Guild Action Plan 2019-2022

W & P Action Plan – A.G.M. 2019 – A.G.M. 2022


The following frame work sets out what Guild Officers will work towards over the next few years. Having an Action Plan in place will enable ideas to develop, provide continuity and ensure the Guild is striving to be a relevant entity for its members.

The vision is of a central administration which can provide resources, educational initiatives and public relations representation advice and support, using resources to best advantage whilst encouraging Districts to be more independent and flexible in what they offer in terms of local day to day ringing.

The Action Plan can be developed in detail as appropriate and will significantly take into account members’ feedback including matters of budget. It will be reviewed annually to monitor progress.

1.  Ongoing work:

  • actively seek feedback from members
  • hold at least 2 all-Guild ringing events each year to encourage all ringers to come together
  • encourage young ringers to come together to ring, socialise and to participate in ringing contests; advise and remind them of the available financial support via the Training and Development Fund
  • encourage the districts to be more independent of central control and be flexible in their own ringing programmes and events; support local efforts as required, including reminding Officers and members of the available financial support via the Training and Development
  • encourage more members to be involved in Guild volunteer efforts resulting in a gentle shift in age profile in the Guild’s activities and administration
  • offer various training courses, reminding potential applicants of the available financial support via the Training and Development Fund; encourage ‘relevant experience’ volunteer assistance for the courses including administration support
  • update the website generally, including the inventory of Guild resources available to members, and their location
  • encourage much wider engagement of the Guild’s website and social media and uptake of the electronic newsletter ‘Weekly News’ to:
    • enable ‘fresh’ information to be displayed and circulated
    • ensure enhanced communication with ringers and community
    • offer positive benefits to visitors to the sites including such as Learning to Ring, information of training events, ringing activities, by taking up the electronic newsletter   ‘ Weekly News ‘
  • continue to consider and work towards the Guild Database of Members
  • review and support the work of all Committees and Young Ringers’ groups; seek out potential ‘relevant experience’ volunteers and encouraging them to offer help
  • be a point of contact for all ringing matters for Diocesan and national bodies, the community and the media
  • review areas of Guild administration and responsibilities to improve effectiveness and remain accountable, including to third parties

2. Key need areas identified:

a) Communications:

Leader Adrian Nash: working with Principle officers, Communications team and the  GDPA representative.

Budget: £700

Seek out and encourage more ‘relevant experience’ volunteer assistance for the website Timescale: ongoing

  • Investigate improved communications channels. Timescale: June 2020
  • Seek out and establish a small group of ‘News Ambassadors’ in local areas to work alongside the Communications Team. Timescale: ongoing
  • Review GDPR policy and provide relevant training and guidance to key district and guild officers.  Timescale: June 2020 

b) Young Ringers:

Leader Helen Woolford: working with Principle Officers, W&P Young Ringers Group and the Safeguarding Officer.

 Budget: £0 

  • Work with the safeguarding officer to increase awareness of both the safeguarding policy and review available training for protection of young and vulnerable people.

Timescale: March 2020

  • Push out safeguarding policy to all towers.

Timescale: March 2020 

  • Gain knowledge of towers where young ringers are based and work with these towers to maintain and increase easy access to the Young Ringers’ groups training and events, and available financial support.

Timescale: June 2020 

  • Assist districts with strategies for recruitment of young ringers at a local level and creation of local young ringers groups.

Timescale: June 2021

  • Work with young ringers to develop a programme of Guild events specifically designed for them (outings, competitions etc.).

Timescale: June 2022

c) Recruitment and Retention:

Leader Mike Winterbourne: working with Principle officers, Education Committee, communications team and Local districts. 

Budget: £40

  • Garner available and appropriate resources, including financial, to ensure there is a continuous supply of new ringers and that they are well-trained and motivated for the long term benefit of all. Timescale: Sept 2020
  • Consider new opportunities for recruitment initiatives at local level. Timescale: Sept 2020
  • Learn to ring events. Timescale: Sept 2020
  • Investigate opportunities to assist with funding of recruitment and retention. Timescale: Sept 2020
  • Identify and publish towers able to train new ringers on behalf of struggling towers, as well as for their own benefit. Timescale: Sept 2020
  • Develop ‘new ringer welcome pack’. Timescale: Sept 2020


d) Education:

Leader Pete Jordan: working with Principle officers, Education Committee and Local Districts 

Budget: £0

  • Across the Guild area, support educational initiatives, especially those improving the quality and sustainability of ringing and ringing teaching. Timescale: June 2021
  • Encourage ‘relevant experience’ volunteer assistance at local training events. Timescale: June 2020
  • Develop strategies to provide key support for training at district level. Timescale: June 2020 

e) Heritage:

Leader Allan Yalden: working with Principle officers, Local Districts and the Education committee. 

Budget: £150

  • Consider further action to protect our heritage, including undertaking and archiving audio recordings of bells for future generations, and photographing peal boards and other significant historic artefacts. Timescale: To seek a volunteer  or more to gather firstly the audio by end of 2020 and then the peal board pictures using lessons learned from the initial action by end 2021
  • Develop local training for Steeple keepers to help maintain bells for the future. There is support for this from the S&M workgroup of the Central Council. A spanner’s group is thought to be possible as each towers requirement has a different engineering challenge. Timescale: end 2020
  • Investigate ways to support local tower maintenance through the BRF, maintenance groups or centralised resources. Timescale: end 2020
  • Continue with update and completion of the bell stock survey. Timescale: June 2022
  1. Future events:
  • ‘Firsts Fortnight’ – Autumn 2019 (October 11th – 27th)
  • ‘First Peal 2020’
  • Open Day with Mini Ring 2020
  • Any other significant events to be considered and arranged.


Rev 1.1   29/10/2019    

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