Posting by Email to the website – FAQs

Can I include photos?

Yes, just put them into the text where you want them to appear on the web page. If you put several side by side, they will become a “gallery”.

Can I attach a pdf, for example a poster?

Yes. Please make sure you don’t include any personal information such as a telephone number or email address, though.

Can I set a feature image?

Unfortunately not, one of the webmasters will have to do that for you. Just include the photo at the top of the message, and they can move it up for you manually.

Can I post for another tower?

Yes. Just include the correct category for the tower you are writing about, such as:

[category hinton admiral]

More help needed?


This post was posted by email. As you can see, hot links, bold and italic text are easy to do!

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