Belfry Stewardship Committee Guild Bell Stock Survey

Introduction and background.

In the late 1990s the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild launched an ambitious pioneering project to compile a survey of every belfry in Hampshire, and during 1998/99 every tower with three or more bells hung for ringing was provided with a questionnaire to facilitate this “Guild-wide Bell Stock Survey”. To date over ninety surveys have been completed, providing a wealth of valuable data on the condition of our towers and bells; these have now been scanned and are available by following the links below.
Understandably, the initial impetus and motivation has declined and many towers remain to be surveyed; it is hoped however that by making the attached reports readily available, Guild members may feel encouraged to continue with this valuable work in their own and other local towers, to help complete the task.

For easy access, the original survey documents have been placed on the Guild web-site as downloadable files, comprising a version of the survey form [BellSurveyForm (Tower) or BellSurveyForm (Tower) word version] which is a document covering the church, tower/turret, bell frame and its foundations, historical ringing records and a general description of the current condition of the installation, together with a separate double side A4 pro forma [BellSurveyForm (Bells) or BellSurveyForm (Bells) doc version] for recording the details of each bell (one per bell). There is, in addition, a Notes for Guidance document [Notes for Guildance on Bell Stock Survey] which is 12 pages of A4 in length and includes the various “codes” used to simplify and standardise responses to descriptions of the various components of the bell gear etc.

All the returns from the surveys have been scanned and saved as PDF files, one for each tower.  To view or download the data click on one of the links below.

Alton & Petersfield District

Andover District

Basingstoke District

Channel Islands

The following surveys are available as PDF’s held in the Guild’s Google Drive.

Alton & Petersfield
Channel Islands
Christchurch & Southampton
Isle of Wight


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