Report from the Ringing Remembers Event at Longstock on Sunday 19th August 2018

Please take the time to read the report by the Big Ideas team following the terrific event hosted by the band of St. Mary’s Church, Longstock on Sunday 19th August.

From my perspective as it was an exciting couple of hours watching Bryony Leyland and the camera operator interview and film for South Today. All those placed in front of the camera did a brilliant job telling their stories and it was a real pleasure hearing them. Sadly so much of it wasn’t aired, and what was broadcast that Sunday night is now no longer available to view. Unfortunately, due to licencing restrictions on the famous old photograph of the Longstock Ringers and Reverend Routh, the BBC could only make the clip available for 24hours.

Particular thanks go to Mary Saunders, Longstock Captain and ringer for over seven decades, the Routh family, the band who worked to make all feel welcome with tea, cake and pizza, and of course BBC South and Hampshire Chronicle and Daily Echo. delivers community and education projects and is promoting Ringing Remembers at many levels. It was great to meet some of the team who travelled down from London for the event.

Please do read their report for the full story which can be found here

Gary Marsh, Wonston Tower and Guild Comms Team Member


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