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Top Slot News within CS District

C&S District Carol Service TODAY!

Saturday 5th December 2020 at 4:00pm via Zoom from 3:50pm

Meeting ID: 837 4437 8746

Passcode: e4KZZx

The meeting will be open for everyone at 3:50pm

I need to ask that you mute yourself on entering. You can all talk to each other at the end when you have your Mince Pies and Tea. (Unless you want your mice pie)

Alan Butler (Brownsea Island) will be presiding the service, and Peter Murdock-Saint (St. Peter’s Bournemouth) will be providing organ music from his home tower.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me


Bournemouth St John’s, Surrey Road. 8-Bell Practice. Tuesday 10th March 2020

This Tuesday, the 10th March 2020,  the 8-bell practice will focus on Grandsire Major.

Two things to say:

1         We will need help!

2         We will also be ringing everything from rounds & called changes upwards, so all abilities welcome as usual.

Penelope Samuel

Contact Penelope Samuel

News from Ringwood

Thank you to Alan Bentley from Ringwood who sent in the following news:

Alan teaching Annie how to ring

We have a new recruit at Ringwood, Annie Longstaff, who features in the Cathy Booth’s ‘Fun with Bells’

podcast ‘Learning to Ring’. She co-stars with another, but more experienced novice; b

oth ringers talk enthusiastically about their newly found hobby, the patience of their teachers and the friendliness of the other ringers:
Annie has also submitted an entertaining article in ART’s latest Tower Talk newsletter:

CANCELLED: C&S District Annual Trip Saturday 21st September 2019 to Axe Valley CANCELLED


I would appreciate feedback – you can contact me via the link further down, below.

Best wishes,



Dear District!

Following the poster that went out to tower contacts last week, here are all of the finalised details I have been busy working on.  If all goes to plan, looks to be a great trip, in an Area of Natural Beauty.  Historical towers for ringers, bygone trams and cream teas along the coast for those that join us that do not ring.

Please let me know names and numbers as soon as you can, plus your lunch choices.  There is a downloadable pdf pack below, so you can print of all, or the pages you need. Also screen grabs of the pdf for instantaneous ease of viewing if you’re going paperless!

I hope to see many of you there! All are welcome.


Click here to contact Peter Murdock-Saint


September District Practice, Meeting and Hinton Trophy Striking Competition 07.09.2019 Fawley.

Dear all,

Here are the details of the next meeting. Apologies for the delay as we were trying to organise skittles for after the meeting, however that has proven too hard this year, watch this space for next year.

Everyone welcome to come along even if you are not taking part in the striking contest. If there are any teams for the striking contest, please let Colin Butler know.

A general poster for the Outing at the end of the month will be sent out after this e-mail. Please encourage all your members to come along. Full details will be released at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you next week.


Contact Sallie Ingram

Contact Colin Butler

PDFs below of Meeting and Hinton Trophy information:

September Practice and Hinton Trophy

September 2019 Agenda

ADM 2019 Minutes


Regular Monthly District Practices F.Y.I.

Dear District,

Here is a reminder of the regular monthly district practices.  If your tower is running a monthly practice, and would like to be included on the list, and calendar online/printed events calendar, please let us know.

Please do support your local monthly district practices:

Every 1st Monday:

Sacred Heart Bournemouth 6:00pm-7:30pm Method Monday Contact Kim Matthews (focus on a method/touches/calling/splicing chosen by popular consensus) Join the email list to find out next times method.

Every 1st Wednesday: 

Sopley 7:30pm-9:00pm Beyond Bob Doubles  Contact Tim Kettle taking doubles methods to the next level with variants and splicing. Links between methods such as Winchendon and various St.s’ group of methods!

Every 1st Thursday:

Ringwood 7.15pm-9.00pm Surprise Major Contact Alan Bentley Repertoire usually includes single methods and spliced (subject to available expertise on the night). Best to make contact in advance if unsure about status of local road works.

Every 2nd Tuesday:

St. John’s Bournemouth 8 Bell Practice 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Penelope Samuel.  Anything 8 bells goes on here, come and practice your triples methods, call changes and rounds on 8 bells.

Every 2nd Wednesday:

Lymington 7:30pm-9:00pm Doubles & Minor Practice Contact Colin Butler.  Plain courses and touches of doubles and minor methods. Come and practice your calling too.

Every Thursday

St. Peter’s Bournemouth Bell Handling Night 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Romy Coldman. Any aspects of bell handling on this heavy 8, covered by a unique array of excercises, to really get into the nitty-gritty of the nitty-gritty! Methods are not covered at this practice night.

It is advisable to inform the practice organiser if you plan to attend events, should the rare chance of a last minute cancellation happen, a message can be sent to you directly.

March/April events in C&S District


A busy month ahead.

  1. Last call for anyone who is interested in coming to the District Dinner Saturday 3rd March. Poster here: District Dinner 2018   Contact Rosemary Rogers.
  2. District Youth Practice at Brockenhurst Saturday 3rd March
  3. District Practice and Striking competition at Fawley on Saturday 10th March
  4. District Quarter Peal Fortnight. How many people can we get ringing this year?
  5. Salisbury Guild young ringers day

Happy Ringing


Sopley Minor Methods Practice to become “Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles”

After considering the requests of members of the Bob Minor practice and consulting with others, it’s been realised there is a big gap between the average tower practice and going to a minor methods only practice. This is due (in the Bournemouth area at least) to many new learners at tower practices and the need for lots of rounds and call changes taking up most of the limited time available.

Requests have been made for Stedman doubles especially, and for a chance to call touches of doubles/principles methods. It’s also an opportunity to try methods that would be commonly rung if there was no time constaint – eg the St Simons/ Winchendon Place group of methods/variations, variations of Bob Doubles and Grandsire, etc etc etc………..

It is not envisaged that we would ring Plain Bob/Grandsire Doubles except for a “go” at calling touches – teaching the basic methods would defeat the object of the practice. Of course, minor methods will still be on the “curriculum” from Bob Minor onwards to Treble Bob and Surprise (if we have the ability).

At the same time the practice will revert to the 1st Wednesday of the month, the first practice being on the 1st November.

The Ringing Master will be Tim Kettle, and he would welcome any assistance in running the practices.

If you have any requests or would like to know more or would like to help run the practices, please contact Tim Kettle

First Quarter Peal Congratulations for Becky White (Ringwood)

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Ringwood, Hampshire
SS Peter and Paul
Saturday, 23 September 2017 in 45 mins (9–0–6 in G♯)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
Becky White (Age 14)
Rosemary Rogers (C)
Elizabeth Davey
David Lay
John Davey
Frances White
First Quarter, First Attempt(1) First on Cover Bell (6)

Lymington District Doubles & Minor Practice Wed 12th of July

Just a quick reminder that there’s the monthly doubles practice at Lymington on Wednesday the 12th of July.

This is a great practice if you want to progress your doubles ringing or even calling, and will be ably organised by Colin Butler, one of our Ringing Masters.

There are no special methods currently planned, though we’re likely to be ringing Bob Doubles, Grandsire and probably Stedman. Maybe we can talk Colin into calling some April day even.

You can usually park outside the church on the road, if not, there is plenty of parking behind Marks & Spencers a couple of minutes walk away.

CS District Practice 6pm April 1st at Lymington – Special Method is Middlesex Triples

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 17.55.22Colin Butler Writes:

The special method for the April 1st practice at Lymington , 6 to 8pm, will be Middlesex Triples.
Please give me a request for the special method for May.

Messages left in the box below will be displayed on the page and forwarded to Colin

Confirmed: Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds Feb 22nd 7.30pm

After January’s practice, the consensus of the band is that for February 22nd we would like to stay with the same methods:

Please can the conductors come prepared to call some short touches of Double Court and simple Single-only touches of Bob Minor?

It’s a good practice to work on your Ringing Master skills as well – anyone want to do all or part of the job in February?

Once again I am hoping to get 9+ firm replies in order to go ahead with this practice. RSVP please by Friday 17th Feb and I will send out a confirmation.

Or download a poster: sopley-minor-methods-practice


C&S Quarter Peal Fortnight 12-26 of March

Hi all,
I announced this exciting event at our recent district ADM. For anyone who was not able to attend, attached is a poster and an information sheet.
It would be really excellent to have as many quarter peals as possible rung in the district during the fortnight, so get planning. It is my aim to keep a record on the district website of all planned attempts.
You can find at the following link all the details about the peal attempts and news related to it.
Any queries/comments please do let me know.
Daniel Graham

Lymington District Doubles & Minor Practice Wed 8th of February

Just a quick reminder that there’s the monthly doubles practice at Lymington on Wednesday the 8th of February.

This is a great practice if you want to progress your doubles ringing or even calling, and will be ably organised by Colin Butler, one of our Ringing Masters.

There are no special methods currently planned, though we’re likely to be ringing Bob Doubles, Grandsire and probably Stedman. Maybe we can talk Colin into calling some April day even.

You can usually park outside the church on the road, if not, there is plenty of parking behind Marks & Spencers a couple of minutes walk away.

Update – CS District ADM – January 28th at Bitterne Park

Hi all.

On behalf of the District officers can I wish everyone in the District a Happy New Year.

The ADM is almost here, Saturday 28th January 2017 at Bitterne Park, Southampton

Attached is the poster, proposed agenda, minutes from September Meeting and District Calendar for 2017.

ADM Poster 2017  Calendar 2017  September 2016 Minutes  ADM Agenda 2017

Please look through and let me know of any other items you would like to be added to the Agenda


There will be a raffle held to raise money to contribute the costs of sending a Youth band to the RW National Youth Competition, should you with to donate a raffle prize please get in contact with Rosemary Rogers.

Officer posts

As always all District Officer posts are up for re-election. Please pass on nominations to me by 25th January. We currently have no volunteers to stand for Executive Committee Representative post. We are also looking for a volunteer for Assistant Secretary too please contact me if you are would be willing to help.

Please could you let the Chairman of any names to be notified under item 2.



District Secretary