Winchester Annual District Meeting Minutes – February 2021

Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on Saturday 13th February 2021 on Zoom.

  1. Chairman’s welcome

    In the absence of the Chairman, John Croft, the Secretary, Bruce Purvis, took the chair. He opened the meeting at 3 p.m. and welcomed those present.

    The following 29 District members (representing 11 towers) and three guests were present: Rita Bibbo (Candover Valley), Janice Higgins, Christine & Peter Hill, Jinny Kufluk, Christine & Ian McCallion, Tony Smith, and Pam & Richard Thompson (Hursley), Micki Nadal (King’s Somborne & Stockbridge), Jen Churchill, Gary Davies, Carol Higgins, and Bren & John Palk (Lockerley & East Tytherley), Roger Booth, and Elizabeth & Andrew Johnson (New Alresford), Andrew Glover (Romsey), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Jenny Watson (Sparsholt), Angela Forder-Stent (Twyford), John Colliss, Steve Lamb and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), Paul Fitzgerald (Wonston), John Croft (by telephone) and Edmund Wratten (unattached), and Charlotte Colliss, Pete Jordan (Guild Master) and Allan Yalden (Guild Vice-Master) (guests).

  2. Apologies for absence

    Apologies had been received from the rest of the Ropley band, John & Joyce Croft, and John Wesley. Further apologies were received from Trisha Shannon. [An apology was received from Amanda Bayford subsequent to the meeting.]

  3. Minutes of the previous meeting

    The minutes of the Annual District Meeting held on 11 February 2020 at Hursley were signed as a true record.

  4. Matters arising

    There were no matters arising

  5. Loss of members through death

    Members kept silence to remember Gerald Lambert of King’s Somborne and Stockbridge, Brian Lovelock formerly of Hursley, Colin Slade formerly of New Alresford and Carol Ward of Candover Valley; also, although not members, Alec F Fry of Kings Worthy and John Breslain of Cheriton. Bruce said the words of the requiem.

  6. Election of new members

    The belfry election of Marion Attree of Sparsholt as a probationary member on 24 February 2020 proposed by John Cleverley, seconded by Jenny Watson, was confirmed.

  7. Officers’ annual reports

    1. The Secretary’s report was received, subject to the addition of thanks to the Hursley band for hosting the last ADM, correcting the times when Easton’s bell was tolled to Thursday nights, and correcting “2022” to “2021” in the third paragraph.

    2. The accounts had been independently examined and were approved nem. con. on the proposition of the Treasurer, Tony Smith, seconded by Bruce Purvis, and signed by Tony on behalf of the Chairman.

  8. Election of officers

    1. Chairman

      Bruce Purvis proposed by Tony Smith and seconded by Steve Lamb.

    2. Secretary

      Micki Nadal proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Jenny Watson.

    3. Treasurer

      Tony Smith proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Andrew Glover and Elizabeth Johnson.

    4. Ringing Masters

      Edmund Wratten and Steve Lamb proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Micki Nadal.

    5. Executive Committee Representative

      John Croft proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Peter Hill.

    6. Independent Examiner of Accounts

      John Colliss proposed by Steve Lamb and seconded by Rodney Skinner.

    7. WebMaster

      Andrew Glover proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Tony Smith.

    8. Acting Newsletter Editor

      Roger Booth proposed by Bruce Purvis and seconded by Elizabeth Johnson.

  9. Future events

    Micki Nadal said they had pencilled in the Charmborough Ring for Stockbridge’s Trout ’n About festival on the first Sunday in August. The festival was cancelled last year, but she won’t know until next month whether the organisers are planning to go ahead this year.

    Peter Hill said that Hursley had been having a weekly quiz and other people were having striking competitions on Ringing Room and such events could be arranged between teams from towers in the District.

    Roger Booth suggested a Murder Mystery event.

  10. Guild Striking Competitions

    As convenor of the Guild Striking Competitions Committee, Pete Jordan said although it would not be possible to hold the competitions in towers in May and June as planned, it may be possible to hold them later in the year.

  11. Guild Master

    Pete Jordan summarised the Guild Forum Recovery after Lockdown that had been held on 24 January 2021 with representatives from all the Districts including Ringing Masters, the notes of which had been distributed. Allan Yalden was assembling a package of available resources from the Central Council, ART and within the Guild. Pete hoped each District would take responsibility for their own recruitment and training and would come up with a plan.

    Bruce Purvis had three observations from the Winchester District: towers especially in united benefices should share resources; it would be good to have access to the Guild database for contact details of District members so they could be called on to help; and offering revision in basic skills to address losses of confidence.

    Roger Booth offered to survey towers using the questionnaire prepared by the Central Council Recovery Team, to establish basic information such as how many ringers they expect to lose, and suggested that this could be followed a Zoom call of tower captains to discuss the outcome of that survey and discuss the way forward.

    Peter Hill suggested we should also identify those towers that had simulators, those in which it was easy to teach, and those who were able to teach and at what level, and offered to help Roger prepare the questionnaire.

    Lastly Pete Jordan advised that the November meeting of the Executive Committee had appointed Steve Lamb as Honorary General Secretary.

  12. Any other business

    1. Jenny Watson proposed a vote of thanks to the retiring chairman, John Croft.

    2. Roger Booth drew attention to his letter in this week’s issue of The Ringing World (p. 120) advocating reducing reserves held in society Bell Restoration Funds.

The meeting closed at 3.52 p.m.

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