Wonston Band interview on Radio Solent 7.45am Sunday 29th July – now with link to the interview

Full BBC Radio Solent interview with the band of Wonston, Winchester starts at 1.50 https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06cmq4y

If any of you listen to Radio Solent early on Sunday mornings you may know the faith show which is broadcast to Hampshire and Dorset before 8.00 am.

A couple of Saturdays ago one of the presenters, Katie Martin, came to Wonston with her team and made some recordings in the tower about Ringing Remembers and its background, how people can get involved in preparation for the Armistice commemorations, and bell ringing in general. This was in the middle of Holy Trinity Fete when we had the tower open for the general public to have a go, so was a bit chaotic, a lot of fun, and there are some wonderful pictures (taken by Gary Marsh) of Katie Martin having a go herself!

We have been advised that Katie Martin’s “piece” will go out on Radio Solent this coming Sunday morning at about 7.45 am – if anybody wants to tune in.

Gary Marsh

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