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Tower Captain at Blackmoor and Publicity Officer for Alton & Petersfield District

John Stone enjoys his glider flight prize

Those of you who were at the A & P District skittles evening in February will remember that Barry Alderslade generously donated a glider flight as a raffle prize. A few tickets were drawn and the flight, surprisingly, remained on the table, but when John Stone’s ticket number was called he didn’t let his dodgy knees or his age (81) put him off and, having enjoyed a glider flight before, wanted to repeat the experience. It took a few months for conditions etc. to be right, but the flight has now taken place and I have no doubt whatsoever that John laughed and smiled for the entire time. Here is what he wrote on Facebook, and some photos so you can see just how much he enjoyed himself.
Monday 19th what I had been waiting for – the glider flight at Lasham. It was donated by Barry Alderslade as a raffle prize at the ringers skittles night in Feb, which I won. Barry’s wife was a ringer at St. Lawrence though they have now re-located to Brecon. I met Barry in the Clubhouse, and with a long walk across the airfield he even arranged a buggy for the “old croc”. Quick run through the controls (and the escape hatch) and we were in the queue for the aircraft tow, complete with parachute, and then up and away, climbing quite quickly behind the tow aircraft to about 4,000 feet. Swanning around up there over the beautiful Hants countryside was fantastic. I even had control for a while. Expecting to be up for 15-20 mins the hour we were up was a real bonus. Then came the question “what about a loop?” from Barry, and I said “go for it”. Not sure what speed we got up to going down, but it was soon over. What an experience.
John had a go at ringing at Blackmoor a few years ago, but decided it wasn’t for him. As much as anything he found the tower stairs were too difficult for his knees. He didn’t want to lose us as a group of friends though and we really enjoy his company, so we elected him as an associate member and try to include him in as many events as possible, he even helps us sort bling for our secondhand jewellery stall which raises a lot of funds for the tower.  I’m so glad he had an excellent flight.
Thanks, Valerie
Blackmoor TC

Bramshott ring a quarter peal for BBC Music Day in memory of a friend.

 RINGING EVENT – BBC Music Day – 15th June 2017:

To celebrate the BBC Music Day on 15th June, the bell-ringers at St. Mary’s – Bramshott, rang a Quarter Peal of ‘Grandsire Doubles’,  in memory of Marlene Wright of Limes Close, Bramshott, and her sister and brother-in-law Pamela and Ian Mansell of Dockenfield, all of whom very sadly died following a car accident on  2nd May, whilst on holiday in the Cayman Islands.  Marlene was a good friend and neighbour to Julia (a Bramshott ringer) and also to many in the church and community. The Quarter Peal was rung half-muffled, to commemorate the memory of Marlene and the ringers hoped it was a fitting tribute to her.   Members from the parish and community came to the church and listened to the ringing.

The ringers  consisted of five from St. Mary’s – Bramshott and one from  St. Peter &  St Paul – Hawkley, (a neighbouring parish).  Both towers help each other out with ringing commitments at their respective churches and have a close relationship with each other.

The Quarter Peal – 1260 Grandsire Doubles:

  1. Gary Beard,
  2. Julia Brunt,
  3. Di Hart,
  4. Jo Green,
  5. Roger Barber (C)
  6. David Hart

The Bramshott ringers are very grateful to Roger, (District Ringing Master/Tower Captain at Hawkley), who kindly conducted the quarter peal.

Di Hart,

Tower Captain,

St. Mary’s  Bramshott.

Surprise Minor Practice – a report from A&P District

The Surprise Minor Practice at Buriton on Saturday 10th was a great success and very well attended.

I was really pleased to get through a touch of Cambridge without too much trouble, but I really should have spent much longer looking at Primrose before giving it a go. Perhaps then I wouldn’t have tried to join the two bits of front work together, as they are in Cambridge, and might even have known which direction I was going right from the start (note to self, don’t only look at the starts of the 2 & 3, you may well end up with the 4). Sorry Roger, you did say that you didn’t want people to only look at it for half an hour before turning up. I promise to do better next time. I hope there is a next time.

We were treated to a demonstration of just how it should be done when the more experienced Surprise Minor ringers caught hold for four spliced Cambridge, Primrose, Norwich and Ipswich, which was so beautifully rung it even merited a ripple of applause.

Thanks Roger for organising this, and to everyone who came. It wouldn’t have been such a success without you.


A&P Picnic & Practice at Privett on July 22nd

Bring your own picnic and join us for fun, games and bell ringing at Privett on July 22nd.

Ringing is from 5.00 to 6.30pm, games until 8.30pm

So far I have been promised the loan of Curling, Skittles and some football goals. I have Quoits and I’m planning on putting together a Tin Can Alley.

Please feel free to bring your own games if you want to, but if you could let me know beforehand what you’re bringing that would be great as I’m toying with the idea of some small trophies.

We have access to the hall from 4.30pm so if you want to drop anything off before ringing that’s fine. Or maybe some people would like to play games whilst others ring, that’s fine too.

Bring the family, bring your friends, bring raffle prizes ……….

Many thanks, Valerie

Hawkley’s practice moves to Selborne until further notice

There is work going on at Hawkley Church at present, so their practice has moved to Selborne from Wednesday 17th May (7.30 – 9.00pm) until further notice.

Roger is grateful to Nick for arranging this, and Nick has confirmed that there will not be a Thursday practice at Selborne for the duration.

Both Roger and Nick say that everyone is welcome to join them.

It’s worth noting that Selborne is a ground floor ring, which is great for anyone who finds spiral stairs a bit of a trial.

Thank you

A&P General Practice at Froyle 5.30-7.00pm Saturday May 13th

Please join us for a general practice at Froyle on Saturday May 13th, ringing is from rounds upwards so everyone is welcome. Whether you are a beginner or have been ringing for donkeys years, we would love to see you.

If it’s anything like the practice at Selborne in March, then it will be a huge success.

Thank you. Valerie

(A&P Publicity Officer)

A&P have new Officers

At our Spring Meeting last Saturday we were finally able to appoint a new District Secretary.  It’s taken 15 months and a re-write of the District Officers Guidelines so that the work load is shared more evenly, but Melanie Moore from St. Peter’s in Petersfield has agreed to take the job on, and we are more than happy to have her.

We also created a post of Publicity Officer, for which I was nominated and seconded, and, as I am definitely getting better at posting items on the Guild website, and actually quite enjoy doing posters etc. I was happy to accept.

One other change was made, it was thought that the title Librarian didn’t really relate to what Judy Sparling actually does, so alternative titles such as Book Seller and Book Shop were discussed, before the suggestion of Educational Resource Officer was accepted. This being a ‘future proof’ title that allows for other types of media, not just books.

Life in the Alton & Petersfield District under our new Chairman, Mike Novell, is definitely not going to be dull. Who knows what might happen next.

A&P Spring Meeting April 22nd at Liss, St Mary’s

Hello all
I hope you are going to join us for on April 22nd at St. Mary’s Liss for general ringing and the spring meeting.
Ringing is from 3pm, tea from around 4.15 and the meeting will start at about 5.30 followed by more ringing.
Please make sure you book your tea in advance with Joy Martin 01730 265275 so that she knows how many to cater for.
We now have new colour certificates, for members elected at this meeting and the previous two where none were available, so please do come to collect them.
Attached are the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting.
I have also attached another copy of the District Officer guidelines which have been slightly revised following comments from two people. These guidelines will, in time, be extended to include the Treasurer, Guild Executive Representative, Independent Examiner and Librarian so that, before the next round of elections, everyone will know what each of these roles entails.
Many thanks, Valerie

agenda April 2017 Spring Meeting

minutes meeting 21st January2017


A&P District spring meeting – April 22nd at Liss, St. Mary from 3.00pm

Liss St Mary's

Ringing from 3.00pm, Tea from around 4.15pm

Meeting from aprox 5.30pm, followed by more ringing.

Names for tea to Joy Martin 01730 265275

  by Wednesday 19th please.

Certificates & badges are now available for those members

who were elected at the last two meetings,

so please come along to collect them.

Don’t forget we still need to elect a District Secretary.

If you are interested in the post please let us know.

Thank you.

Practices resume at St. Lawrence & Hawkley

The ringers at Alton, St.Lawrence are very pleased to announce that, although the scaffolding may still be up, there is no longer an RSJ through the bell chamber and that practices will start again on Thursday 30th March at 7.30pm. They would love to see you if you would like to join them.

Wednesday practices are also resuming at Hawkley from 7.45pm, but Roger Barber suggests that you contact him beforehand if you’re thinking of going, just to be on the safe side.

A&P District Surprise Major Practice Saturday 8th April 5.30 to 7.00pm at Hawkley

archSaturday 8th April – 5.30 to 7.00pm

at Hawkley

Roger says he’s had lots of interest in this practice, and hopes to be able to ring Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as well as Cambridge.

My Cambridge needs working on, so I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks, Valerie

A&P District Practices – March and April

Here is a copy of the the latest poster which should be appearing in your towers any day now.

Link to PDF version of Poster

Link to Word version of poster


Tuesday 7th March 7.30 – 9.00pm
Monthly 8 bell practice at Holybourne

Saturday 18th March
District General Practice at Selborne
5.30 – 7.00pm
Ringing from rounds upwards – all welcome


Tuesday 4th April – 7.30 – 9.00pm
monthly 8 bell practice at Holybourne

Saturday 8th April – 5.30pm – 7.00pm
District Surprise Major Practice at Hawkley
If we cannot muster enough people to ring at least Cambridge, Roger will not organise another one!

Saturday 22nd April
District Spring Meeting at St. Mary’s Liss
Ringing from 3.00pm – Tea from 4.00pm
Meeting from around 4.45pm – then more ringing
Please book your tea by contacting Joy Martin

A&P Skittle report

Numbers may have been down, but fun was still had by everyone who went to the annual A&P district skittle evening last Saturday. It was my go first and, as expected, I made pretty much everyone else look good by only getting two pins down with all three balls. It’s amazing how much space there is between, and down the side of, 9 skittles when the ball is only the size of a grapefruit. Various techniques were employed by the others present, some trying to aim and roll in quite a controlled fashion, others hurling the ball down so fast it didn’t have time to go off course, and many was the excuse for why some weren’t doing so well; the pins are too thin! the ball’s too small! the alley isn’t flat! Strange how all those ‘faults’ didn’t stop David Hughes (Buriton) from getting a winning score of 35, even though he said that he couldn’t bend properly because he needs a hip replacement. Maybe that’s the trick, don’t bend. The two equal highest scoring ladies, Nikki Alderslade and Penny Rehbein had a shoot out to decide the winner, with Nikki coming out on top and Penny a gracious second place. Unfortunately there is always a loser too (a career best score of 15 kept me out of that spot, amazingly), and ironically this year’s lowest score was posted by Rita Hughes, David’s wife.

During the evening we also had a raffle with a number of interesting prizes, one of which was a generously donated glider flight. The first few tickets were drawn and the flight remained on the table, but then John Stone’s number was called. John is a septuagenarian retired police sergeant and scout leader, and he is absolutely thrilled with his prize. He says he’s done a flight before and really enjoyed it, so he’s looking forward to another one. Good luck John, I hope you have a great time.

At the end of the evening our Chairman, Mike Novell, thanked everyone for coming, Steve for doing the scoring, Liz and Charlotte for running the raffle and Joshua for standing the pins up most of the time.

AP District – Surprise Major Practice – Saturday 8th April – Hawkley 5.30 – 7.00pm **RSVP

Dear all,

I have organised the following practice, Surprise Major at Hawkley on Saturday 8th April 5.30-7.00pm.  I hope that we can muster enough to have a go at Cambridge at the very least. Would you be so kind as to let me know if you are intending to come for this.