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Winchester District Practice – Wonston Saturday 15th June 10am

The Band of Holy Trinity Church, Wonston wishes to welcome any ringers available to support our ringing this coming Saturday morning at our District’s District Practice.The frame has been newly painted, the wheels and ropes reinstalled and we’re good to go! Check out our Facebook page for more of that story!

We also have plenty of parking, great countryside walking and an award winning pub up the lane in The Wonston Arms!

Saturday 15th June from 10am til 1130am

Hope to see you there!

Gary Marsh

Wonston Band interview on Radio Solent 7.45am Sunday 29th July – now with link to the interview

Full BBC Radio Solent interview with the band of Wonston, Winchester starts at 1.50

If any of you listen to Radio Solent early on Sunday mornings you may know the faith show which is broadcast to Hampshire and Dorset before 8.00 am.

A couple of Saturdays ago one of the presenters, Katie Martin, came to Wonston with her team and made some recordings in the tower about Ringing Remembers and its background, how people can get involved in preparation for the Armistice commemorations, and bell ringing in general. This was in the middle of Holy Trinity Fete when we had the tower open for the general public to have a go, so was a bit chaotic, a lot of fun, and there are some wonderful pictures (taken by Gary Marsh) of Katie Martin having a go herself!

We have been advised that Katie Martin’s “piece” will go out on Radio Solent this coming Sunday morning at about 7.45 am – if anybody wants to tune in.

Gary Marsh

Wedding Ringers Needed at Broughton, Houghton and Mottisfont Aug and Sept

We have lots of weddings coming up over the next couple of months and I’m afraid can’t get enough ringers for all of them from local resources! Can anyone help please?

We are short of ringers as follows:-

4th August, St Marys Broughton, 1200 wedding, 1 ringers needed

25th August, St Marys Broughton,1500 wedding. 1 ringer needed.

25th August, St Andrews Mottisfont,1400 wedding, 2 ringers needed

22nd September, All Saints Houghton,1300 wedding, 2 ringers needed.

We have been asked to ring before and after all the weddings so pull off time is 30 minutes before the wedding times above.

If you are able to help please could you reply to Bob Gosse

8 bell ringing on Thurs 26th July at Hurstbourne Priors

Dear all,

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 26th July 2018, time for our monthly 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

We’ll ring a selection from the usual repertoire of Grandsire Triples, Stedman Triples, Bob Triples/Major, Double Norwich, and maybe even some Yorkshire Surprise Major, depending on demand and the abilities of those present.

Hope to see you there.

Helen and Roger Thomas

Methods to look up for the Bournemouth Sacred Heart Practice Monday 23rd July

Its seems we are going to have several visitors this evening, so…
Can I suggest we all look up Cambridge and put the visitors to work?
Also for the treble ringers, have a look at treble bob hunt there will be people to stand behind.
This is all on top of Little Bob Minor and touches of Reverse Canterbury which we discussed last week.
See you all at 6.

Clarification of Armistice Ringing

The ringing community may be understandably confused regarding alternative requests for ringing on 11th November this year. I hope that the following provides some clarification.

“Ringing Remembers” is the campaign officially endorsed and sponsored by HM Government for (a) recruiting new ringers and (b) ringing open at 12:30pm on Sunday 11th November – aligning with the published agenda for processions and marches in celebration of peace. CCCBR has been working hard with government officials to finalise and announce plans for ringing on the centenary of the Armistice, but we were under strict embargo until Friday 13th July, which is when the media release was published.

“Battle’s Over” is the private initiative of Bruno Peek, MBE. Bruno has demonstrated energy, drive and passion to put together a compelling programme of events on the evening of 11th November, inviting ringing at 7:05pm. Although his initiative gained early support from various military organisations and CCCBR, it is not backed by central government or Buckingham Palace.

Over the past year CCCBR representatives have been trying to align the varying requests for ringing on 11th November (we have also had approaches from the British Legion and other bodies), but this has not proved possible. Nevertheless, knowing the national mood to acknowledge this centenary, CCCBR encourages all ringers to respond as they see fit, taking into account the wide variety of local circumstances. Ringing open at or around 12:30pm is the ideal and recommended option, but any time that afternoon / evening is also supported. General ringing, quarter peals, peals – let’s do it!

To quote Tennyson – “…

Ring out old shapes of foul disease;

Ring out the narrowing lust of gold;

Ring out the thousand wars of old,

Ring in the thousand years of peace.

Vicki Chapman & Christopher O’Mahony

CCCBR Ringing Remembers Project Co-ordinator & CCCBR President

Sussex Ringers Feature on ITV Meridian News

Watch A Clip from ITV News Meridian for filming at St George’s Brede East Sussex! They are covering the campaign to support the Ringing Remembers initiative to commemorate the 1400 bell ringers who bravely lost their lives in WW1 by recruiting 1400 new ringers in time to ring on Armistice Day 2018.

On 11th November 2018, the centenary of the Armistice of WW1, bell ringers across the world will ring out for the fallen and most poignantly for the 1400 bell ringers that were lost. Heather Smith, one of their new ringing recruits is training hard to be able to ring “Call Changes” on Armistice Day. She and the St George’s band will be on the ITV News Meridian programme this evening.

(news originally posted on CCCBR website)


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Beyond Bob Doubles Practice at Sopley, Wednesday 4 July at 7.30pm (RSVP)

We hope to be able to continue with extending our experience new methods and variations at this practice and it would be very useful as the holiday season approaches to know who is ale to be there. Please let me know so I can confirm we have enough ringers to be able to go ahead.

The programme will include touches of Stedman, mixed plain courses of doubles methods we can already ring, and variations (suggestions are April Day, Southrepps, Kennington, Cliffords Pleasure), and the St Martins/St Simons group of methods.

So study these (all on the info already sent out) and we should have a good practice,

Hope you can come and looking forward to seeing you then,

Tim Kettle