Printed volumes of the WW1 commemoration performances are to be presented at special services at our two cathedrals early next year and digital records will also become available.

Research is still ongoing but performances up until July this year are now available to view hereAt present this is a DRAFT archive only.

This database will form the basis of the final printed volumes for the archives, so you are invited to check details, especially those of your own performances or at your own tower. In order that we might create the best possible record for us all and to reduce the upcoming pressure of final checking before meeting the printer’s deadline,  please notify any errors or omissions in the text to wpbells as soon as possible (comments on formatting not needed at this stage).

As ringing for WW1 in this the centenary year will continue to take place until the end of November, please consider submitting any further performances for inclusion in the database to BellBoard as soon as practicable after the performance.

We are aware of ‘Miscellaneous Performances’ – other than quarter peals or peals – that might not be submitted to BellBoard. We value these performances greatly and we encourage their inclusion in these special archives.  Consequently we invite ringers to notify details to wpbells as soon as possible following the performance.

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