practices or organise people to ring a quarter or practice with them

Districts to provide extra instructor support for practices run by local groups of towers at a particular level

Guild education committee (group of experts) visit tower practice nights.

Support and develop tower captains

Encourage tower captains – surveys and questions on what support they need to improve their teaching

Create system for teachers to get together and share best practice and encourage each other

Annual meetings for towers – to many towers with un-elected TC’s or TC’s been in role for too long

Leadership courses

Tower captain/ringing Master courses

Too many teachers demanding learners to ring on Sundays (once progressed)

Develop more teachers

Teach more teachers

Teach to teach courses

Run courses explaining ‘other pathways’ encourage people to take an interest in maintenance, history etc.

Teaching to conduct courses

More and better use of technology

Show/teach how computer programs and phone apps can be used for self-help away from tower. Also books available as well

Look at practicability of fitting and using dumbbell for teaching bell handling

One tower with simulator in the area that is available to use the practice


What teaching centres have we (W & P) got locally? Publicise them!


Newcomers – target with invite to ring (welcome pack)

Initiate projects that are sustainable over the long term with ideas from good practice




Guild Education – Basic Raising and Lowering – Bishopstoke – Fri 17th May – 7-9pm.

Details should by now have reached you via your Tower Secretary, but the Education Committee is running another of its very popular evenings on Basic Raising and Lowering.    This will take place at Bishopstoke on Friday 17 May 2019, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm.    This is a course where places usually get filled up very quickly, so if you or other members of your tower – or friends in another tower – are interested it might be an idea to apply sooner rather than later.    I have attached the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions).

And don’t forget the Education Committee’s evening at The Undercroft at Winchester Cathedral, Wednesday 17 April, when we hope to see lots of you to HAVE YOUR SAY.     It is important that ringers of all age groups should let us know what kind of training is taking place in their towers, and what kind of courses they would like to see the Education Committee offer in the future.   In other words – where are the gaps?    What can we do to help?    This is open to everybody, any age, beginners with new ideas, experienced ringers with tried-and-trusted ideas – we’d like to see you all.   If you haven’t done so already, please let me know if you are coming so we have an idea of numbers.

Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of the Guild Education Committee

Application Form – Basic Raising and Lowering – Word

Application form – Basic Raising and Lowering – PDF

Basic Raising and Lowering Poster – Word

Basic Raising and Lowering Poster – PDF

Guild Education Evening – Wed 17th April – 7.30-9.30pm

And now for something different!

As is our usual practice, the Education Committee is offering a special evening during Holy Week – Wednesday 17 April – when traditionally many of our towers are silent.   This year we are inviting you to something new – have a look at the attached poster (both Word and pdf versions).   It is very important to us to find out what is going on in the towers across our Guild, and to hear  what you, the individual ringers, would like us to provide in the future – in particular we hope that lots of our newer and younger ringers will come along, to tell us what they want.

The evening is being spearheaded by Roger Booth at The Undercroft, Winchester Cathedral, and we very much hope that lots of you will come – in particular some of our newer and younger ringers who may well have plenty of new ideas.

We look forward to seeing you all on 17th April, and hope that you will bring with you any ringing friends who would like to join in.

As always – any queries, let me know.

Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of:  The Education Committee

Guild Education – Grandsire Doubles and Triples – Sat 6th April at Goodworth Clatford

Just to let everybody know that, whilst the closing date for the receipt of applications is still three weeks away, we now have only ONE place left on the Doubles course.   Interest has been very high indeed.

So, if you are still “thinking about it” ……. remember that places are filled on a “first-come-first-served” basis and you need to get your application in very quickly.   It might be a race to the finish!!   Once this place has been filled then, of course, we will start a waiting list.

The Education Committee is running an Education Day on Saturday 6th April covering Grandsire Doubles and Triples, based at Goodworth Clatford.     Just in case they have been mislaid, I attach further copies of the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions).

Applications have come in thick and fast, and whilst there are a few places left, if you have been “…. thinking about it ….” you need to get your skates on and send in your application form sooner rather than later.    Old hands will know that these are dealt with on a “first come first served” basis, so leaving it until the closing date might result in disappointment.     Talk about it with your friends and maybe ask your Tower Captain’s advice.

As always – any queries, give me a call, or email me and I will do my best to help.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Education Committee

With places filling up for the Cambridge Surprise Major course in March, the Education Committee is turning its attention to those whose current experience doesn’t stretch to that.   We are holding another full-day course on Grandsire Doubles and Triples, on Saturday 6 April, based at Goodworth Clatford.    There may be lots of new ringers who started early on in the Ringing Remembers campaign who may now be ready to think about Grandsire Doubles, and hopefully it will also appeal to “returning ringers” who need to brush up on past skills.   If in doubt, talk to your tower captain.

I have attached the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions).   Places are filled on a “first come first served” basis so check your diaries now, as leaving everything until the closing date is not a good idea!

If you, or anybody else in your tower is interested, I am more than happy to answer any questions – email:  Christine or ‘phone 01962 886939.

Christine K-W

For:  the Guild Education Committee

Download Pack for Guild Education – Grandsire

***UPDATED***Guild Education Day – Cambridge Surprise Major – Sat 9th March at Milford-on-Sea

Places are filling up for the Education Committee’s day on Cambridge Surprise Major, 9th March based at Milford-on-Sea.   If any of you are thinking about this, could I just remind you that the closing date for application is creeping up and you need to get your form and payment to me sooner rather than later. Closing date is Tuesday 21st February.

I am attaching the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) again in case the originals got accidentally recycled with the Christmas wrappings!

Any queries – do please get in touch.

Christine K-W

The Guild Education Committee

A Happy New Year to all our ringers!   We hope all your towers enjoyed a good Christmas and – like the Guild Education Committee – are looking forward to plenty of ringing in 2019.

To this end, we are attaching the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) for the first of our Education Days.   This will be on Saturday 9th March when we will be covering Cambridge Surprise Major, based at Milford-on-Sea.

With lots of very welcome new ringers within our towers following Ringing Remembers, we will be covering some of the basic subjects as the coming year unfolds, but, first off, we hope Cambridge Surprise Major will appeal to the slightly more experienced ringers who are looking for a challenge.    If you think this is something you would enjoy, or if there are others within your tower who would like to join in, do please get in touch.

As always if you have any queries do please email me or phone 01962 886939 and I’ll do my best to help, or I’ll “find a man who can”!


Best wishes


Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of:  The Education Committee

Download pack for Guild Education – Cambridge Surprise Major

Ringers Write-up of Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods course October 13th 2018

The Education Committee delivered a brilliant learning experience by organising a fantastic Plain Hunt and Trebling to doubles methods course on Saturday.

The day began by meeting at Oakley St. Leonards Centre, near Basingstoke, for coffee and an introductory tutorial presentation delivered by Sallie Ingram. The 15 learners were split into three groups (I was in the blue group) with each group having its own itinerary of two churches to visit, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with a lunch at a specified pub in between. Before we left for the first church we had to select our lunch choice from our allotted pub menu. This would be phoned through to the pub so that the day was as time efficient as possible.

Our Blue group of 5 learners and a few helpers then carshared and got to our first church at Sherborne St. John, meeting up with the rest of our cohort of helpers. I forgot to count but I think there was 5 learners and 7 or 8 helpers. Plenty. All experienced. All kind. Our lead(er) tutor was Mike Winterbourne who made sure that everybody got their fair share of learning, focused us on details of techniques and, of course, putting theory into practice.
In every learning environment, confidence has to be managed well. Mike and all the helpers were endlessly helpful and respectful of the challenges us learners faced and happily rang Plain Hunt all day with a purpose.
Our group had lunch at The Vine, Hannington on a long table reserved for us in their conservatory, the odd pint being had to offset the heat of the sun room and take advantage of the car sharing!
With lunch and a few unplanned puddings eaten, we moved to the afternoon’s tower of ringing, Wolverton.
Us five learners carried on learning to hunt inside, trying different bells in different places. My highlight was ringing on bell 4, and pulling of in tittums, me being in second place. Never done that before! And then hunting a bit and ending, surprisingly, back in the same place I started!
I had an impromptu introduction to the mysterious world of Geocaching by one of our coaches, Paul, which was really interesting, before racing back to Oakley for a debrief of tea and cake to round off a brilliant day of ringing and learning.
Thanks to all involved in a terrific education day. Looking around at what other guilds do around the country, it seems that here in our patch of bellringing we’re really lucky that we have such a large collection of willing helpers, both front of stage and backstage.

Wolverton Church has two large circular windows which let in a decent amount of natural and directional light. I was too busy with my ringing to capitalise on this so I passed my camera to Isla Ingram, Andy and Sallie’s 12 year old daughter to make a photo record of the session as she was having a break from ringing. I set the camera to Shutter Priority 80th/sec, gave her a brief driving lesson on some of the buttons and off she went. She did a super job.
As bellringers, we spend an enormous amount of our leisure time in a pursuit that rarely gets represented in documentary form through photography. Peal boards and Bellboard are all well and good but hardly represent the everyday physical and emotional effort that we put into the art nor the pleasure we get out of it. How can we share this easily to non-ringers? Will our families be able to flick or click through albums and reminisce over images of us, vibrant and engaged in our hobby of choice? Pictures are worth thousands of words. To make those pictures you need light. Flash is too obtrusive and most ringing chambers are too dimly lit even for modern smartphones to capture images worth sharing. Hence the lack of photos. If you’re wondering what to get your ringing chamber for Christmas, how about a nice large window? Or maybe just some nice big lightbulbs?

Thanks to those windows and thanks to Isla’s photography we have some great photos that show the work of the Education Committee and all the helpers, and I’ve got photos of those who have taught me to ring. I’ll be looking at those pictures in years to come, always able to put the face to the name.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Written by Gary Marsh
Photography by Isla Ingram

**REMINDER* – Guild Education – Surprise Minor – Sat 24th November – Shedfield

Places filling up – closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 9th November

The last full-day course of 2018, will be Surprise Minor to be held on Saturday 24 November, based at Shedfield.     You will see that students will have a choice of Cambridge or London.

We hope this will appeal to lots of you who, perhaps, don’t always get the opportunity to try these methods in your own tower, and you may well have friends in other towers to whom this would appeal.

I have attached copies of the Poster giving full details, plus the application form (both Word and pdf versions – see links below) and these have already gone to your District Secretaries for onward transmission to your tower secretaries.   As always – any questions, please email me, or call 01962 886939.


For:  The Education Committee

Poster:  Word   PDF

Application Form:  Word  PDF


Guild Education -Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods – Sat 13th Oct – Church Oakley

The Education Committee’s first course for this Autumn is Plain Hunting and Trebling to Doubles Methods, which will take place on Saturday 13 October 2018, based at Church Oakley.  

A poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) are below.   As always – any queries, please let me know. 

Many thanks. 


Link to Poster  Word   PDF

Link to Application Form   Word  PDF

Treble Bob Course – April 28th – Only a couple of spaces left

With Easter now behind us, the Education Committee is concentrating on its next Education Day, which will be Introduction to Treble Bob, taking place on Saturday 28th April, based at Sherfield English.    Interest has been enormous, so much so that we have extended the number of students we can accommodate …… but there are now only a few places left. Click for full details

The closing date for applications is 13th April, and applications are dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis.   In case they have been mislaid, attached are the poster giving full details and the application form (both Word and pdf versions).

As always – any queries, please let me know;  email, or 01962 886939.

Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of:  The Guild Education Committee

International Guild of Knot Tyers meet the W and P Guild of Bellringers.

Ken Yalden, from the International Guild of Knot Tyers (IGKT) Solent Branch lead an evening teaching church bell rope splicing, to 22 ringers from the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocese, in the beautiful Undercroft building at Winchester Cathedral.
Supported by 8 knotters from IGKT ringers learnt how to tie clove hitches, constrictor knots and how to shortsplice.
As whenever you are enjoying yourselves time ran out quickly and the event looks set to be repeated some time soon.
Sustenance, provided by Christine.Knights-Whittome, of the The Guild Education Committee, in the form of cake and coffee kept the evening efforts flowing along nicely.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

**FULL** Raising and Lowering in Peal, Saturday morning 12th May, at Bishopstoke

**UPDATE 3rd May “  The last place went very quickly and we now have a waiting list.” **

With our Rope Splicing event taking place this evening, and the Introduction to Treble Bob course on 28th April almost full – please find attached the details of the Education Committee’s next event, which will be Raising and Lowering in Peal, to take place on Saturday morning 12th May, at Bishopstoke.

A huge number of ringers have attended our Basic Raising and Lowering courses in recent years, and this is designed for those who have some experience and practice at the basics and who now want to progress to learning to keep in place when raising and lowering in peal. We also hope to include some help for those who want to learn to lead up and down.

The poster and application form are below (both Word and pdf versions) and if this is of interest to you, or to any other ringers in your tower, I look forward to hearing from you. As always, please let me know if there are any queries.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For: The Guild Education Committee

Education Events – the latest News

Hallo Everybody

Just to bring you up to date with Education Committee events:

Plain Bob Doubles & Minor – Saturday 17 March This course is completely full, with a waiting list for cancellations. HOWEVER, additional helpers are always very welcome! If you could spare an hour or two, please contact Sallie Ingram who will be very happy to hear from you. The course is based at St. Mary Bourne, near Andover.

Rope Splicing Evening – Tuesday 27 March This evening event is also completely full. If there are still ringers who are interested perhaps they would contact me as I have a waiting list for cancellations. It is also something which perhaps we might consider running again at a later date and it would be helpful to know who else might be interested.

Introduction to Treble Bob – Saturday 28 April A number of applications have been received but there are still some places available.

I would be very grateful if you would please pass these details to the towers within your District. As always – any queries, let me know.

Many thanks – Christine

Report from Basic Raising and Lowering Course on 23rd Feb

Friday the 23rd of February saw another fantastic education course in basic raising and lowering held at St Mary’s Church, Bishopstoke.
This popular course gave ten people the chance to learn, practice or refine the basics of raising and lowering a bell under the tutelage of experienced ringers who gave up their Friday evening to support their learning.

The Education committee and the learners would like to thank the following people for their time, patience and effort; Course Leader Andy Ingram, with Andy Sparling, Steve Hough, David Mattingley, Oliver Challoner and John Croft.

Tea, coffee and cake (made by Christine Knights-Whittome) was served at halftime where the learners and the tutors spent some time getting to know each other and talking through various issues that they might be experiencing through their learning journey.
Also in the body of the church there was an opportunity to browse and purchase from the stand of books that is regularly presented at the education courses by Judy who is the Learning Resource Officer.

I would like to thank Andy Ingram for calling the house to order when I arrived in order to ask consent to film and photograph for the Guild social media and website, my thanks to all consentees, (if that’s a word) and for Christine for letting me eat more than my fair share of cake whilst handing back my course fee cheque as I was on the short list for the course and no one dropped out!

Gary Marsh, Wonston, Winchester District

Link to short video here

** A note from the Communications Team**

Thanks Gary for taking the trouble to write this and for the photos! I’m sure our fellow ringers will be very interested to read and see what goes on at these events.

We really appreciate hearing the inside story of your Towers and those that you visit. Whether unusual or ‘business as usual’, running repairs or post-practice pints, we’re joined by the shared experience of bellringing and this website and our Guild Facebook group are here to share those stories. As Andy and Gary did in the report above, just ask that it’s ok for you to take photos.

If you haven’t yet joined the Facebook group click here or email your stories and photos to

Thanks in advance.

The W&P Comms Team

Introduction to Treble Bob – Sherfield English – Saturday 28th April – 9.30am-5.30pm.

Please find attached the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) for the Education Committee’s full-day course “Introduction to Treble Bob”. This is based at Sherfield English and will take place on Saturday 28th April 2018.
This is for all those who want to learn to treble bob, and for those who want to progress further and ring these methods inside.

It seems a long way ahead but we are finding at the moment that places on courses are filling up quite quickly and, as always, there is a limit on the number of students we are able to take.

As always – any questions, give me a call – either email or ‘phone 01962 886939.

Closing date for Applications is Friday 13th April.

Christine Knights-Whittome
On behalf of: The Guild Education Committee

Link to Poster  WORD    PDF

Link to Application Form  WORD    PDF

Latest News on Forthcoming Guild Education Days

Just a reminder about the Education Committee’s training events in the early part of 2018.

Basic Raising and Lowering, 23 February     This is now full, but anybody still interested is very welcome to join the waiting list for cancellations;  we hope to be able to repeat this later in the year for those who miss out in February.

Plain Bob Doubles and Plain Bob Minor – 17 March, based at St. Mary Bourne.   The closing date for the receipt of applications is about three weeks away.  So far this has proved to be very popular and there are only a few places left.    If this is something which you think you’d like to do, or if you have friends in your tower who might be interested, could I urge you to send in your applications a.s.a.p.   These are dealt with on a  “first come first served” basis, so waiting until the closing date might prove to be disappointing.    If you are in any doubt, or have any queries, do please get in touch (email, or tel: 01962 886939) and I will do my best to help.   I attach further copies (both Word and pdf) of the poster and application form in case you have mislaid the originals.

An Introduction to Rope Splicing – 27 March, in The Undercroft, Winchester Cathedral.    There has been a very good response to this evening event, and whilst it is FREE, I do need to know in advance who is coming as we need to know how many people we are trying to fit in because it is very much a “hands on” evening.   So, if you haven’t already been in touch, please give me a call or an email.   Full details are on the poster – attached.

Very shortly I will be sending out details for the Introduction to Treble Bob day on 28 April – watch this space!

If you have queries about any of the above – I’m always happy to help.

Christine Knights-Whittome

Guild Education Evening – Introduction to Rope Splicing on Tuesday 27th March – 8.00-9.30pm – The Undercroft, Winchester Cathedral (Full)



This evening event is completely full.    If there are still ringers who are interested perhaps they would contact me as I have a waiting list for cancellations.    It is also something which perhaps we might consider running again at a later date and it would be helpful to know who else might be interested.

And now for something completely different!

Traditionally many towers remain silent during Holy Week so on Tuesday 27th March, the Guild Education Committee is offering an evening covering “An Introduction to Rope Splicing”. This will be in The Undercroft at Winchester Cathedral, from 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm.

Session will be led by an experienced tutor from the International Guild of Knot Tyers, Solent Branch (IGKT Solent – ) They are very experienced in demonstrating to groups and clubs and, like the W&P Guild, they aim to promote traditional crafts and keep them alive for today’s generations.

This hands-on evening is FREE, though donations are invited towards expenses.

Links to a poster (both Word and pdf versions) is below,

This is a completely new venture and it will be interesting to see what response we get.

Any queries – let me know.

Many thanks –

Christine K-W, on behalf of the Education Committee

Link to Poster (PDF) (Word)

Plain Bob Doubles and Minor – Guild Education – Saturday 17th March 2018 – 9.30-5.00pm – St. Mary Bourne

This course is completely full, with a waiting list for cancellations.

I now attach the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) for the first of the Education Committee’s full-day courses, which will be PLAIN BOB DOUBLES and MINOR to be held on Saturday 17th March 2018, based at St. Mary Bourne. From, experience, this is a popular subject and places can fill up very quickly.

Is this something you have tried, but found there isn’t time on a busy practice night to have a really good go? Did you do it years ago but haven’t had an opportunity to pick it up recently? Are you stagnating with plain courses and want to progress to touches? Do you have friends in your tower in the same boat? This is your chance! If this sounds like you, why not take the opportunity to book a place and spend a whole day concentrating on one method, at your own particular level, with others doing the same thing who may well be facing the same problems and have the same queries. If you haven’t been before I can promise you lots of help, both verbal and practical, from experienced tutors and very patient helpers.

Any queries – let me know, either by email or by telephoning 01962 886939 – but whatever you do, don’t leave it until the closing date to send in your application as you might find places have already been filled!

Christine Knights-Whittome
For: The Guild Education Committee

Poster PDF   Word

Application Form PDF Word



BASIC RAISING AND LOWERING Guild Education Evening – 23 February 2018

This is now full, but anybody still interested is very welcome to join the waiting list for cancellations; we hope to be able to repeat this later in the year for those who miss out in February


The Education Committee hopes you have all had a good Christmas and have switched your computers back on, ready for 2018. Over the past months we have continued working away, planning the courses for 2018, the first of which will be:

BASIC RAISING AND LOWERING on Friday 23rd February, from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm at Bishopstoke.

So often there isn’t enough time to cover this on practice nights, sometimes ringers have had a go but need more guidance, sometimes they just need more confidence; sometimes they’ve had a go, got in a pickle with the coils and just given up! Whatever your experience so far – we’re here to help.

A Poster and an Application form (both in Word and pdf format) are below and if you think this would help you, or if you have friends in your tower whom it might help, you need to send in your applications as quickly as possible. Places are booked on a “first come first served” basis, so please don’t leave it until the closing date and assume it will be o.k.! As always – any queries, please let me know (email, or telephone 01962 886939).

In the meantime, the Education Committee wishes a Happy New Year to you all.
Application Form – Basic Raising & Lowering – pdf
Application Form – Basic Raising & Lowering – word
Poster – Basic R&L – pdf
Poster – Basic R&L – word

Christine Knights-Whittome

On behalf of: The Guild Education Committee

No Places left on Stedman Triples Course

Just a reminder about the Guild Education Committee’s full-day course on Stedman Triples, on Saturday 4th November, based at Milford on Sea.   A number or places have been filled but we still have a few places left and the closing date creeps ever closer.    If this is of interest to you, or if there are colleagues within your tower whom you think would find this interesting and of value to them, perhaps you would give them a gentle nudge to get their applications in a.s.a.p.    A whole day concentrating on just one method may be just what you need!

Christine Knights Whittome

Link to Application form: Word version   PDF version

Link to Poster

Guild Education Day – Stedman Triples – Saturday 4th November at Milford – FULL

I have attached the details (both Word and pdf versions) for the Education Committee’s final full-day course for 2017, which will be STEDMAN TRIPLES on Saturday 4th November, based at Milford-on-Sea.

There are a limited number of places available so that we can ensure each student has as much concentrated tuition and back-up as possible. If you think this would appeal to you, or if you have fellow-ringers within your tower whom you think might enjoy this, then do please give it some consideration, pass the details around, and get your applications in; the closing date for the receipt of these is 19th October.

As always – any queries, let me know.

Many thanks.

Christine Knights-Whittome
For: The Guild Education Committee

Link to Application form: Word version   PDF version

Link to Poster



Could you be an Education Day Helper?

The Education Committee is indebted to its loyal band of experienced helpers, without whom we could not run these Education Days.    If you, yourself, feel you could help on 14thOctober – even for part of the day – or might perhaps be able to help with courses in the future, then do please contact Sallie Ingram   Joining Sallie’s Master List does not commit you to turning out for every course (!), but only when you are free and want to come.

Christine Knights-Whittome

**Places Filling Fast** Education Day Plain Hunt and Trebling 14th Oct

A quick reminder about the Guild Education Day on Saturday 14th October, based at Goodworth Clatford, when we will be covering Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods.

In case you haven’t been able to get to your tower during the holiday season, I’m attaching further copies of the poster and application form (both Word and pdf) which will give you all the details.   You may perhaps know of ringers within your group who might enjoy the day and benefit from it, particularly as these are the building blocks for all methods in the future.   For anybody who has never been before, these are friendly days where ringers have the opportunity to learn in small groups with masses of experienced and dedicated help, and nobody is ever “thrown in at the deep end”.

October seems a long way off, but the closing date is just under two weeks away and places are filling fast …….. applications are dealt with on a “first come first served” basis and leaving it until the last minute might result in disappointment!

As always – any queries before you make up your mind, please get in touch, either by email or telephone 01962 886939.

Many thanks.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Guild Education Committee

Full details click here

*REMINDER* Education Day Course – Plain Hunt and Hunting to Doubles Methods – Sat 14th Oct

With August Bank Holiday behind us and the youngsters returning to school for the Autumn Term, hopefully everybody is now back to regular ringing.   So, just a reminder about the Education Committee’s full-day course on Plain Hunt and Hunting to Doubles Methods which will take place on Saturday 14 October 2017 based in the Goodworth Clatford area.

Applications are already building up but we still have some places available.   If this might be of interest to you, or if you have friends within your tower whom you think it might help, do please give them a word of encouragement – particularly if you have never joined an Education Day before and are unsure about what to expect.

Below  are the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions) for the Education Committee’s first full-day course of the Autumn;  this is Plain Hunt and Hunting to Doubles Methods, on Saturday 14 October, 9.30 am to 4.30 pm, and is based at Goodworth Clatford.   This is the essential building-block for learners, setting them on the path towards higher things, and we anticipate it will be well supported.

The closing date for the receipt of applications for Plain Hunt is 29 September (the same day as our extra evening on Basic Raising and Lowering, details of which were sent out last week), and with the school holiday season, summer weddings, the Bradfield Course and lots of other commitments, it might be easy to dismiss this with the thought “plenty of time”.   If you think Plain Hunt, or Hunting to Doubles Methods would be helpful to you, or if there are colleagues within your tower whom you think it might help, don’t forget to send in your applications as early as possible.   These are always dealt with on a “first come first served” basis and places can fill up very quickly, often well before the closing date!

As always – any queries, please let me know.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Guild Education Committee

 Saturday 14 October 2017

9.30 am to 4.30 pm    

 Based at Goodworth Clatford 

Cost:  £12.00  (Juniors £6)

Plain Hunting – for those already able to:

  • ring rounds and call changes
  • stand their bell at both handstroke and backstroke.

Trebling to Doubles methods – for those who have some experience of plain hunting on 3, 4 or 5 bells.

If you are unsure if this course is suitable for you, in the first instance please contact Christine Knights-Whittome on 01962 886939.

 Applications for these courses can be sent by post with cheque or by email with online payment. Details are on the application form.

Application Form – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles – 14.10.17 Application Form – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles – 14.10.17 Poster – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods – 14.10.17 Poster – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods – 14.10.17

**COURSE FULL** Guild Education Evening – Basic Raising and Lowering Friday 29 September at Bishopstoke

Please find below posters and application forms (both Word and pdf format) for an extra Guild Education evening covering Basic Raising and Lowering, at Bishopstoke, on Friday evening 29th September 2017.

This course has proved to be exceedingly popular, hence this additional evening!     Because of the nature of the course (one-to-one instruction) we can only offer a limited number of places;  in June this resulted in a waiting list of five people.   apply as soon as reasonably possible, as places usually fill up well before the closing date.

Any queries – let me know.

Many thanks.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Guild Education Committee

Two trainees write about last week’s Guild Raising and Lowering Course

Gary Marsh writes:

The Basic Raising and Lowering course held at St. Mary’s Church, Bishopstoke was a terrific event.  It had an air of nervous celebration about it as we arrived at the church and signed in with Christine.    I say nervous, as we knew as beginner ringers that we would soon be tackling what often seems to be the most challenging and coordination defying tasks of raising, and particularly, lowering, a bell.   It felt like a celebration as we had got to the point in our ringing careers where our handling had moved on enough to be trusted to rise to the challenge of learning these new skills without breaking anything!

With six tutors and ten on the course we got the chance to be instructed alongside fellow raising & lowering novices, sharing instructors, ropes and experiences.   It made for a great sense of community.   Our tutors were calm, encouraging and excited to be sharing their knowledge.

So us ten not-so-novices can move forward with our ringing, able to more fully participate at our home tower with our potential raised and anxieties lowered.   The milestone of making the first loop complete in a safe and welcoming place, well away from our own woodwork!

Gary Marsh (46), Wonston Tower, ringing ten months.

And Romy Coldman writes:

After two years of ringing and never really mastering the mysteries of raising and lowering, I jumped at the chance when I heard about the course.

The day was very well organised where we had one tutor to two learners. We all had a full two hours of individual practice and assessment less the much needed tea break after working up a sweat. As a learner, I certainly need more practice until I can raise and lower with confidence, but the tips and skills gained from the course were invaluable.

Many thanks to Andy Ingram, Christine Knights-Whittome and all the tutors – especially Mike, my tutor, for his patience and encouraging words.

I would highly recommend this course not only for beginners but for anyone who wants to improve their skills.

Romy Coldman (Hinton Admiral)


2016 started with the ever-popular Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers, in February, where, if we’d had additional helpers, we could have included more applicants. We continued at St. Mary Bourne in March with Plain Hunting and Trebling to Doubles Methods, followed by an evening at Bishopstoke on the versatility of Simulators and how they can fit in to your tower’s training programme. April found us at Kingsclere with Calling for the Terrified, and a packed evening was enjoyed in May with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring at South Stoneham.  The Autumn programme started at Hawkley in October with Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, followed by a November evening at Bishopstoke for Basic Raising and Lowering;  the year concluded with a November day at Bishop’s Waltham for Double Norwich Court Bob Major. In other words – our usual very busy and well supported year! We are delighted to welcome back many students who have attended earlier courses and are building on their knowledge.

Plans are well advanced for 2017, starting in February with a morning at Bishopstoke for Raising and Lowering in Peal;  this will be followed in March with a day based at Shedfield for Grandsire Doubles and Triples. April will see us returning to Lockerley Village Hall for a day covering Listening Skills which includes a multitude of activities for students of all abilities, and later in April (during Holy Week) we will be offering an evening in Winchester for an Introduction to Method Ringing on Handbells. We plan to return to South Stoneham in May for another evening with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring, and an extra evening has been arranged on 9th June for another Basic Raising and Lowering course at Bishopstoke. The Autumn programme starts at Goodworth Clatford in October with Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods, and finishes at Milford-on-Sea in November for Stedman Triples. In addition as time allows and need arises, we hope to offer additional half-day courses on a range of subjects, plus, if possible, a full day on Belfry Maintenance.

Details are always sent well in advance to your District Secretaries for onward transmission to your Tower Secretaries and, in addition, are published on the Guild website and through the win-port list.

A very successful ART (previously ITTS) Module 1 Day was completed in June 2016 with eight W&P members, and plans are in the pipeline for both Module 1 and Module 2 days in 2017.  The sum of £500 has been set aside by the W&P Guild to assist W&P ringers who wish to take advantage of ART Modules or equivalent courses;  this is totally separate from Education Committee funds.

A separate group within the Guild is investigating the possibility of “ringing hubs” similar to the Birmingham School of Ringing.   When this comes to fruition the Education Committee will work alongside this initiative to ensure that W&P ringers have every opportunity to further their knowledge and attain their maximum potential.

Financially the Education Committee remains in a similar position to last year, and whilst we remain stable we are constantly faced with increased costs for the hire of halls and the need to make realistic donations to towers which we are permitted to use. Though not usually for financial reasons, we do find ourselves challenged by the difficulty of obtaining towers for Education Days.

As always, we remain hugely indebted to the enormous number of ringers who volunteer their services as helpers on Education Days, on whose generosity of time and talent we depend so much.  We always welcome volunteers as we could not offer courses without them. Thank you all very much!

Christine Knights-Whittome

Winchester & Portsmouth Guild Education Committee Accounts as at 31st December 2016

Income £ Expenditure £
Balance brought forward 515.13 Stationery, copying, telephone
Course fees – 2016 655 Postage 5.65
Advanced fees for 2017 5 Refreshments 79.37
Hall security payment returns 100.00 47.60 Hire of Halls – balance for 2016 215.75
Donations 160 Security payments for 2017
ART Tower Donations 442
Equipment 13.88
ART 160
Balance carried forward 566.08
Totals £1,477.73 £1,477.73