Please continue to submit your performances here. The details will be recorded in the digital form of the archive until the end of 2019 at least.  A decision as to final ‘cut off’ date will be made shortly.

The digital archives have been available on our website since 19th May and will continue to be updated.

The Cathedral services took place in May 2019 after a great deal of liaison with both Cathedral Teams over several years; they have supported us well, alongside both Dioceses. The services were well-attended, much enjoyed and the beautiful archives recording performances to 30th November 2018 were presented. The Chamborough Ring was enjoyed by many all afternoon at Winchester and we recruited several new ringers there. The occasions raised the profile of ringing greatly in the community.  The project gave us all many occasions to work even closer with our churches and local communities. We are pleased to report that feedback from ringers and non-ringers relating to the archives, the services and the project overall has been complimentary indeed; it seems our very ambitious project has been seen as a resounding success.
Thank you everyone for all of your time, efforts and encouragement over many years now.

An update of the Project’s finances was set before the A.G.M in June.

Viv Nobbs


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