IOW District Events for 2019

Here are some of the events already planned in 2019 for the IOW District:

Feb 16 IOW Annual District Meeting – Newport
April 13 IoW 8-bell striking competition – Brighstone
May 25 Lester Bailey Call Change competition
June 15 Guild AGM  on the IoW – Freshwater
June 15 Guild Inter-District 8-bell striking competition on IOW at Brighstone
July 20 Half yearly meeting
Sept 21 IOW Day (quarter peals etc)
Oct 5 Fred Green Change ringing competition

5 thoughts on “IOW District Events for 2019”

  1. Hello …’though I’m not a District Officer, I’m uncertain about some of this info…where’s it come from please? E.g. 8-bell Striking Contest …Maundy Thursday?? Unlikely. Freshwater for Guild AGM – again unlikely (as tower unsafe/no ringing currently) – it MIGHT have changed but not heard that is has. Please let me know if I can assist in any way.

  2. To avoid any confusion … the date for the I.W. 8 bell at Brighstone is Sat 13th April; and since we are talking “8 bell at Brighstone”, please can we update the graphic at the top of the Isle of Wight pages to show Brighstone as having 8 bells? The Guild AGM is indeed at Freshwater and Inter-District at Brighstone … it is the I.W. Festival that w/e and the Guild stuck with that date, but it gives mainlanders the option of avoiding Newport by travelling through Lymington (assuming it isn’t breezy and those ferries get cancelled).

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