New Guild Sweatshirts and Polo Shirts

With lots of new ringers in our towers as a result of the Ringing Remembers campaign, this seems an opportune moment to order new sweatshirts and polo shirts which bear the Guild logo.

I have attached the order form in Word and PDF format which gives full details, and whilst unfortunately not every colour is available in every size, we’ve been able to hold the price down to the 2016 level, which is good value for money.    I hope the form is clear, but I’m more than happy to answer queries on sizes and colours;  either email me using the link below or ‘phone 01962 886939.

Ladies – many of you prefer a slightly fitted shape to your polo shirts and you will see that one is shown.   If, however, you like a looser fit with a bit more space when you stretch upwards, then you might be better advised to consider a man’s polo shirt (which is straighter) in the most appropriate size.    Don’t forget that if you already have a favourite garment, I can have the Guild logo added to this for a small fee – this might be worth considering as a more economical option for youngsters who grow out of things in the blink of an eye!

This order is a “one-off” – I doubt it will be repeated for another couple of years at least, and it will not be possible to order individual garments afterwards if you miss this opportunity.   So if your tower is perhaps considering a “corporate image” – this is very smart for public occasions and weddings, etc. – this is the time to get your act together.

Spread the word amongst your friends, particularly your new ringers, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Christine Knights-Whittome

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