Armistice Ringing – Message from Viv Nobbs – Guild PRO

Messages are coming in thanking ringers for their support as the nation commemorates the centenary of the end of the WW1.

We will all be very busy, and pleased to be so I’m sure,  on 11th November. Thank you to all ringers and local leaders who are working so very hard at this time. Ringers are arranging for as many towers as possible to be ringing out, ringing at more than one tower and helping out at Chiming Towers, too.

Let’s tell the world where we’ll be ringing and when, please, responding to good feedback we’re receiving from our communities.  This recently from a
Royal Naval Association Officer –
” I am sure many of my shipmates would like to come and hear the bells and, with publicity in local media, you will get a positive response from descendants of
The Royal Naval personnel who died in WW1, who will wish to know of the ringing”.

Towers spreading the word of our ringing is most effective so using Pew Sheets and
Notice Boards in our churches, advising the local newspapers and so on will be great. This very special occasion gives us a good opportunity to check our existing posters and leaflets. Are they in the best locations? They have a tendency to get out-of-date and rather dog-eared, so not looking inviting….let’s get the smart ones out on display for the many visitors to our churches!

There have been helpful guidelines for us for Armistice Day and many local initiatives, too. These links might be helpful still…

and the Ringing for Peace poster (can be adapted to suit)

As well as advising our communities before the Armistice Ringing, they’d like feedback  from us and we would, too, please.

We would very much like to use relevant details for our WW1 Centenary Commemoration Archives so, whether tower bells, hand bells, chiming, tolling, rounds, call changes, quarters or peals, we’d love for EVERY tower and EVERY ringer to be included and acknowledged.

Ideally then we need details of the ringing, ringers including Ringing Remembers new or returning ringers, and footnotes including if any bells had been specifically cast as  WW1 Memorial Bells. You can submit to us direct –
and you may well have seen the special Ringing World BellBoard site –

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like further information and we hope that Armistice Ringing will be truly significant and very meaningful for us all.

Viv Nobbs
Public Relations Officer

Tel: 01983 530920



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