Tommy in Tangley – 6th Nov 2018

I was picked up on Monday and although still in my box enjoyed my ride to Kingsclere Church and listened to the Andover District Practice night; there was a mixed bag of ringing.

After spending Tuesday morning in the car being moved about as this nice lady hoovered around me; I went to Tangley Church as saw one of the Ringers Remembered volunteers practice her handling skills, improving every time.

Tommy in Tangley

After a short break a team of ringers and visitors stayed in the church to listen to the ringing of 1918 changes in memory of all those lost during WW1 from the Pastrow Benefice which includes Hatherden, Penton Mewsey, Tangley and Weyhill; the names of those lost were displayed in the Tangley Church during the ringing. Tangley is the only church in the benefice with bells.

I was packed back in my box and taken to Ludgershall via the Old Bell and Crown at Hatherden.

I am hoping to be at the Ringers WW1 Memorial in Winchester Cathedral on 11th November 2018.


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