Winchester QDM Minutes – May 2018

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Winchester District

Minutes of the Quarterly District Meeting held on Saturday 12th May 2018 in the Main Hall of Cheriton Primary School. 

  1. Chairman’s welcome: The Chairman, John Croft, opened the meeting at 5.28 with a welcome to those present and with thanks to Craig Robb and Katie Hinds, Elizabeth Johnson and their helpers for laying on a splendid ringers’ tea, to the Rector, the Revd Graham Bowker and the Wardens for the use of the Cheriton bells.
  1. Attendance: The following eleven members of the District signed the attendance register (representing five towers with one member unattached): Christine Hill and Tony Smith (Hursley), Jen Churchill and Gary Davies (Lockerley), Elizabeth Johnson, Ian Redway and Tony Stirling (New Alresford), Jenny Watson (Sparsholt), Caroline Fairley and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), John Croft (unattached); Katie Hinds (Cheriton) and Edmund Wratten (unattached) was also present.
  1. Striking Competition Results. John thanked the District for inviting him to judge the competition, saying that it was as enjoyable as ever, though not without challenges, ranging from the onset of rain from the outset, and the presence of persistent enquirers and the hum of a lawn-mower during the test entries of the second, third and fourth teams.   He congratulated the four entrants for the method-ringing competition.

Method-ringing Competition.

Team A rang Cambridge Surprise Minor at a good pace, of four minutes, equating to a peal speed of 2h48’ .  There was some initial confusion as the test-piece was introduced by two whole pulls; however, the overall standard was good. There was a hitch at 2½ minutes, causing cluster of faults, and there was some hesitation on occasion. The score was 12 faults.

Team B rang Grandsire Doubles: again, this was a very steady piece of ringing, marred only by some unevennesses, such as gaps on the backstroke leads. The timing, at 4 minutes, equated to a peal speed of 2h48’.   14 faults were logged.

Team C rang Plain Bob Doubles. The start was somewhat sedate, and thereafter the pace was uneven, evinced by gaps both on handstroke and backstroke leads. The peal speed was 2h50, and their score was 24 faults.

 Team D rang Plain Bob Doubles. After an uneven start, a good, steady piece of ringing ensued, with gaps causing the faults to accumulate. The peal speed was 2h48’, and the score was 15 faults.

The results were:-

In third place, with 24 faults: Team C: Sparsholt and Crawley;

earning a special commendation, with 15 faults: Team D: the scratch band, comprising ringers from Lockerley and East Tytherley, New Alresford and Winchester Cathedral

in second place, with 14 faults: Team B: New Alresford;

in first place, with 12 faults: Team A: Hursley.

Sadly, no-one was present from last year’s winning team, with the trophy, and therefore no presentation took place.

  1. Apologies for absence.  Apologies for absence were received from Tony Ayres, Keith Bartle, Jennifer Baxter, Roger Booth [pending his election], Drew and Sue Craddock, Joyce Croft, Adam Gawne-Cain, Andrew Glover, Andrew Johnson, Ian and Chris McCallion, John and Bren Palk, Christine and Barry Saunders, Sue Spurling, Jean Whewell, Isobel Wolf. 
  1. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the Annual District Meeting held on 10 February in the Taylor Selwyn Room, the Education Centre, Winchester Cathedral. Their adoption was proposed by Bruce Purvis, seconded by Christine Hill, and adopted on a show of hands.
  1. Matters Arising. 15: Any Other Business, item 6: Bell Maintenance Course: Elizabeth Johnson advised the meeting that Roger Booth, who had considerable experience of bell restoration projects, had recently moved to New Alresford, and could be a valuable contributor to such an enterprise.

15: Any Other Business, item 7: Safety of Bells: Edmund Wratten suggested that one of the founders or bell-hangers could be engaged to examine multiple tower installations over a short spell of time, so as to spread the cost of accommodation and/or travel over a series of examinations. He was particularly concerned for towers that had no bands, and, therefore, with no direct experience of the condition of their belfries. Edmund suggested this undertaking could be borne at the District’s expense.

Tony Smith remarked that a hurdle to such an enterprise could be securing of local PCCs’ approval. Other observations noted were:  the typical cost of a founder’s inspection being £250; Lockerley and East Tytherley are having an inspection as it was now 15 years since the last inspection (Gary Davies), Whites of Appleton were too busy at the present time to schedule a visit to Old and New Alresford (Elizabeth Johnson). There was general consensus that initial enquiries could be made of the District’s towers to discover which would welcome a professional survey of their bells, and the Secretary was mandated to initiate enquiries.

  1. Loss of member through death.

Valerie Keel’s passing was noted with sadness: a short silence was concluded with the chairman reciting the words of the Requiem.

  1. Confirmation of belfry elections. 

Probationary members:

Simon Lucas of Hursley on 21 March 2018, proposed by Christine Saunders, seconded by Peter Hill.

Sheila Piper of Lockerley on 24 April 2018, proposed by Jen Churchill, seconded by John Palk.

  1. Election of new ringing members.

Andrew G Booth and Roger G Booth of New Alresford, proposed by Elizabeth
Johnson, seconded by Ian Redway.

Charlotte Smith of Kings Worthy proposed Dave Goodwin, seconded by Jonathan

All confirmed on a show of hands.

  1. Future Events.

 Bruce Purvis advised the meeting that arrangements were in hand for the Spring Mini-Outing in a fortnight’s time, with ringing at Newnham and Rotherwick in the morning, followed by lunch at the Vine at Hannington, and ringing there and at Church Oakley, with the option of tea in Overton. Some fixtures in coming months were still subject to confirmation.

  1. General Data Protection Regulations. Tony Smith advised the meeting that the March meeting of the Guild Executive had determined that any recording and publication of Guild members’ contact details should be managed on a Guild-wide basis, and that creation of the District Directory would be governed by such a prescription. No proposals or plans had so far been published by the Guild officers.


  1. Guild AGM, Saturday 16 June

Tony Smith reminded the meeting that the District would have the opportunity to enter a band for the Inter-District Striking Competition on eight bells on the day, and was mandated by the meeting to arrange a District band.


  1. Any Other Business.

There being no further business, the Chairman declared the meeting closed at approximately 6.00 p.m.

Appendix: Striking Competition teams

First Place: Hursley (drawn first), ringing Cambridge Minor – 12 faults

Second Place: New Alresford (drawn second), ringing Grandsire Doubles – 14 faults

Third Place: Sparsholt (drawn third), ringing Plain Bob Doubles – 24 faults

Special Commendation: Scratch Band (drawn fourth), ringing Plain Bob Doubles – 15 faults


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