UPDATED…CS District Outing – Proposed Itinerary – Saturday 29th Sept

Christchurch & Southampton District

Saturday 29th September 2018

Abingdon area


Tower and dedication      

Blewbury, St Michael and All Angels              Postcode: OX11 9QH     10:00 – 11:00




19cwt – 0qr – 13lb


In E

Harwell, St Matthew

Postcode: OX11 0HL     11:20 – 12:10


16cwt – 1qr – 26lb

In E


Heart of Harwell

Harwell, Oxfordshire, OX11 0HQ

Tel: 01235 834511

Steventon, St Michael and All Angels

Postcode: OX13 6SN     2:00 – 2:45


11cwt – 2qr – 7lb

In F

Drayton, St Peter

Postcode: OX14 4JW   3:00 – 3:50


9cwt – 1qr – 20lb

In G

Tea Break in Abingdon before next tower

Appleton, St Laurence

Postcode: OX13 5JU     5:45 – 6:45



13cwt – 0qr – 10lb

In E

Contact organiser for outing.

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