I have pleasure in presenting my report and accounts of the Central Fund for the year ended 31st December 2017.

This year has seen an increase in income, resulting largely from the decision in 2015 to reduce the amount per subscription payable to the Bell Restoration Fund from £4 to £2, and allocating more to the Central Fund.

Income from the districts is shown in the table below:

2017 2016
Alton & Petersfield 695.45 547.75
Andover 555.10 418.60
Basingstoke 814.45 574.70
Channel Islands 224.75 250.25
Christchurch & Southampton 861.35 592.55
Isle of Wight 584.00 395.85
Portsmouth 817.25 619.50
Winchester 1,166.55   907.55
  £ 5,718.90 £4,306.75

Generally, income from other sources fell slightly.  There were no unexpected expenses during the year.  As a result, total Central Fund balances increased by £1,564.  These balances are considered to be sufficient for foreseeable needs.

Total financial assets held by the Guild at the year-end were as follows:

2017 2016
Central Fund:
   General Fund 3,508.91 2,153.00
   Training and Development Fund 898.62 692.32
   Central Reserve Fund 5,013.76 5,012.07
9,421.29 7,857.39
Districts 20,875.90 18,382.54
Sub Committees 1,133.57 1,072.67
£31,430.76 £27,312.60


R Brandwood


1st March 2018


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