Guild Education – Grandsire Doubles and Triples – Sat 6th April at Goodworth Clatford

Just to let everybody know that, whilst the closing date for the receipt of applications is still three weeks away, we now have only ONE place left on the Doubles course.   Interest has been very high indeed.

So, if you are still “thinking about it” ……. remember that places are filled on a “first-come-first-served” basis and you need to get your application in very quickly.   It might be a race to the finish!!   Once this place has been filled then, of course, we will start a waiting list.

The Education Committee is running an Education Day on Saturday 6th April covering Grandsire Doubles and Triples, based at Goodworth Clatford.     Just in case they have been mislaid, I attach further copies of the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions).

Applications have come in thick and fast, and whilst there are a few places left, if you have been “…. thinking about it ….” you need to get your skates on and send in your application form sooner rather than later.    Old hands will know that these are dealt with on a “first come first served” basis, so leaving it until the closing date might result in disappointment.     Talk about it with your friends and maybe ask your Tower Captain’s advice.

As always – any queries, give me a call, or email me and I will do my best to help.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Education Committee

With places filling up for the Cambridge Surprise Major course in March, the Education Committee is turning its attention to those whose current experience doesn’t stretch to that.   We are holding another full-day course on Grandsire Doubles and Triples, on Saturday 6 April, based at Goodworth Clatford.    There may be lots of new ringers who started early on in the Ringing Remembers campaign who may now be ready to think about Grandsire Doubles, and hopefully it will also appeal to “returning ringers” who need to brush up on past skills.   If in doubt, talk to your tower captain.

I have attached the poster and application form (both Word and pdf versions).   Places are filled on a “first come first served” basis so check your diaries now, as leaving everything until the closing date is not a good idea!

If you, or anybody else in your tower is interested, I am more than happy to answer any questions – email:  Christine or ‘phone 01962 886939.

Christine K-W

For:  the Guild Education Committee

Download Pack for Guild Education – Grandsire

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