Yateley Community event and Tommy’s Travels – Saturday 1st September

Yateley’s community event, alongside Tommy’s Travels on Saturday 1st September, will be making the headlines!

Further to the earlier post here.

Peter Tipton, author of ‘Yateley in the Great War’ has contacted us saying

” Yateley Society is a charity that encourages local residents to cherish their local heritage and aims to educate the wider community, too. Interfacing with the wider community is much more difficult to achieve so we are seizing the opportunity you have given us by your ringing the bells at 10.45 a.m. So we have to thank you, Martin Barnes and the Guild for giving us this opportunity. Everyone I have contacted about the bell ringing is very enthusiastic.

The only picture the Yateley Society has (shown here) shows men in 1928; many of them had served in WW1 ten year’s earlier, including the brother of Charles Butler, for whom the Guild is ringing on Saturday. ”

Look out for the Yateley Society’s gazebo on the Green outside the Dog & Partridge. Peter will have his laptop there to find the WW1 relatives of local people.

Viv Nobbs
Public Relations Officer


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