Winchester QDM Minutes – Nov 2017

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Winchester District

Minutes of the Quarterly District Meeting held on Saturday 11 November 2017 in the Parish Hall, Owslebury.

1. Chairman’s Welcome. The Chairman, John Croft, supported by the Secretary, Bruce Purvis, opened the meeting at 17.33 p.m. with a welcome to those present and thanks to the Wardens of St Andrew’s for the use of their bells, and to Anthony Manship for securing the use of the Parish Hall, and to Liz Manship and the Twyford ringers for laying on a splendid ringers’ tea [applause].

2. Attendance. The following 11 District members and three guests signed the attendance register (representing ten towers with one member unattached): Roy LeMarechal (Bishopstoke), Christine Hill and Tony Smith (Hursley), Sue Spurling (King’s Somborne), Carol Higgins and John Palk (Lockerley and East Tytherley), Elizabeth Johnson (New Alresford), Anthony Manship (Owslebury), Rodney Skinner (Ropley), Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), John Croft (unattached), Wendy Smart and Gail Robinson (Botley – guests), Robin Milford (Curdridge – guest). Also present was Edmund Wratten, District Ringing Master (unattached).

3. Apologies for Absence. Apologies were received from Andrew Craddock (Hursley), Charlotte and Jonathan Smith (Kings Worthy), Andrew Johnson (New Alresford), Andrew Glover (Romsey), Sue Craddock and Jenny Watson (Sparsholt), Christine Knights-Whittome (Wonston) and Joyce Croft (unattached).

4. Minutes of the Previous Meeting. The minutes of the Quarterly District Meeting held on 12 August in Houghton Village Hall were adopted on the proposal of Bruce Purvis, seconded by Rodney Skinner, as a true record with a show of hands from the floor

5. Matters Arising. Minute 9, ‘Matters arising’, item iv: District Ringing Festival: The Secretary asked to be advised of any quarter-peals or peals rung during the ringing fortnight and to be counted as rung for the Ringing Festival to be notified to him..

6. Confirmation of belfry elections

Probationary members:

Sara Hill of North Stoneham on 15 August 2017, proposed by Phil Nicholls,
seconded by Stephanie Nicholls.

Duncan Natt and Derek Smith of King’s Somborne on 4 September 2017, proposed
by Sue Spurling, seconded by Gerald Lambert.

Alison Jones, Matthew Jones and Zac Zielinski of Romsey on 6 September 2017,
proposed by Caroline Daniels, seconded by Martin Daniels.

Che Haefner, Juliet Lowe, Catherine Mensah, Sophie Morgan, Felix O’Rahilly,
Connor Sexton, Etienne Thompson and Claire Webster of Winchester College on
10 October 2017, proposed by Caroline Fairley, seconded by Edmund Wratten.

Cim Candler of King’s Somborne on 23 October 2017, proposed by Sue Spurling,
seconded by Gerald Lambert.

Alan Sparrow of Lockerley on 27 October 2017 proposed by Gary Davies,
seconded by Jen Churchill.

Hannah Inskip of Broughton on 6 November 2017, proposed by John Palk,
seconded by Bob Gosse.

– all confirmed on a show of hands.

7a. Election of new ringing members.

Pernille Fay and Alec Graham of Winchester College proposed by Caroline
Fairley, seconded by Edmund Wratten.

– both elected on a show of hands.

7b. Distribution of Certificates

Certificates and badges were collected for local presentations to be made at Broughton, Cheriton, Hursley, Romsey and Wonston.

8. Loss of members through Death. None advised

9. Future Events.

The Secretary reminded the meeting of forthcoming District events: District practices on 20 November at Houghton, at North Stoneham on 19 December (to be confirmed) and at Kings Worthy on 12 January, also the Carol Service on 9 December at Broughton; also that there was a Guild Executive on 18 November, should anyone wish any issues from the District’s affairs to be raised there.

The Treasurer reminded the meeting that the 2018 Annual Meeting of the District would take place on 10 February.

Christine Knights-Whittome advised the meeting of the following dates for Guild Education events in 2018, as follows:-

Friday 23 February at Bishopstoke
Monday 12 March at Bishopstoke (to be confirmed)
Saturday 17 March at St Mary Bourne
Saturday 28 April at Lockerley
Saturday 13 October at Basingstoke (venue to be confirmed)
Saturday 24 November at Shedfield

10. Any other business.

i. 200 Club. Robin Milford reminded members that the 200 Club was active, with application forms available, and that subscriptions would qualify for next Saturday’s draw at the Guild Executive. This prompted a lively discussion on the question of the number of draws to which a stake would entitle a subscriber. It was agreed that Robin would seek to clarify the issue at the Guild Executive.

ii. Annual Outing. Elizabeth Johnson thanked the Secretary for arranging the Outing on 21 October in the New Forest, which, although attended by relatively few [12 throughout the day], had been greatly enjoyed by those who did attend.

iii. Annual Report. The Treasurer reminded the meeting about the new arrangement for the supply of the next edition of the Annual Report and suggested that when tower officers were collecting next year’s subscriptions, early in the new year, they should use that opportunity to collate individual requests for the new report.

iv. Ash for Stays. Elizabeth Johnson brought to the attention of the meeting the Monkswood Saw Mill as a good source of ash for stays: the firm was to be found on the road from Old Alresford to Preston Candover, opposite a carving of a bear.

v. Catering. Anthony Manship advised the meeting that many more people (over 25) had apparently ordered tea than had actually turned up to the tea (12). The Secretary offered to confer with the catering team to try to discover how the discrepancy had occurred, and to take any appropriate action to prevent a recurrence

vi. District Directory. Tony Smith was pleased to announce the publication of the District Directory for 2017, and to record his thanks to John Dodd for his work in printing it: Tony was thanked for his care and his efforts in compiling the Directory.

vii. Frequency of Meetings. Rodney Skinner raised the question whether we needed to have four business/full-scale meetings each year, when attendances did not appear to be very large and other districts managed on fewer such meetings. It was agreed that options could be discussed at the Annual District Meeting

viii. New Alresford Practice. Elizabeth Johnson advised the meeting that owing to a calendar clash the New Alresford practice on 8 December would be held at Old Alresford.

ix. Romsey Show. John Palk gave a review of the Romsey Show: on the eve of the Show there had been heavy rain, resulting in a very muddy pitch. With some 20,000 visitors to the show, the day was busy at first, but was quieter through the afternoon. The mini-ring being the chief attraction, Graham Wright was presented – after some careful spying-out – with a bottle of toffee-flavoured vodka, bought from a stall in the food-and-drink marquee. Despite shows of interest, no-one asked for further information on or introductions to ringing.

x. Ropley. At Roy LeMarechal’s request, Rodney Skinner briefed the meeting on progress at Ropley. He advised the meeting that at present information was being released gradually. At the moment, work on the church was subject to delay for up to four weeks whilst archaeologists surveyed previously unknown graves in the body of the church. The bells remained in store at Matthew Higby’s works in Somerset; there was a possibility that the 5th would have to go to Italy to be recast, having been cast in loam and for historic integrity having to be recast in loam, a technique no longer available locally. The timeframe for the rebuilding of the church and rehanging of the bells was said to be two years.

xi. Stockbridge Practices. Sue Spurling advised the meeting that as the King’s Somborne band now provided the ringers and ringing for Stockbridge, the band would be holding its last practice every month at Stockbridge.

The meeting closed at 6.05 p.m.

1. The over-provision turned out to result almost entirely from a combination of double-counting and an over-estimate of the numbers of people who might attend without having ordered tea.

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