Hinton Trophy Striking Competition with District Practice & Business Meeting, Brockenhurst 8th September

Dear Strikers!

This is your month’s reminder to gather your competition teams together once more for the coveted Hinton Trophy for Striking. (Starting time to be confirmed).

There will be further updates to this post, so please keep checking back.  Updates will also be posted on the C&S District Facebook Group.

If you are a tower that has not taken part before but fancy giving it a go please don’t be shy.  It is a lot of fun and a good way to meet other ringers in the Guild. Let’s see if we can get a team from as many towers as possible from across the district.  All are welcome to come along to listen to, and support the competition.

The competition requirements are: 120 changes of Plain Hunt, or any other doubles method, or 120 changes of any minor method.

Below are the rules

  1. Start and finish in rounds.
  2. Bands are allowed a few rounds to check the length of the ropes, after whichthe bells may be stood, and ropes adjusted. 3 minutes of practice are then allowed, and 2 whole pulls on the treble shall indicate the start of the test piece.
  3. Rounds at the start and end of the ringing and failure to set a bell after the test piece will not be judged.
  4. Bands shall comprise regular Sunday service ringers from the tower that the team represents. If a team cannot be raised meeting this criterion it shall be permissible for up to 2 regular practice night visitors to make up the band.
  5. No method is specified, but it is hoped that each band will select a method appropriate for their own level of experience and competence.

Brockenhurst Church

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