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Hello all,
Our next practice is at Sopley onWednesday 4th December.  This year there is no choir concert to dislodge us – they’re going somewhere warmer!
At our last practice we sucessfully concentrated on Little Bob Minor and spliced it with Plain Bob Minor, This time we’ll go a step further and ring touches of spliced!
If time permits (it flies by) we’ll try plain courses of Single Oxford Bob Minor – basically Bob minimus plus triple dodges in 5/6. Watch the treble.
As usual, please let me know if you will/won’t be there,
Hope to see you then,


BEYOND BOB DOUBLES SOPLEY – Cancelled 04.09.19

Thank you all for your replies and we would just about have had enough ringers for a practice.  However, I’ve just learnt that the no.3 stay is still broken and to avoid any further problems have decided to cancel this month’s practice.
Let’s hope we’re all back from hols etc next month and the stay repaired and we can have a really good practice then.
All the best,
Previously…to be carried forward for October:
Another month passes by and the hoiday season is receding.
After our success last month with Grandsire Monor we’ll continue on a minor theme again this month, and I propose that we try full touches on Wednesday (we got a bob course last month).
We’ve been ringing Plain and Little Bob Minor recently, seperately, so we’ll try a little splicing of these methods.  Ross circulated some notes to the Bournemouth ringers and I hope he won’t mind me making use of his notes with our group. Please find them attached.
Again’ if anyone wants to call a touch of anything, please let me know.
Please lets me know Yes/No if you’ll be able to come along.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Beyond Bob Doubles at Stockbridge – Wednesday 24th April at 19:30

Dear All,

The next Beyond Bob Doubles will be at Stockbridge on 24th of April from 19:30. Anything goes (except Bob Doubles) so if you have any requests let me know on the night. To give those who haven’t been before an idea of what it is about, methods we have been ringing recently include Grandsire, St Simon’s and Stedman doubles, Plain Bob, Little Bob, Kent and Cambridge minor, I also want to do Double Oxford, and Cambridge and Plain Bob spliced if we have the people. Please pass the word around, everyone is welcome from the District and beyond.


Beyond Bob Doubles – Cheriton – Wednesday 30th Jan – 19:30-21:00

Dear All,

This month our Beyond Bob Doubles practice will be at Cheriton on 30th January from 19:30 to 21:00, all welcome from the Winchester District and beyond.  This is an opportunity to ring anything from grandsire doubles and plain bob minor to Stedman and surprise minor, if there is anything you would like to try just let me know.  The next Guild Education Day on Cambridge major is in just over a month so if you want a little extra practice at Cambridge minor before then this is your opportunity.

In order not to spam the whole District/Guild I have a fairly limited distribution list so feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone who might be interested, and if you wish to be taken off the list then let me know.


Beyond Bob Doubles – Wed 31st Oct – 7.30-9pm

Dear All,

This month’s Beyond Bob Doubles will be held on the ten at North Stoneham from 19:30 to 21:00. In addition to our normal five and six bell repertoire it will be an opportunity to ring on eight and ten, so please come and encourage others who can benefit from this opportunity.

Please note that the northern end of Stoneham Lane is shut and so people coming from the Eastleigh end cannot go past the Concorde club, you can only access the church from the southern end of Stoneham Lane.


Report from Beyond Bob Doubles practice, Wed. 1st August 2018

Last night’s BBD (Beyond Bob Doubles) practice led by Tim Kettle, flanked by Ross Bradley, was incredibly successful for all. We had touches of Stedman, followed by touches of Reverse Canterbury, Winchendon Place, St. Martin’s, St. Simon’s, and ending in a variation of South Repps.

As a learner, I had a eureka moment, observing how similar, some methods are related to each other, and with a small tweek of a line, I was able to ring in something new to me, fairly successfully, in a jovial and supportive gathering.  There were also quite a few ‘firsts’ for other members too.

The evening became a hive of activity, members sharing tips, and puzzling over problems together.

We also welcomed Chris for the first time, a new face to some, and a super-great chap.  In the past Chris rang at Ringwood, Fordingbridge and Hampreston. After a lengthy-ish period of rope-neglect, he is back to join our district.

BBD is held on the first Wednesday of the month at Sopley 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Drinks afterwards in The Woolpack.

Report by Peter Murdock-Saint.

Contact Tim Kettle (BBD Practice Night Leader)

Beyond Bob Doubles, East Tytherley on Wednesday 25th July

Dear All,

This month’s Beyond Bob Doubles will be at East Tytherley on Wednesday 25th July.  There will be five and six bell ringing for those that want it, but also triples and major, so anything from Grandsire Doubles up to Stedman Triples and Little Bob.  All welcome from within the W+P and beyond.


Winchester District – Beyond Bob Doubles – Wed 29th Nov at East Tytherley from 19:30

Dear All,

Beyond Bob Doubles will be at East Tytherley from 19:30 on the 29th of November, all are welcome from the District and beyond.  Anything from Grandsire Doubles upwards, but with a focus on Stedman Triples since that was the method on the Guild Training day a few weeks ago.


Beyond Bob Doubles – Wednesday 28th June at Bishopstoke

Dear All,

Beyond Bob Doubles will be at Bishopstoke on 28th June from 19:30 – 21:00, I’ve added a few Cathedral ringers to the mailing list this month, since there’s no practice there next Wednesday.

For those who haven’t been before, the idea is to have a practice to allow ringers whose own bands may not be strong enough to ring slightly more advanced methods to come together and get the chance to ring things they normally can’t.  It all depends who shows up as to what we ring, there’s not usually any kind of plan I just wing it on the night, but this month I’ve gone for a ten bell tower so it might be an idea for people to be prepared for Grandsire triples or caters, Bastow Little Bob (Cloisters), Stedman triples, Little Bob and Cambridge. 

All welcome from within the Winchester District or from further afield, the minimum requirement is to be competent at ringing touches of Plain Bob Doubles and have some experience of Grandsire.


Beyond Bob Doubles at East Tytherley – Wed 29th March

Dear All

This month’s Beyond Bob Doubles will be at East Tytherley on 29th March, anything up to Cambridge Major and Stedman Triples if we have enough, but with a focus on Grandsire doubles and triples for those who want a chance to practice what they learnt on the Guild training day at the start of the month.  

Ringers from any district or even outside the Guild are welcome to join us.


Beyond Bob Doubles – Weds 30th at Cheriton

Dear All,

This month’s BBD will be at Cheriton on Wednesday 30th.


  • Beyond Bob Doubles

    A Series of Special Practices in Winchester District which is intended to move ringers along from Bob Doubles towards other methods such as Grandsire Doubles,  Little Bob Minor, Stedman Doubles, Plain Bob Minor and sometimes also Triples and Major Methods.