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A bit about Steve Lamb

I learned to ring at Elloughton in East Yorkshire – a 6cwt ring of 6 bells. I was appointed Tower Captain aged 15 as the former captain had to move away and we were short of ringers. It was surreal to lead the band as I was one of the youngest members and one of the band was in her 80s. I really enjoyed teaching bell handling from scratch as well as helping the band to be as musical as possible.

I was 12 years old when I started learning to ring. I’m 48 now and aside from the pandemic I’ve rung without time away from ringing. I love ringing now as much as ever.

My home tower is Winchester Cathedral. They are my favourite ring of bells as I really enjoy their tone – especially the back 8. They are wonderful bells though can be tricky to ring really well. I’m happiest ringing Stedman on the backend though I still have a lot to learn. I love the fellowship of our wonderful band and feel it’s a treat to ring there. The Cathedral is so full of history and I’m conscious that the ringing chamber has many stories to tell. I’m tower secretary and assistant steeple keeper. I really enjoy ringing regularly at several towers across the Guild and particularly appreciate the band at Hursley taking me under their wing. Ringing on higher numbers is a great deal of fun though Surprise Royal and occasionally Maximus often makes my brain hurt 🙂

A treat shortly before lockdown was turning in the tenor at Sherborne which is a mighty 48cwt – I’m looking forward to going back when normal ringing resumes. I’m really looking forward to ringing at Exeter Cathedral and Buckfast Abbey as soon as I’m able due to having heard such good things about them from friends who have rung there. I enjoy ringing heavy tenors.

Since normality was suspended I’ve learned to like ringing in RingingRoom – it’s a far cry from physical ringing but it’s been fun to get together with ringing friends old and new – especially with people located across the Country as well as in America, New Zealand and Australia.  

My spectator sport is Formula One – following Lewis Hamilton.

My favourite film is Apollo 13 – I’ve always loved Space and this story is one of conquering near impossible odds through ingenuity and teamwork.  

My favourite TV series is The Crown

My favourite food is Roast Lamb with all the trimmings

I’m a keen marathon runner and also enjoy trail running and cycling. I love taking photographs too – especially of landscapes and of people.

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