Gary Marsh Reports from Brown Candover practice, Candover Valley, Winchester District June 2018

Carol, Rita and me. I was the stranger in their camp. The rest of their small but regular gang having decamped elsewhere to make room for visiting ringers. But came there none. Except I. The evening was warm and bright and the Boy Scouts were on the cricket pitch in front of the church practicing their archery.

Along came Carol, Tower Secretary followed by Rita, warmly greeting each other before extending that warmth to me.

The ringing room is a little on the small side. But I bet the walls ring with fun and personality when all the band are present.
Carol led the practice, with raising, lowering and she and Rita taught me a method for three bells. Plain hunt whole pull on 3 I think.
I couldn’t hope to find better company to spend my leisure time with. They made me feel good about myself and about my ringing. To get that from your home tower is one thing, and indeed I do at Wonston, but to get that from your neighbour is another.

I hope you get to meet Carol and Rita and the others at the District Practice at the next church along the valley, Preston Candover. They have a tremendous  resource in that Candover Valley. All those churches, all those rings. But the greatest resource is the people and their passion and joy in making noise, welcoming all to the church and to themselves.

Gary Marsh, Wonston, Winchester District

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