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C&S Quarter Peal Club Invitation for members.

Dear Quarter Peal Ringers,

Some time ago in a news letter, there was mention of reviving the Christchurch & Southampton Quarter Peal Club in 2019, led by Polly Osborne.  We are still putting feelers out for local (to New Forest area who can accommodate on Fridays), and lighter ring 8 bell towers, whilst Brockenhurst undergoes repairs from the roof collapse.  The Quarter Peal Club will still run on a Friday, as this seemed best for members in general.

In the interim, if you would like to become a member of the group, please drop me an email, so we can add you to the email list for future developments.

All best wishes,

Peter(Acting District Webmaster)

Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

C&S District Practice and Carol Service 01.12.18

Today we have confirmed details of this Saturday’s district practice and carol service at Fordingbridge, Saturday 1st December.  Ringing from 3:00pm, carol service at 4:30pm.  Method of the month is Stedman Triples.

Please do come along with mince pies for the festivities.

PDF link below to print and display this week in your towers.


December Practice and Carol Service

Sacred Heart Method Monday 05.11.18

This Monday, 5th November will be the next Method Monday. Practice starts at 6:00pm and finishes at 7.30pm.
We will be attempting to ring St Clements Minor and Spliced St. Simons, St. Martins and Plain Bob.
This will be followed by pizza
All are welcome as we will still ring rounds and call changes and Bob Doubles – So if you have never called a touch come and have a go.
The night should go off with a bang!!

Regular Monthly District Practices

Dear District,

Here is a reminder of the regular monthly district practices.  If your tower is running a monthly practice, and would like to be included on the list, and calendar online/printed events calendar, please let us know.

Please do support your local monthly district practices:

Every 1st Monday:

Sacred Heart Bournemouth 6:00pm-7:30pm Method Monday Contact Kim Matthews (focus on a method/touches/calling/splicing chosen by popular consensus) Join the email list to find out next times method.

Every 1st Wednesday: 

Sopley 7:30pm-9:00pm Beyond Bob Doubles  Contact Tim Kettle taking doubles methods to the next level with variants and splicing. Links between methods such as Winchendon and various St.s’ group of methods!

Ringwood 7:45pm-9:15pm Suprise Major Contact Elizabeth Davey

Every 2nd Tuesday:

St. John’s Bournemouth 8 Bell Practice 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Penelope Samuel.  Anything 8 bells goes on here, come and practice your triples methods, call changes and rounds on 8 bells.

Every 2nd Wednesday:

Lymington 7:30pm-9:00pm Doubles & Minor Practice Contact Colin Butler.  Plain courses and touches of doubles and minor methods. Come and practice your calling too.

Every Thursday

St. Peter’s Bournemouth Bell Handling Night 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Romy Coldman. Any aspects of bell handling on this heavy 8, covered by a unique array of excercises, to really get into the nitty-gritty of the nitty-gritty! Methods are not covered at this practice night.

It is advisable to inform the practice organiser if you plan to attend events, should the rare chance of a last minute cancellation happen, a message can be sent to you directly.

St. Peter’s, Bournemouth hits the news again…

Melissa Boyle from ‘BH Living’, popped up the never-ending stairs, as a visitor to St. Peter’s practice evening.  Melissa enjoyed herself so much, she decided to feature it in one of her articles and blog!  I was rather horrified myself, as live footage of the Michelin Man himself (me),gradually honed into the view 😦 (Link below)

(Peter Murdock-Saint)

BH Living – Article on bell ringing at St. Peter’s

Ringing Cancelled: Ringwood Service Ringing, Sunday 7th October 2018

There wil be no service ringing at Ringwood on Sunday 7th October 2018, due to a shortage of numbers this week.

Why not head to and visit a different tower and help out a fellow band, such as the heavy ring of 8 St. Peter’s Bournemouth, or a very light 6 at Sacred Heart.  Do check the online calendar for notices before your journey though.

C&S District 12 Bell Practice Saturday 6th October 2018 Christchurch Priory 6-8pm

Please see attached poster for details and printing for your tower.

CS District October Practice Priory

October’s district practice is at Christchurch Priory, with the method of the month being various permutations of Erin.

There is a fairly long climb up to the ringing chamber, so you may like to allow yourself extra time to arrive, and settle upstairs!

All enquiries to Sallie Ingram

Cancellation: Bournemouth St. Peter’s Basic Bells Thursday 4th October 2018, 7:30pm

Dear St. Peter’s Thursday night ringers,

Due to a concert being held within the church, there will be no practice at St. Peter’s Bournemouth, on Thursday 4th October 2018 at 7:30pm.

The following Thursday (11th October), Tim Kettle will be away, but practice night will still go ahead.  Please let the tower secretary, Romy,  know whether or not you are able to attend.

Contact Romy Coldman

Method Monday at Sacred Heart Bournemouth 1st October 2018 6:00pm

Dear All,
Forgive the late notice, but this week has got away from me.
This Monday will be a Method Monday- methods will be treble Bob hunt and Cambridge Minor. It has also been suggested we follow the practice with pizza if people would like to join us?
See you Monday at 6:00pm.

Christchurch Priory: Service ringing cancellation, 16th September 2018

There will be no general service ringing before Evensong this Sunday (16th September 2018).  This is due to a pre-arranged quarter-peal that will be taking place, in place of usual service ringing.

The morning service ringing will take place as is usual.

This message has come from Rosemary Rogers

Contact Rosemary Rogers

Quarter-pealing as a learner (Peter Murdock-Saint, Sopley)

On Sunday 9th September, I joined forces with five very kind people who had given up their Sunday afternoon, to form a band to ring a quarter-peal of Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles.

Once I had located the correct church!…we could be found in the tower of Sturminster Marshall, on mainly medieval bells, with the tenor dating from 1400, weighing in at a healthy 18cwt.  Lovely rich bells, and smooth going, steady speed too, due to their moving weights.

This was my second attempt at Reverse Canterbury.  My first was hampered by inexperience with a long draft, lassoing ropes, and a touch of wheel slip on generally ‘difficult bells’, and in hindsight, was a great lesson in itself, even though we came away without scoring.

One of our younger members, Jack Pease, (only 19), was conducting the quarter-peal.  The band were very easy going, which leant to a relaxed atmosphere in which to ring, and focus on the 1260 changes ahead.

We started off well, and aside for a minor blunder by yours truly in the middle, when I decided to go for a ‘wander’ off the well trod method pathway, we scored the quarter-peal, and I was able to make my mark in the tower records book.  All the ringers made a great team, and could sense (probably by my glances of mercy), when I needed a word of encouragement, or affirmation of what piece of work was coming forward next.

This is now my fourth quarter-peal since taking up ringing in November 2016, and each one has been a very individual and tailored experience.  Some with people I know, and my tutors from Sopley, who are able to foretell mistakes I may not have even begun to career through yet!  Some with people I have met for the first time, and by the end, have become team players together, thinking as a unit on, musical, mathematical, and physical/technical levels.

As a good friend mentioned to me…it is like giving 88 people a key each from a piano, and going off with an instruction to coordinate a full piece of music.  We have a motto at St. Peter’s, where I ring on a weekly basis on their bell-handling course…’The strength of the team is in each individual member, the strength of each member is in the team’.

I have received support and guidance from all across our district, and further afield.  Attended ringing days out, events, education days, ringing holidays, specially tailored district practice evenings, quarter-peal days and fortnights, district practices, meetings,  plus other tower’s practice nights, bell-handling workshops, all their time given on a voluntary level.  We are very lucky in our district there is always something going on, with a very busy website, we just have to go ourselves and grab these opportunities.  I have been bitten by the bell-ringing bug, and ring about five times weekly now!

Finally I must mention briefly alongside my quarter-peal news that the District Quarter Peal Club shall be returning in a slightly revamped form in 2019, managed by Polly Osborne.  Watch this space for further details VERY SOON…

Photography by Jack Pease


C&S September District Practice with Hinton Trophy Striking Competition and Business Meeting, Sopley 8th September 2:30pm

Please see below for links to all the information for the forthcoming district practice and Hinton Trophy for striking.  This post supersedes any previous version.

Saturday 8th September 2018 at Sopley church.

Method of the month: Little Bob Minor

2:30pm – 3:30pm General Ringing

3:30pm – 4:30pm Striking Competition

4:30pm Business meeting

Please let David Lay know numbers for tea.

To enter a band into the Striking Competition, please contact Andy Ingram.

Contact David Lay

Contact Andy Ingram



September 2018 Agenda

Annual District Meeting  2018 Minutes

September Practice and Hinton Trophy

Rules for  Hinton Trophy

Ringing for Peace: Document/Poster

Please see the document/poster via the link below.  As part of the ringing initiative, Ringing for Peace, please print copies of these out, to display/make accessible to congregation members.

All you need to do is change the email address so it is relevant to your tower.

If anyone needs assistance doing this, please let me know.

Contact Peter Murdock-Saint


Ringing for Peace Battles Over Self Fill

Forthcoming Beyond Bob Doubles Practice, information for members. (Sopley)

Dear friends,
Our next gathering will be at Sopley on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at 7:30pm-9:00pm.
Tim Kettle, our brave leader, has suggested for this practice consolidating both plain courses, and touches of the following methods:
St. Simon’s Doubles
St Martin’s Doubles
Winchendon Place Doubles
Stedman Doubles
Splicing of St. Simon’s & St. Martin’s Doubles
If there is anything that anyone would particularly like to cover, please let Tim know in advance, and I’m sure this can be incorporated.  I know that some members find it a useful opportunity to also practice their callings.
This really is a great learning atmosphere, and I’m proud to be part of a group that makes so much progress from one month to another.
Of course, there will be drinks in The Woolpack afterwards, to celebrate our various successes.
Look forward to seeing you there!

Lymington Doubles Practice: Temporary time change.

There is a change of start time for the Lymington Doubles Practice on Wednesday 12th Septmeber 2018.

The new start time for this practice only, is 7:45pm, until 9:00pm.

Do come along and work on your doubles ringing, and introduce yourself to a new double method perhaps.

Lots of friendly faces, and even the pub next door has six hung bells in their front window!

Contact Larry Stace (Tower Captain, St. Thomas, Lymington

Hinton practices throughout August to be held at Sopley.

Dear Ringers,

Throughout the remainder of August 2018, all Tuesday evening practices (7:30pm-9:00pm) usually held at Hinton, will instead be held at Sopley (7:30pm-9:00pm).

This is due to summer holidays/lack of ringers at Hinton to unlock etc, vs. more space/bells at Sopley, should any other tower bands and visiting ringers wish to come and join the Tuesday night practice.  Everything from rounds and call changes upwards, to minor methods.

There will be learners from 6:45pm, but otherwise, the usual time of 7:30pm for everybody else.  This is usually followed by drinks at The Woolpack afterwards.

All are welcome.

For more information please contact David Lay (Sopley Tower Captain)

Or Robin & Gill Wilson (Hinton Tower Captains)

(For those that don’t know, Hinton and Sopley ‘share’ their towers.  Hinton practices are USUALLY on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, alternating with Sopley on 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays).

Report from Beyond Bob Doubles practice, Wed. 1st August 2018

Last night’s BBD (Beyond Bob Doubles) practice led by Tim Kettle, flanked by Ross Bradley, was incredibly successful for all. We had touches of Stedman, followed by touches of Reverse Canterbury, Winchendon Place, St. Martin’s, St. Simon’s, and ending in a variation of South Repps.

As a learner, I had a eureka moment, observing how similar, some methods are related to each other, and with a small tweek of a line, I was able to ring in something new to me, fairly successfully, in a jovial and supportive gathering.  There were also quite a few ‘firsts’ for other members too.

The evening became a hive of activity, members sharing tips, and puzzling over problems together.

We also welcomed Chris for the first time, a new face to some, and a super-great chap.  In the past Chris rang at Ringwood, Fordingbridge and Hampreston. After a lengthy-ish period of rope-neglect, he is back to join our district.

BBD is held on the first Wednesday of the month at Sopley 7:30pm – 9:00pm. Drinks afterwards in The Woolpack.

Report by Peter Murdock-Saint.

Contact Tim Kettle (BBD Practice Night Leader)

St. John’s, Surrey Road, Bournemouth: Sunday mornings service ringing CANCELLED throughout August. Practices continue as usual.

There will be NO morning service ringing at St. John’s, Surrey Road during the month of August.
However, Tuesday night practices will continue to take place as usual from 7.30 – 9, except for the 14th August, which is Quarter-Peal Evening!
Perhaps you have more time in August? Or, you want extra practice with a new method, then come and try us out.
As previously mentioned, Tuesday 14th August is QP night. Want to have a go at Grandsire Triples or Bob Triples ? Now is your chance!! Please let me know if you would like a rope.
Kim Matthews