Calling all Tower Correspondents

You are invited to register with the new “post by email” system and send your news items direct to the website for instant posting.

Once you have registered with to use this new system, all you need to know is:

  1. The email address to send your news to is
  2. The Subject for the email becomes the subject of the news item, so it should include the tower name, the date of the event, and what it is eg Practice Cancelled at Bournemouth Sacred Heart on May 12th
  3. The body of your email becomes the body of the news item.
  4. You will need just 3 lines of instructions for the website at the end of your message – these will be sent to you when you register.
  5. You can check your news has been successfully posted by following this link
This new system is secure – if anyone who is not known to the system tries to post news, it will be rejected.
The first post you send will be checked by a webmaster before it is posted. After that, it will be instant.

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