2017, to say the least, was an action-packed year!   The Education Committee ran four full-day courses (Grandsire Doubles and Triples, Listening Skills, Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods, and Stedman Triples), plus five short courses (Raising and Lowering in Peal, Basic Raising and Lowering [twice], a Handbell Evening, and a Mini-Ring Evening).   We welcomed 69 different students, sixteen of whom came to more than one course.   We visited 24 different towers across the county, several more than once.   And the list of wonderful helpers is endless.

Plans are in place for the whole of 2018, to include the very necessary Basic Raising and Lowering, Plain Bob Doubles & Minor, Rope Splicing, an Introduction to Treble Bob, Raising and Lowering in Peal, Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods, and Surprise Minor.   We also hope to offer one or two other short courses when the need arises and tutors are available.

There is a steady flow of Guild members attending ART M1 (teaching bell handling) courses.   A number of these new teachers have achieved, or are ready to achieve ART accreditation as teachers.  Some Guild members have also attended ART M2 courses (Teaching Elementary Change Ringing) in neighbouring Guilds.   It is hoped to run both M1 and M2 courses in the Guild area in the next 12 months.

Everything that we offer is sent to your District Secretaries in plenty of time for distribution to each Tower Secretary, and can always be found on the Guild website, through the win-port list, or direct from the Education Committee.

Financially we are in a stable position, constantly watching increased costs yet managing to remain self-sufficient.   The cost per adult for an all-day course has risen by £2.00, but the cost to a junior ringer has been halved.

The Education Committee could not do its job without the huge number of ringers who volunteer their valuable time, energy and talents to help on our courses, coming time after time to support and encourage students;  to all of these unsung heroes we are very grateful indeed.   More helpers are always welcome – even for just a few hours.    Thank you all very much.

Christine Knights-Whittome




W & P Guild Education Committee Accounts as at 31st December 2017


Income   Expenditure
Balance brought forward

Course fees – 2017








Stationery, copying, telephone



Hire of Halls – 2017

Tower Donations


Balance carried forward







  £1,507.82   £1,507.82



Christine Knights-Whittome


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