How to Post a News Report

The Heading

Go for something that will get your target audience to open the post and read it! if in doubt, make it a summary of the content itself (eg Report of the June CS District Practice at Hinton)

The Featured Image

This really helps! Photos from the event itself are obvious choices. Decorative words and phrases are good too.

The content

Be positive, be truthful, and don’t put any personal contact details in – ALWAYS link to a person’s contact page instead.

The Categories

  • If you think it’s of interest across the whole Guild, HEADLINE. This is used on the majority of reports . If in doubt, use it.
  • If the report mentions a tower, the tower’s name.
  • If it was a district event, the particular district’s name.
  • DONT USE A DATE STAMP – these are designed for future event invitations not reports of past events.
  • If it is a Peal/Quarter report, use PERFORMANCE.


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