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Brading, St Mary

Photo by Jen Churchill

Information for visiting ringers

St. Mary’s, Brading, is the Parish Church of Brading and can be found on the A3055 Ryde to Sandown road, the church being clearly visible on the left as you approach the village from the north.

A large car park is adjacent to the church for which a fee is payable. Alternatively as you approach the village from Ryde turn right at the roundabout and park for free in the side road and walk the short distance back to the tower.

The church is medieval dating from the 12th Century. At this church the Revd Legh Richmond is thought to have originated the now globally popular idea of using boards with movable numbers to indicate hymn numbers during church services.

The tower with its 8 bells is of a very unusual style in that it is built on four piers at the entrance to the church; there are supposedly only three others like it in England. The stone spire rises from within the parapets of the tower.

The church stands on a very early Christian site, and though difficult to prove, it was during the 680’s Saint Wilfrid landed in Brading Harbour, long since silted up, raised the standard of the Cross and preached to the heathen Islanders from this site and thus began the conversion of the Island.

Access to the tower for ringing itself is by way of a near-vertical wooden ladder and wooden trap door within the entrance porch. Treat number 3 bell with respect, it has a mind all of its own!

Nunwell House is close by and is open to visitors at selected times for those with time to visit this interesting manor house. Home of the Oglanders, who helped King Charles I in his attempted escape from Carisbrooke Castle, the tombs of this prominent Island family will be found within the church.

There is a public house a short walk into the village where food is served all day.

Brading, St Mary - 8 Bells, Tenor 9-3-19 cwt

Postcode: PO36 0ED

Brading Ringing Times
  • Sundays: We ring every Sunday mornings at 8:50am to 9:20am. We only ring for evening services on special occasions, and then usually there is a quarter peal attempt, but visiting ringers are welcome for morning ringing always.
  • Practice:  Our practice night is on Thursdays, 7:00pm – 9:00pm and visiting ringers are always welcome to boost our practice.
On a practice night we ring rounds, call changes, Plain hunt doubles and triples, Grandsire doubles and occasionally Grandsire triples. We always aim to ring up and down in peal, usually 4 at a time, or the front 6.
Practices at Brading are always very busy and we have a very young band so expect things to be noisy.

Brading Bellringers have their own site with full details of their bell restoration fund and their regular ringing. Click to Visit.

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