Report from Chimes and Chips Youth Tour

Chimes and Chips Youth Tour

On Saturday 15th September 15 under 18’s from the Winchester and Portsmouth Guild got together for a fun filled afternoon of ringing.

Firstly, we went to the Forest Edge bells which are a group of mini-ring bells in New Milton. Lots of people had never rung on a mini-ring before, but we quickly got the hang of the different ringing style and we were soon ringing Bob Minor perfectly.

Next, we went to Hordle, it was hard for a lot of people and the learners struggled a bit, but it got better as the practice went on.

Our last tower was Milford on sea, our home tower where everyone enjoyed the bells. A lot of people said that this was this was their favourite tower and we produced some good ringing.

After all the hard work, we went to the beach and had fish and chips and had fun playing in the sea some of us got soaked to the skin and others stayed dry.

Today was a fun tour because it wasn’t just that we made new friends, but it was because we had time after the ringing together. It was incredibly good to see some parents getting involved in their children’s hobby, it was even better that people who had travelled a long way having the best time.

Overall, we had an absolutely fantastic afternoon.

By Isla and Erin Ingram

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