About This Site

This site is intended to be a “one stop shop” for information about the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild. It is also intended  to offer every tower and District (and committee and interest group!) the opportunity to build a “zone” of their own which is their bespoke set of pages and posts. It is also meant to dovetail neatly with existing (aprtner) sites, from Dove to individual tower sites – we hope that works for you, the user!

The Guild is a strong and active community of bellringers – we hope that comes across from our web presence on this site, Facebook, Twitter, and our partner sites.

We hope you can find what you were looking for, and we hope you enjoy your visit.

The site was created using WordPress in order to ensure that a good service is offered on all screen sizes, and to enable a large quanitity of news to be managed without drowning the reader! To this end, the posts are arranged in Categories, which drive the menu system so that we will try to offer you information relevant to what you are looking at. Feedback, news, ideas, photos and videos are welcome.

Rosalind Martin

Guild Communications Committee Dec 2015