Andover District Half-Yearly Meeting and 10 Bell Practice 2nd July at Whitchurch

Andover Half-Yearly Meeting Agenda

To be held at Whitchurch All Hallows on 2nd July at 7pm.

  1. Apologies
  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes of the previous Meeting

These minutes were agreed at the ADM in January this year.  No ‘Matters Arising’.

  1. Election of New Members
Surname Forename Tower Proposed by Seconded by Membership type
Turner Susan Amport Probationer
Melanie Freeman Burghclere Probationer




Kingsclere Probationer



If possible it would be very much appreciated if details could be sent to the secretary prior to the meeting.

  1. Change of Tower Details

Please inform the secretary any changes different from those in the current Guild Report.

  1. Proposal


(If there are any proposals (for subsequent meetings) these must be circulated a month before the meeting. The proposal title and content will be entered here together with a proposer and seconder.)

  1. Future Dates

The DP list sent out at the beginning of the year is correct.  Venues and times are confirmed.

October 2018 – The Andover District Outing tba

11th November – Ringing in as many towers as can to commemorate 100 years since the Armistice.

17th November – Exec Committee Meeting, St Barnabus’ Church Hall.

Saturday 12th January – Andover ADM to be held at Whitchurch.

Spring 2019 – Services at Winchester 19 May 3.30pm and Portsmouth 12 May 6pm cathedrals to remember those lost in WW1and to present a book of ringing in commemoration.

  1. Education Days

13 October – Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles – Basingstoke

24 November – Surprise Minor – Shedfield

  1. AOB

Annual District Ringing Outing. 

Since there were not enough volunteers to support the outing to London it had to be cancelled.

Is there anyone willing to organize an alternative?

Fund raising for the Guild’s WW1 project.

Meeting closed

Date of Next Meeting:

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