Winchester District Outing – Saturday 27th October

Dear All,
I have finally got the towers for our outing a fortnight this coming Saturday worked out … and they are a little different from my original list, as two of the towers (Faringdon and Wantage) couldn’t accommodate us, for various reasons.
So the list is
Ashbury (Anticlockwise 6) 10.00-10.45 a.m.
Longcot (8) 11.30 a.m.-12.15 p.m.
Uffington (6) 2.00-2.45 p.m.
Letcombe Regis (6) 3.50-4.35 p.m.
Childrey (GF 8) 4.50-5.35 p.m.
So, none of the rings are very heavy, and we have an anticlockwise ring and a ground-floor ring among them.
The Captain at Longcot has kindly offered us mid-morning rfreshments – hence the 3/4-hour gap between the first and second towers, and I’m allowing an hour and a half for lunch at the Fox and Hounds in Uffington, and time afterwards for some afternoon tea. I allowed for the afternoon tea at this point as so many tea-rooms seem to shut at 4.00 on a Saturday.
For the architecture entusiasts Uffington is listed as three stars in Simon Jenkins’ 1000 best churches – for its austere and lofty Early English architecture, and Childrey is rated one star, for the font, the monuments and the brasses.
So, we have a ten o’clock start and finish just after 5.30, travel about an hour each way (from Winchester) so pretty easy-going.
I’ve attached the poster and pub menus, so please put the word round, and let Jenny know your lunch choices – preferably by Monday week, which gives you time to decide.
Hope to see lots of you on the day,
Best wishes till then,
District Secretary

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