Ringing for the State Funeral on Monday 19th September

Hello again Everyone, 

We’re now getting close to the State Funeral on Monday, so as there have been a few more questions about what ringing is expected, I just wanted to share my interpretation of the Guidance documents sent previously, in case it helps any Towers who are unsure. 

The Guidance mentions tolling (very slow ringing of any single bell that is open or muffled) for the hour prior to the Service at 11am. However, the Central Council have further clarified that fully muffled (Tenor open at backstroke) ringing is also appropriate. 

In my home tower, we will be ringing rounds and call changes from 10:00-10-45am. Then we will toll our Tenor (which will still be muffled on the handstroke) from 10:45-11:00am, to give those in our Tower that would like to share in this duty, an opportunity to do so.

We don’t have enough ringers to ring simultaneously at a nearby Tower, so here, the Tenor will be tolled from 9:15-9:50am, and a muffled Quarter Peal rung around 2pm when the Funeral Service will be over. 

Locally I’m aware of Towers that will be ringing a Quarter Peal, and others that will just be tolling, prior to the Funeral. As before, so much will depend on the individual circumstances at your Tower.

In which ever way you will ring on Monday, thank you.

Do please send details of all ringing (tolling and general ringing) to Bellboard/The Ringing World, as each performance deserves to be recorded alongside Quarter Peal and Peals.


With best wishes and thanks,

Rachael Barber

Guild Master

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